What is the best electric bike in China? That is the question you may want to ask when importing electric bikes from China.

After all, selecting an ideal supplier is not that easy, it is better to know the local market. With 7 years of experience in importing electric mobility from China, we are familiar with many electric bicycle brands and companies. Today we are going to recommend the top 5 best electric bikes in China.

Here they are:

Xiaomi Himo C20 electric bike


We shared about the Xiaomi M365 in our last article: Top 5 best electric scooter in China. When talking about electric bikes, you can not miss the new Xiaomi Himo C20.

In fact, Xiaomi Himo C20 is published by Xiaomi and Shanghai Himo technology together. It is powered by 250W rear hub motor. Integrated with three modes, which is pedal mode, moped(pedal assist) mode and electric mode. You can change the mode as you will. Coming with 36V, 10AH 18650 lithium battery, Xiaomi claims the E-bike can go 80km with the moped mode. Top speed can reach 25km/h under the electric mode, which is the legal max speed in many countries.

One of the main features of this Ebike is the special inflater pump design. It is hidden in the seat post. You can take it out conveniently to pump the tire when needed. The tire performs excellently in grip and water drain ability. With 20” in size, you can cope with most terrain conditions in cities.

However, the electric bike can only be partially folded in the handle parts. The entire device weighs 21kg, which is not very light for carrying.

Fiido D2 E-bike


If you are troubled with traffic congestion in cities, Fiido D2 is the right tool for you.

Compared with previous.model-Fiido D1, the inflatable wheel size upgrades from 14inch to 16inch. It also added a rear shock absorption, which will make you more comfortable on bumpy roads. You can fold the ebike in half size and put it in your home or office, only occupy a small space. There is a mobile phone bracket and a USB charge port integrated in the handle. There are also three modes, you can adopt pedal and moped mode mix when coming across steeper slope.

250W motor power and 7.8AH battery provides 25km/h top speed. Full mileage goes to 30km in electric mode and 50km in moped mode. It takes about 5 hours to charge fully, dual disc brake will ensure your safety on road. Max load can sustain 120kg. You can adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar according to your needs.

Note: We have a folding ebike model that is similar to Fiido D1 in our French warehouse. If you are an electric bike distributor/reseller/retailer from European country, welcome to contact us for quotation.

F-wheel DYU D2 folding ebike


DYU D2 is the second generation of Ebike from F-wheel. One of the best electric bike in China.

It is a small electric bike with total weight of only 13kg. Front handlebar can be folded, you can lift up the mini ebike by single hand at ease. The body size is compact with 12inch inflatable rubber wheels, nice appearance and no space occupation.

It comes with a 36V, 5.2AH battery. You may be concerned about its range. In fact, by charging about 3 hours, you can run 20km in pure electric mode and even 45km in pedal-assist mode. That is total enough for short-distance commute.

The model is too small and can be eaily stollen. Do not worry, DYU D2 is equipped with a smart locking system, you can connect it with an app and lock/unlock it by setting a password. This has perfectly solved the theft problem. What is more, the APP can track your cycling routes, real-time speed, and distance. With the self-diagnose function, the APP can help you to analysis the problems automatically.

Inmotion P2F foldable electric bike


Inmotion P2F is the smallest ebike in our recommendation list. While it is the best in terms of endurance.

Inspired by Swan, the appearance of the ebike is simple and elegant. The body size is very compact of only 102cm. It is equipped with an app. You can find functions such as locking, problem detecting and so forth. In consideration of new riders, you need to ride at least 10km before adjusting max speed up to 30km/h. Thanks to the 36V, 23.2 large battery capacity, the small electric bike can go for 80-100km under electric mode and 160-180km in pedal-assist mode. It takes about 13.5hours for one single charge. A bit long but we believe with such long endurance, it is ok to charge the ebike once a week. PS: We do not suggest to charge this device without human care.

250W Motor power enables you to run up 12 degree gradient effortlessly. Coming with three gear mode, energy efficiency can reach 91%. Front and rear led light make you ride at night safely.

There are also shortcomings. The net weight of the mini bike is 20kg, a bit heavy to carry around. Price is the highest(around 1000usd)among Inmotion Ebike series.

Airwheel R5 electric bikes


Airwheel R5 is a top-notch product with unique design. Weight is 18.5kg and you can fold the bike in three steps. So compact to store whether in car or office. Coming with 36V, 5.8AH lithium battery, it takes about 3 hours to charge completely. The detachable battery makes your charge job easily.

Top speed goes up to 20km/h. By default, the device is pedal assist mode. You need to open the APP to set the electric mode and top speed for each riding. The APP also has functions such as self-diagnosis, real-time position, cycling record, and speed setting.

Adopting aluminum alloy for frame, the ebike can hold 100kg load. Thanks to the USB port on the battery box, you can charge your mobile when riding. 16inch air-filled tire shows excellent in anti-shock, grip and drain water performance.


Based on our experience in electric mobility market, we picked up above 5 best electric bike in China. If you have any more recommendations, welcome to comment below or send us emails at info@gofunsport.com.