3 ways of how to find a citycoco supplier in China 2020

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Citycoco is a cool design fat tire electric scooter and getting popular in recent years. Most citycoco Harley electric scooter is made in China. If you are looking for a citycoco supplier in China. You can not miss this content.

Today we are going to reveal different ways to find a citycoco manufacturer in 2020.

Let us begin.

Alibaba&Made in China&Globalsource


Alibaba&Made in China&Globalsource are 3 best known B2B marketing platforms in China. There are thousands of Citycoco wholesalers and suppliers available for you to choose from these websites.


You can definitely find many citycoco factory on these websites. And you can look at the description of the products, chat with their sales online, compare factors such as price, delivery time and so on. Consider carefully before making the purchasing decision.


  • Too many suppliers may confuse you. Their product description is various, quality is different, price gap is huge. It is not easy to make a good choice.
  • Delivery time is too long. It is hard to control emergency during the process. Any production delay can make you miss the sales season.
  • Most citycoco manufacturer in China requests minimum purchasing quantities, one container at least. Whereas not all buyers have the ability to import so many citycoco at one time.
  • It is hard to get samples. 90% of buyers want to order samples to check the quality first before making the official order.

However, citycoco is a lithium battery operated scooter and an oversized product as well. If you want to import 1 or 2 pieces (Ship by air cargo), the shipping cost could be higher than the scooter itself. Usually, factory can only ship this big wheel electric scooter by sea.

  • Most citycoco electric scooter factory do not provide aftersales service. Although the supplier may claim to have guarantees on website, it is hard to deal with any product problems due to long-distance and high maintenance costs.

Hence if your products come with any problems afterward, it is hard to get real help from them.

Visiting citycoco supplier by yourself


Except for choosing suppliers online, you can go to China to visit the factory. Citycoco manufacturers are mainly located at Shenzhen, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu province in China.


You can visit factories and talk with their sales manager personally. Face to face communication is better than telephone and text. And you can see and test the products by yourself.


You need to spend weeks to find a supplier in China, which is costly and energy-consuming. Language could also be a problem.

Alternative choice-Finding citycoco supplier locally


Many Chinese companies have branches with their product stocks in overseas now. No matter where you are come from, US, Europe, India, you can always find these types of company locally.

Assumedly you are a buyer from Europe(France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden., etc) and want to purchase citycoco e scooter from a suitable supplier.

We, Go Funsporthandel GmbH is specialized in providing electric vehicles in Europe for many years and have citycoco electric scooter stock in French warehouse.

The pros and cons for you to choose Gofunsport as your citycoco supplier is as following:


  • You do not need to go to China which is far away. Europe is relatively smaller. You can visit the Gofunsport Europe warehouse conveniently and talk with them, you can test the products at the same time.
  • It is easy to get aftersales issues solved. Gofunsport stocks citycoco spare parts in warehouse, if any problems occur they will send free spare parts to you timely.
  • All of citycoco EU stock are EEC/COC approved, which means you can apply for licensed plate and drive these big wheel scooter  legally on road. It is important to know the traffic laws for this kind of vehicle. If you want to know more, you can read our related article: Citycoco legislation in different Europe countries.
  • You can even do citycoco dropshipping for your business. You do not need to take risks to stock any citycoco, Gofunsport can send the goods directly to your customers. Delivery time only takes 3-6days within European Union countries.


Price might be a little higher compared with it from China factory.

Hope this article has helped you when finding a good citycoco supplier in China. Any advice or suggestions welcome to comment below.

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