What things you should keep in mind when buying citycoco on Alibaba?

Citycoco Harley electric scooter is a cool and practical electric vehicle which just appear in recent years. Alibaba is the most popular platform for sourcing merchandise from China. Of course, you can find many citycoco manufacturers on Alibaba.

However, based on our communication with clients, there are tips you should be aware of when purchasing it on this channel. We will reveal the 5 risks and disadvantages when buying citycoco e scooter on Alibaba. You can also check our article: 3 ways of how to find a citycoco supplier in China.

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1.Low quality

Suppliers may send citycoco with low quality to you. Sellers may send you counterfeit product, you can not even start the vehicle in the worst condition. In some cases, suppliers just exaggerated the specification for promotion. The quality is not as good as they described on the Alibaba website.

For instance, they claimed the motor power of citycoco T-cruiser is 2000W with a very attractive price.In fact, what you received is the 1000W version, which is way cheaper than the 2000W model.

When running into the above situation, most of us will choose to request a refund immediately. But the tricky thing is Alibaba will ask you to send back the goods before getting the compensation. As you know the package of citycoco is big, it will cost thousands by shipping back to China. It is not worth to do so.

And citycoco is also electric mobility contain lithium battery, it belongs to dangerous goods obviously. Sometimes you can not even find the courier who is willing to ship it in your place.



You have to consider the customs when buying citycoco on Alibaba. In addition to the product cost and shipping fees, you also need to pay the tariff customs.

According to our experiences, citycoco belongs to motorcycle category in Europe, and the import taxes are 6%. Customs will open the package and check the content, then ask you to provide the necessary documents to clear customs.

In terms of citycoco in Europe, you must get EEC/COC certification. They are also the mandatory documents you need to apply licensed number plates in Europe.

What is more, because citycoco is equipped with lithium battery, you also need to provide the files such as MSDS and UN38.3 to prove safety. You might be asked to provide other paperwork according to the regulation of the destination. Failure to offer the required certification will lead to holding up your goods. It might cost you extra fees, or customs will destroy your products directly in the end.

In a word, you should make sure the citycoco e scooter manufacturer can supply the documents for customs clearance before purchasing. Otherwise, it will affect your business significantly.

3.Shipping time and cost

When ordering goods from a new supplier.It is normal that You order a sample to test quality before placing official order. And you want it in a short time.

However, as far as citycoco electric scooter concern, it is unrealistic to order just 1 piece from China. Why?

The package size of citycoco is extremely large, it belongs to bulky cargo when shipping. If you purchase just 1 or 2 pieces and ship by air cargo, the shipping cost might be more expensive than the scooter itself. Assuming the sample’s quality can not meet your expectations, you will lose the shipping cost at least.

Speaking of delivery time, if air shipping is not workable, many people will go for sea shipping. Whereas, it will take at least one month for the goods to arrive at you. It is slow and any accident during the process can make you miss the sales season.



Alibaba trade assurance only covers 30days warranty after goods delivery. And you can apply for a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality. It is possible that you still did not sell the products. And when you did, you will find you can not get any help from the supplier. In another word, you have no warranty at all.

Even though you opened a claim within the warranty period, some suppliers are reluctant to cope with the aftersales. Because it will purely add their cost. You can upload the proof of issues you run into like citycoco can not work properly, but bad suppliers will stalling to make up evidence to Alibaba platform as well. When the guaranteed time is over, Alibaba will decide the case in the seller’s favor.



Packaging is an important factor when buying citycoco e scooter from China.

Generally speaking, citycoco is packed with an iron shelf inside and a big carton outside. Some suppliers may not even provide the iron shelf or what they gave is not solid enough. This will cause serious damage or scratches to the products.

Given the outer package is inferior, all goods might get soaked on the sea. This will lead to a short circuit of the lithium-battery operated electric vehicle.


Of course, you can also choose to cooperate with a local citycoco supplier like us.

We, Gofunsport has been a Citycoco/Electric scooter importer/Wholesaler in Europe for more than 4 years. Our price can not compete with those from Alibaba, but we have advantages in terms of delivery time(2-5days within the European Union) and warranty(1 year). All products are stocked in our French warehouse and import taxes had been paid.

If you are a citycoco wholesaler/retailer/distributor/reseller from Europe, welcome to visit our warehouse which is located near contact us for possible cooperation.


It is admitted Alibaba is a good marketplace for sourcing from China. But there are shortcomings you should take care of when purchasing citycoco on Alibaba. Alternatively, you can choose to work with a local supplier.