Cars have become a vital part of modern lives as most of us own one. Most people who own a car are familiar with the pains of sourcing specific parts for a vehicle. Finding the right part for the correct application is always important. It is the reason why retailers are looking for car accessories wholesale to start their own car accessories business.

If you are also a retailer of car accessories or want to be one, you must read on. Here we have mentioned the top 11 car accessories wholesale distributors in Europe.

Car Accessories Market in Europe


The car accessories market in Europe is growing primarily due to the increased demand for vehicles. The main reasons for that are changes in lifestyle and an increase in disposable income of the customers.

In 2019, the Automotive Aftermarket industry of Europe was around USD 256 billion. It is expected to reach USD 369.2 billion by 2025. The most in-demand products in the industry are wear and tear parts, accessories, crash-related parts, and diagnostic products. Germany is leading the demand of the European aftermarket industry as approximately 45% share in the revenue is due to it.

Eastern Europe is leading the race when it comes to being the fastest-growing region in the automotive aftermarket industry. The lead there is the Russian automotive sector. It is expected to grow by 7.3% annually until 2025.

As vehicles are becoming more environment-friendly, the demand for efficient engines and lightweight parts is increasing and will continue to grow in the future as well.

Who are the Top 11 Car Accessories Wholesale Distributors in Europe?

Company Product range Location
Skyparts Cars accessories, electrical products, hardware fasteners, led autolamps UK
Allpartsautomotive Car parts, truck&trailer parts, workshop euipment, coach&bus parts UK
Ac-carparts Car parts, automotive parts, vehicle accessories UK
Autopartner Car parts, suspension and steering systems, brake system, shock absorbers and screens Poland
Hess-autoteile Auto parts, workshop equipment, engine technology Germany
Autoteile-post Auto parts, automotive tools&accessories, logistics expertise Germany
Sopartex Automove parts, filters, belts, clothing and protection, cables and wheelhouses France
Leader-pieces-auto Auto parts, ignition, steering lock, heating&cooling, exhaust France
Free-parts Auto parts, car lights and lighting, brake parts, clamps, car ferries Netherlands
Pateurope Auto parts, trailer parts, automotive materials, caravan&camping accessories, boat accessories Netherlands
Ide-automotive Auto parts, tire machines, vehicle lifts Belgium
  1. Skyparts

Based in Worcester, the company has 40 years of experience and offers the best quality products at competitive prices. It also has 20,000 square foot warehouse and specializes in providing small carded retail packs. Skyparts is the approved supplier for A1 and CAAR buying groups.

  1. Allpartsautomotive

Since 1974, this car accessories wholesale supplier has been providing quality products. It boasts of 200,000 automotive parts, over a hundred delivery vehicles, and well-trained staff that offer technical support. With over 40 years of experience, it focuses on supplying high-quality auto parts with service to independent garages and workshops.

  1. Ac-carparts

If you need a truly comprehensive range of reliable auto parts, it is the name you can trust. They provide OEM parts manufactured by licensed OEM part manufacturers. They cater to both private and retail car parts needs.

  1. Autopartner

This company imports and distributes parts for cars, vans, and motorcycles. In time deliveries is a specialty of this company. Their main customers include car repair shops and auto parts stores. In addition to reliable car accessories, they also offer car oils and chemicals and spare parts for exhaust systems, electrical systems, brake systems, and suspension.

  1. Hess-autoteile

With a market presence since 1929, this is a name you can trust when you need car accessories wholesale. The company has 1000 employees, over 1,000,000 articles, and an annual turnover of 140 million euros. They also have many delivery vehicles and several warehouses. Therefore, they can supply diverse products with fast delivery.

  1. Autoteile-post

This company is an aftermarket specialist for Italian and French vehicles. They provide a wide range of original parts that have better quality than the usual spare parts. They provide time-saving and cost-effective solutions for seekers of tools and accessories.

  1. Sopartex

Since 1954, this company has been distributing accessories in France. It has a range of 10,000 spare parts and offers quality products at the best price to let you enjoy good margins. It has a 6,000 m2 warehouse and employs 150 people who work for customer satisfaction every day!

  1. Leader-pieces-auto

This company specializes in the sale of car parts that meet the safety standards enforced by the European authorities. The company carries out mail-order sales exclusively. They also sell adaptable spare parts that can be used on several models of cars.

  1. Free-parts

When you need car accessories wholesale at night, this company is the best choice. They can deliver during night-time and also do morning deliveries. You can trust them when you need auto parts, lubricants, cleaning products, and other goods.

  1. Pateurope

This company has been trading for 25 years and provides high-quality accessories for cars, trailers, and caravans. They have their product development, product sourcing, and production sourcing areas. They have also developed private label packaging concepts.

  1. Ide-automotive

This company not just specializes in car accessories wholesale, they also provide workshop equipment and have forayed into car repairs as well. They also offer diagnosis equipment, tire machines, and vehicle lifts, among others. Daily deliveries to some regions are also their specialty.

Tips on How to Find a Good Car Accessories Supplier

When you need to find the best car accessories wholesale suppliers, the following tips can help.

  • Understand Your Industry’s Channels

You need to understand where you can source the parts from. You can buy it from an OEM manufacturer, a regular manufacturer or you can contact a wholesaler.

  • Use Search Engines

You can use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find out the top wholesalers online and get the information you need from their official websites.

  • Set Up an Email Alert for the Items You Want

Search engines like Google allow you to set up search results regarding the terms you prefer. You can use this trick to get the latest information delivered to your inbox.

  • Join Industry and Professional Networks

Networking is and will always be a good way to connect with a business. You can join industry and professional networks to get in touch with people who are into wholesale business or have ample knowledge of it.

  • Subscribe to Trade Publications

Subscribe to the trade publications of your industry to know what’s new in the car accessories market and ensure that you source the latest parts.

  • Visit Junkyards

Junkyards can be a good course if you need car accessories at low prices. They are particularly good if you want accessories for older vehicles.

  • Use Social Media

Search for the rights suppliers on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and have a casual conversation with them to judge their capabilities.

  • Attend Events like Conferences and Trade Fairs

Doing so will help you connect with sales representatives or C-level employees of wholesalers and have an informal chat with them.

  • Online Directories and Local Cluster Organizations

You can also check out such resources to connect with the right people.


All in all, it can be said that if you need car accessories wholesale, you have many options. You just need to shortlist them based on experience, reputation, cost-effectiveness, product range, warehouse area, and delivery capabilities. If you do it right, you can find the right company at the right time and earn a tidy profit in the long run. Good Luck!



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