5 Proven Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

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In the year 2016, hoverboards were voted the best mobility devices of the year. Some prominent people in the society such as Jamie Fox, John Legend, and Barrack Obama have being captured on camera riding them. Just like the self-balancing scooter, hoverboards have gained a massive popularity across the globe. Initially, they were very expensive but it is now possible to get a quality self balancing board at an affordable price.

Here are five proven hoverboard maintenance tips to help you get maximum utility.

Clean the Wheels More Often

Hoverboard wheels

Wheels are some of the most essentials parts of the hoverboards and so it is of paramount importance to take good care of them. They should be cleaned regularly to get rid of debris that is stuck in them overtime. Note that the wheels are connected to the motor and so failing to cleaning them means that some of the debris will get into contact with the motor thereby lowering its efficiency and functionalism.

Here is a video for how to clean hoverboard wheels:

Ensure the Battery is Always Charged

Hoverboard battery indicator

The best hoverboard in Europe is powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery. Now, the durability and efficiency of this battery is dependent on how well you take care of it. Based on this fact, it is recommended to make sure that the battery is always fully charged before storing it to enhance its health. It hardly takes more than two hours to charge a hoverboard, so you have no excuse to let it sit dead.

Keep the Board Clean

Hoverboard maintenance

The multi-layer fiberboard needs to be cleaned to not only keep the hoverboard clean but also retain its elegant and beautiful look. Just like the wheels, accumulation of dirt on the board can compromise the functionalism of the inner components including the sensor if the board is left unattended to for extended periods.

Give it Time to Cool Down

Hoverboards tend to heat up easily when used for extended periods continuously just like most smartphones. It is highly recommended to give your hoverboard ample time to cool down after a heavy-duty cruising session. This move will help promote durability and efficiency of the inner components as especially the battery and sensors. Note that as it cools down, it should not be plugged into the socket.

Check the Pedals

If you feel unstable when you step of the board, chances are that the pedals have detached and become lose. Loose pedals can make it difficult to control the hoverboard. Therefore, it is important to get it checked by a professional who have the required expertise and accreditation. Ideally, they should not be too tight to steer. Do test runs after the repair to be sure that the problem has being resolved completely.

Finally, you should store it in a cool and dry place when going for a vacation or if you do not intend to use it for several weeks. High level of moisture can compromise the durability of the board and battery.

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