Caigiees is an electric mobility manufacturer with strength in China. And it is also one of the best-known citycoco brands in Europe.

Citycoco Harley electric scooter is a cool and practical electric mobility for traveling. There are many citycoco brands existing in the market. With its unique design and stable quality, Caigiees has become one of the most popular E-scooter in Europe.

Caigiees brief introduction

Established in 2013, Caigiees specialized in producing, developing and selling intelligent electric vehicles. Over the years, they published a series of products including hoverboard, self-balancing segway, one wheel self-balancing scooter, folding electric scooter, tricycle electric scooter and so on. The high-end citycoco electric scooter-Caigiees was released in 2016, it soon got high praises from clients all over the world.

Putting millions of investment in brand-building every year, Caigiees insists on providing unparalleled products to customers. They kept attending trading shows like Canton fair, Hong Kong electronic exhibition, International Consumer Electronics show, Salao Duas Rodas, Eicma motorcycle exhibition,.etc.

Citycoco caigiees 1200w/2500w/3000w


Citycoco caigiees have various models that can be divided into three types: 1200W(caigiees 2.0), 2500W, 3000W. Due to their similarity, we will bring an overall introduction as follows:

Caigiees e-chopper is a durable and economical electric vehicle that bring you incomparable driving pleasure. Compared with conventional scooters, high flexibility, simple handling, and extremely low operating costs make the caigiees an environmentally friendly and powerful transport tool.

Top speed

Whether to go to work or shop, you can drive the citycoco scooter elegantly through the city with a three-speed level. As a spectacular electric mobility model, caigiees 2.0 has a max speed of up to 45km/h. Citycoco caigiees 2500w reaches 70km/h while caigiees 3000w version can even go up to 80km/h.

Lithium-ion battery

There is a slight difference between the battery capacity of the three models. The 1200W version comes with 60V, 20AH lithium battery, 2500W version is 63V, 20AH, and 3000W version is 60V, 28AH. The electric scooter can run up to 60km-80km at one full charge. Assuming you drive 20km per day, you can charge it every 3-4 days.

Charging the battery is an easy job as well, you can charge it at home or company or wherever you want. Simply remove the battery from the electric scooter and charge it at any 230-volt socket with the original charger. Of course, you can also charge the battery in the electreic scooter.

Other main features

Although the citycoco comes with an anti-theft alarm system and handlebar lock, we suggest never leave your electric scooter unattended. On the throttle grip, you can find speed switch, brake, ignition key with alarm remote. A stable smartphone holder and USB charging port are attached to the throttle. By turning the throttle grip, you can precisely control the speed of the scooter. You can also use the remote to control the alarm system or anti-theft function.

The electric scooter is easy to operate. The silent motor and front shock absorber will bring you absolutely comfortable and eco-friendly driving experience. Front and rear disc brake and special fork design will ensure your safety on the road.

The caigiees Harley electric scooter is available in different fender colors such as matt red, matt black, glossy black, glossy blue and matt orange. The frame color is also available in black or white.

Caigiees vs Scrooser vs Gofunsport


There are many citycoco brands and models in the market, including caigiees, scrooser, our Gofunsport citycoco electric scooter and so forth. These citycoco chopper are all patented in design and have their own advantages and features. Sometimes you can find all these models in one store because the sellers want to provide more choices to customers.


Caigiees is a famous citycoco brand in the Europe market. They mainly supply three kinds of models with excellent performance. We gofunsport are supplying a different citycoco Harley e scooter from our Europe warehouse, any interests please contact us at