6 Safety Tips for Riding a bluetooth swegway in Europe

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We have all laughed at videos of new swegway users trying to ride on the bluetooth swegway only to end up tumbling to the ground. Indeed, you need to spend some time practicing how to get on swegway with bluetooth before attempting to ride it on the streets.

Here is a brief by comprehensive overview of six safety tips that you should adhere with when riding a bluetooth segway hoverboard in Europe. Note that these tips apply regardless of the type of swegway hoverboard you purchase.

Practice Before Hitting the Road

We know you are eager to try out your brand new bluetooth swegway, but you should fight this urge and first go through the users’ manual to learn how to control it while in motion. Once you are through with the manual, go outdoors in a less trafficked area and practice balancing on the swegway hoverboards.

At first, you will find yourself getting off and on the board repeatedly, but that is totally normal for new riders. Also, master how to control the board using the wireless remote controller while in motion. Concisely, you should only ride in busy streets and roads when you have perfected your skills.

Be Vigilant When Riding at Night

The reason why you bought a bluetooth swegway is that you want to enjoy your favorite music when riding the board,when you open your hoverboard for the first time,it will sound:the bluetooth is ready to pair,which means you can connect your phone with the swegways now.

Most of the advanced Rayeeboard mini segway have lights that you can use to illuminate your way when riding at night. Go an extra mile and weight light up shoes and a white attire to make it easy for other people on the road to notice you as you enjoy your ride on the swegways.

Here is a video for how to connect bluetooth to your hoverboard:

Know where you Ride

Bluetooth swegway riding

There are certain places and streets in Europe that do not permit people to ride a swegway hoverboards on. Take UK as an example, hoverboard cannot be ridden on roads or pavements and are only legal on private area. Based on this fact, it is important to familiarize yourself with these places to avoid legal tussles with the authorities. You will be fined or arrested if found riding in any of the restricted places.

Avoid charging it Overnight

Hoverboard charging

No matter you bought a cheap swegway or you invested in a top-of-the-line swegway hoverboard that has a powerful rechargeable battery, it is not a good idea to charge it overnight. Most likely, you will not forget to unplug it from the power socket and as a result, the battery will be charged for extended periods.

Overcharging will reduce the efficiency of the battery and so it is recommended to charge the battery only for the recommended number of hours. Otherwise, you might end up with no power to complete your short trip to and from the shopping mall in your neighborhood.

Watch the Weight Load of bluetooth swegway

There is a weight limit that a swegway can comfortably handle. Check the manual for these details and make sure that you do not exceed the limit. Concisely, overloading will compromise the durability and efficiency of the inner components. You might as well break the multilayer fiberglass board.

Finally, swegways are not skateboards even though the two can help you commute for short distances quickly. Therefore, you should not try to perform tricks that are often done using a skateboard lest you end up with a broken limb or wounds.

Get an affordable Rayeeboard bluetooth swegway today to enjoy an exceptional riding experience. Each swegway is rigorously tested to ensure it meets international standards and comes with a comprehensive warranty.


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