How to charge electric scooter in 2020 | Gofunsport

As the Covid-19 epidemic spread in 2020, more and more people choose to buy electric scooter for short distance traveling. When you own an electric scooter, knowing how to charge electric scooter is essential. In this article, we will reveal some facts about charging electric scooters. Keep reading... Electric scooter charging guide The charging process [...]

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What Hoverboard That Do Not Blow Up in 2020 (How to prevent)?

Hoverboards have caused a kind of craze in the youth from all over the world. Kids are asking their parents for hoverboards on Christmas, and some smart ones are saving their pocket money to buy a self-balancing scooter. If you are planning to buy a self-balancing scooter, then you should know that there have [...]

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9 Best Ride on Cars Wholesale Suppliers in Europe

When it comes to choosing a ride on cars for kids, the parents want to explore all the options. It is why the demand for the ride on cars is increasing with time. If you're going to make the most of this demand and grow your business, you should consider ride on cars wholesale suppliers. [...]

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10 Best RC Cars Wholesale Distributors in Europe | Gofunsport

If you are thinking of purchasing RC cars wholesale from wholesale distributors in Europe, then you are making a smart business move. RC cars are and have been popular for decades and are expected to remain popular in the future as well. For those who are unaware, a remote-controlled or RC car is a car [...]

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Hoverboard keeps beeping: How to fix it?(4 common solutions)

You might feel a little disappointed when you turn your self-balancing scooter on for the first time to find that the hoverboard keeps beeping. Or, you have ridden the smart balance wheel for a while, but somehow the hoverboard won't stop beeping, which drives you crazy for how to stop the noise. If you are [...]

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Swegway kart: 5 Things you need to know before buying

Hoverboards became popular as soon as they were placed on the market because they are fun and exciting to ride. However, swegway kart, also known as Segway cart or hoverkart, are getting even more attention nowadays. If you’re one of those people who have no idea what a Segway go kart is, you have [...]

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How to Fix a Hoverboard by yourself?(12 common problems and solutions)

A hoverboard is not only a fun toy, it’s a useful device that helps kids to travel from one place to another in style and be more self-confident. If you own a self-balancing scooter, you must know that this device often faces issues. Here you can know about the common hoverboard issues and how [...]

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5 Proven Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

In the year 2016, hoverboards were voted the best mobility devices of the year. Some prominent people in the society such as Jamie Fox, John Legend, and Barrack Obama have being captured on camera riding them. Just like the self-balancing scooter, hoverboards have gained a massive popularity across the globe. Initially, they were very expensive [...]

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Best electric scooter dropshippers and supplier in Europe 2020 | Gofunsport

Searching for electric scooter dropshippers in Europe? Look no further, we, Go funsporthandel GmbH, have been doing electric scooter dropshipping and wholesale business in Europe for more than 4 years. With warehouse located on the border of Germany and France, we provide both dropshipping and wholesale service to our B2B clients all over EU. Please [...]

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What to do if your hoverboard won’t turn on or charge-7 possible reasons and solutions

In the last post, we introduced How to fix a hoverboard-12 common problems and solutions. Including the issue of Hoverboard won’t turn on. But we did not discuss it in depth. In fact, when you confront the situation that hoverboard will not turn on, the reasons may be as follows: The hoverboard charger is broken [...]

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