We are living in a world where technology is changing our lives better every day. One of the boons offered by technology is the electric bikes that come with numerous benefits and allows people to stay fit and healthy. As the demand for these bikes is rising in Europe, sellers interested in making the most of this opportunity should know about electric bike wholesale supplier. It will help you to get the electric bikes at an affordable cost and earn a higher profit.

Today we will reveal the 10 best electric bike wholesale distributors in Europe. They are from UK, Germany, France, Belgium, and Netherlands.

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Why Should I Buy Electric Bike Wholesale?

Electric bikes are the biggest adoption of green transportation of not only this decade but many decades. These bikes use rechargeable batteries. It allows people to use it to travel up to 45 km per hour. It is much faster than riding a manual cycle. So, people get to their destinations faster.

Electric bicycle is a low-cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free mode of transportation that offers many health benefits as well. Hence, their demand is usually high. So, you should not hesitate to buy electric bike wholesale and as it might help you to earn a huge profit.

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Electric Bike Market in Europe

People considering electric bicycle wholesale should know that the use of such bikes in Europe is increasing steadily. The number of e-bikes sold in Italy in 2018 was 173,000. It was 134,000 in France and 35, 965 for Norway in 2016.

According to The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry, the demand for electric bikes will triple in the next five years. In 2025, the total number of electric cycles sold would be around 7 million. Other experts think that the number might be higher and might reach 10 million.

Who is the Top Electric Bike Wholesale Supplier in Europe?

Company name Product Location
Gofunsport Electric bike, Electric scooter, Electric moped Germany
E-bikeshop Electric bike, Electric bike kits United Kingdom
Cycloboost Electric bike&accessories, Bicycle trailer France
Neomouv Electric bike France
Orangebc Electric bike&accessories Germany
Emotion-technologies Electric bike&accessories Germany
Ibike Electric bike Belgium
Velektrofietsen Electric bike Belgium
Hollandbikeshop Electric bike&accessories Netherlands
Happybike Electric bike Netherlands


Gofunsport is an electric bike wholesale supplier based in Germany. They have two warehouse located in Germany and France, their main electric bike product is Minifat folding e bike as below picture shows. Besides electric bicycle, Gofunsport also offers electric scooter, electric moped, e scooter, hoverboard to all Europe. Wholesale and dropshipping is available, you can arrange picking up from their warehouse.



This is the largest supplier of the crank drive electric bikes in Europe. They specialize in Bosch and Yamaha powered electric bikes from Scott, Haibike, Lapierre, Cube, GoCycle, Moustache & Raleigh, and Tern electric bikes. You can trust them for good quality, reliable and stylish electric bikes in Europe.


Claiming to be the French leader in various types of cycles, the company had its modest beginnings in 2009. It offers electric bike kits that are perfect for mountain bikers and usual bikers who are looking for sensations. In addition to electric bicycle, they also offer scooters, bicycle trailers, and useful accessories.


It is a French company that has been designing and distributing a wide and attractive range of electric bikes since 2003. The models they come up with are studied, designed, and tested by an in-house team of engineers to ensure perfection.

They use cutting-edge technological innovations while creating amazing electric bicycles. All products are designed to meet the expectations of the end-users while ensuring they get the best quality and price ratio.


This company claims to be your competent contact for innovative electric vehicles in Germany. In addition to offering innovative electric bikes, they also offer repair and servicing options. They also source spare parts from more than 90 suppliers, and this number is on the rise.


This company has its humble beginnings as an electric bicycle shop in 2009. Now it has over 60 electric bike shops in its network. In addition to e-bikes, they also offer pedelecs and S-pedelecs. They offer electric bikes from various brands and are also into e-bike leasing.


Offering more than 7,500 bicycles online, this website is a true gem. They have thousands of bicycles in stock that are ready to be shipped. If you want quick deliveries, you can trust them. Also, you can rely on them for electric cargo bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, folding bikes, and race bikes, among others.


This company claims to be the e-bike specialist that has the widest range of products available at best prices. The range they offer consists of 6 brands and over 50 models, which is amazing if you think of it. They offer it all from folding bikes to sports bikes and even cargo bikes. They also use components from tops brands like Bewo, Bosch, Nuvinci, etc. What is more, they also have their own bicycle brand Leone.


They sell everything related to bikes, be it branded electric cycle to bicycle parts and even bicycle accessories. The product range is quite impressive, and the website has been designed to display everything just right. The electric bicycle brands they offer are Shimano, TranzX, HILS I, Heinzmann, Cortina, and Panterra, among others.


It is the largest bicycle shop situated in the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of products with a good warranty. They also ensure fast delivery of bikes that are in stock. The bikes are offered at a competitive price to help you save money. If you want true value for money bikes, you can visit their website.

Electric bike dropshippers supplier in Europe


In case you are electric bike dropshippers and do not want to keep stock, here are some electric bicycle dropshipping suppliers and platform we recommend in Europe:


BikeBizz is founded by Willem Smits, who has worked for many bicycle companies and has rich experiences in bicycle industry. BikeBizz combined various electric bike brands and offer dropshipping service. When processing orders, you need to provide the contact information of the end-customers and they will take care of the rest.


Established in 1966, Gransier is specialized in providing bicycle and scooter parts. It owns a wide range of 16500 products, consisting of 300 brands. They provide all the information you need for dropshipping. All you need to do is to put the electric bicycle on your webshop, adjust description, and set a profitable price. In case of stock shortage, you can keep track of the stock level via a separate link they sent you.


Destockplus is a french B2B platform consists of a tremendous range of products. It attracts millions of traffic online from buyers and sellers from different industries. You can find thousands of wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, and liquidators, etc. If you are an electric bike retailer or dealer who is searching for a dropshipping supplier in Europe, Destockplus would be an ideal place.

Which Electric Bikes Are the Bestsellers?

There are various types of electric bikes available today. When seeking the best electric bike wholesale supplier in Europe, you must know what kind of bikes are the most popular. Here they are:

Folding Bikes

They are the best option for space-savvy people. As the name suggests, they can be folded and kept in a corner or even under the furniture.

Mountain Bikes

They are created with sturdy components to ensure that they can function well in the rough mountain conditions and overcome the challenges out there.

City Bikes

Created for commuters who need to commute daily on e-bikes, these are bets for city roads and the traffic conditions.

Race Bikes

They are designed to offer maximum performance and speed for people who love to participate in racing competitions or just want to stay ahead.


All in all, it can be said that there are many suppliers of electric bikes in Europe. You need to go through this list and find the best electric bike wholesale supplier that can meet your needs. Analyze the pros and cons of every company mentioned here and make a wise decision you won’t regret in the future.



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