With cool design and powerful performance, citycoco harley electric scooter makes the perfect transport tool for short distance traveling. But before you decide to own one, it is crucial to know citycoco homologation rule in the place you live. Is it legal to ride on public road, pavement and cycle lane?

Today we will discuss about the regulation of this green electric vehicle in different countries of Europe Union.

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Citycoco UK law

Simply speaking, harley city coco electric scooter is illegal to ride on public road, pavement and bike lane in UK. The device does not fall into any vehicle categories. Its size is too large, increased the chances to be stopped by police on street.

It is frustrated to see UK still adopted the law dating back as far as almost 200 years ago. According to 1835 Highway Act, you are not allowed to ride this big wheel harley electric scooter on pavement. You can only ride them on private land with owner’s permission.

It is forbidden on road. As the motor power of citycoco is far more than 250w, they should be classified as motorcycles(but there are no UK laws to do so). The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) would require your e scooter to be registered, taxed and insured, driving license is also necessary.

However, there is relaxation enforcing the law. Citycoco possesses all the characteristic as a motorcycle: turning signal, rear mirror, horn, front and rear led light, reflector, etc. Most importantly, it is EEC/COC approved. You should make a call to local transport department to see the detailed regulation about this new-rising electric vehicle.

It is suggested to wear helmet and obey traffic rule when riding this device, limit the speed to 15.5mph on urban area.

Citycoco homologue in France


In France, laws for Citycoco scooter is more practical. The only thing you need to care about is the max speed when buying this electric motorized scooter. The situation can be divided in two:

If Max speed≤25km/h

In this situation, your citycoco harley electric scooter does not require to register. You can ride the vehicle on public road according to article R412-35 of the Highway Code.

In terms of cycle lane, you can cruise on it too as long as the speed not exceed 25km/h.

As for pavement, you need to comply with common traffic regulation. Notice for traffic light and pedestrian, speed cannot exceed 6km/h. Better to wear helmet and noticeable vest.

If Max speed>25km/h

Under this circumstances, registration for Citycoco T-cruiser is mandatory. Deadline for register is 1 month after you bought the vehicle, you must use COC and CNIT certification to make the application. The procedure is as below:

  1. Apply for certification approval within Ministry of transport, the approval is issued by UTAC.
  2. Apply for a “grey card”(vehicle registration document) from your prefecture.
  3. Get your license plate.

What is more, to be able to ride on public road, you must be over 14 years old to get a driver license.

Last but not least, there are demands for the citycoco scooter as well:

Your transport tool must be equipped with helmet, turning signal, mirrors, reflectors(white in front, orange on side, red on back). Insurance of the scooter is mandatory, the vehicle itself should come with a serial number engraved on a non-removable part of the frame.

What is interesting is that all citycoco E scooter can be restricted top speed under 25km/h, and you can easily release the speed limit by adjusting controller. Therefore, it all depends on you whether or not to register your new electric scooters.

Citycoco homologation in Germany


In germany you need a driving license for everything that is faster than 20 km/h. And the owner must be at least 15 years old. Thus, a car driver license or a moped driver license for citycoco scooters is compulsory.

The scooter must be equipped with necessary lighting according to the stVZO regulation. Helmet is needed for Electric vehicle faster than 20km/h for safety reason.

On pavement, the driving speed is not allowed to exceed 6km/h.

For registration, you do not need any certification except COC to get insurance and the license number plate. The plate will enable the authorities to identify the vehicle owner and the insurance company easily.

Laws in other countries within Europe

In Austria and Switzerland, it is road legal to ride your citycoco on bike lane and pavement up to 25km/h.

In Sweden, driving license and traffic insurance are mandatory for this kind of vehicle. License number plate is needed if citycoco motor power bigger than 1KW.

In Denmark, any scooter faster than 30km/h would need a driving license and insurance compulsively. Otherwise you will face a hefty fine from police.

Scrooser vs Citycoco

Some customers asked about the road legality of Scrooser in Europe. The answer is-There are many types and brands in Citycoco Market. Scrosser is a well-known citycoco brand in Germany. Scrosser model belongs to one type of citycoco. The regulation for it in Europe is the same as other citycoco models. Just read through above content and you will know the answer.


We Gofunsport have EEC/COC citycoco E scooter stocked in our French warehouse now, which will guarantee the legality to ride on public road. Looking for potential dealers and agents from all over Europe Union countries.

Hope you have a clear idea now for Citycoco homologation in different countries in Europe. It is important to know this knowledge before buying one. For any further question please leave comments below!