Hoverboard VS Electric scooter-The ultimate comparison in 8 ways

Both hoverboard and electric scooter are hot urban transport tool nowadays. But when it comes to Hoverboard VS electric scooter, many people are curious about the difference between them. If it is Christmas time, which one you should buy as a present for kids? If you are looking for the best transportion tools to commute, [...]

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Citycoco homologation in different countries of Europe 2019

With cool design and powerful performance, citycoco harley electric scooter makes the perfect transport tool for short distance traveling. But before you decide to own one, it is crucial to know citycoco homologation rule in the place you live. Is it legal to ride on public road, pavement and cycle lane? Today we will discuss [...]

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Best electric scooter wholesale supplier in Europe 2019

We, Gofunsport are dedicated to being the best foldable electric scooter wholesale supplier within Europe. In terms of short distance, electric kick scooter might be the best alternative to bus and walking. For over 3 years, Gofunsport has been supplying folding electric scooters to dealers and distributors from Germany, France, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, [...]

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Pros and cons of hoverboards(Advice for buying hoverboard in 2019)

Hoverboard is a wonderful gift for children. But before buying a self-balancing scooter for your loved one, it is necessary to know pros and cons of hoverboards. Today we will discuss about hoverboard advantages and disadvantages. Even if you are experienced users, these information can let you understand the ride on toy you are using [...]

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Are Hoverboards illegal? (Everything You Need to Know)

If you are a fan of hoverboard and intend to buy one soon, then the question of "Are hoverboards illegal" must have popped into your mind. Well, we have read your mind and tried to answer this question in an easy manner. Scroll down to read it. Are Hoverboard Laws Different? It is a known [...]

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Segway vs Hoverboard,which one is better?(Hoverboard vs Segway minipro)

A lot of people may feel a little confused when talking about Segway VS Hoverboard, what is the difference? Are they the same device? Which one is better? Today we will do a comparison between these popular electric transporter at present: Segway VS Hoverboard Hoverboard VS Segway(Ninebot) mini pro Let us get started. Segway VS [...]

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How fast do hoverboards go?(Top speed of all types)

How fast do hoverboards go? This might be the most want-to-know question when you receive a new hoverboard. Some people especially teenager care about the top speed number before purchasing, keep reading through and you will find the answer is not as simple as it seems like. Top speed of a hoverboard If you hear [...]

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How to Fix a Hoverboard by yourself?(12 common problems and solutions)

A hoverboard is not only a fun toy, it’s a useful device that helps kids to travel from one place to another in style and be more self-confident. If you own a self-balancing scooter, you must know that this device often faces issues. Here you can know about the common hoverboard issues and how to [...]

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How to use hoverboard remote(Definite guide in 2019)?

What does the remote do on a hoverboard? This may be one of the most frequently asked questions once you purchased a bluetooth hoverboard with remote key.Hoverboard remote, or key fob is an add-on part for Bluetooth smart balance wheel. You can use and ride your hoverboard without it, but the little gadget can definitely [...]

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How long is hoverboard battery life?-(One full charge and Lifetime Span)

18650 Lithium Battery is the key component in hoverboard. No matter you are experienced or new hoverboard user, it is necessary to know what factors that affect hoverboard battery life time. As most of the hoverboards were bought by parents for their kids, to ensure safety, it is also important to tell your children how to [...]

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