Electric kick scooter vs electric bike-Definitive comparison in 16 aspects

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Electric kick scooter vs electric bike, which transport tool is better?

People living in urban areas are now seeking simple and lightweight forms of transportation that are cost-effective, easy to manage and environment-friendly. If you are among those people, you should consider two wonderful options, an electric bike or an electric scooter.

If you have a vague idea of both and you want to know that which is better then read on. Here we have compared both the options thoroughly to help you decide which one is best for you.

What’s an E-Bike or Electric Bike?


An e-bike is a bike that looks like a usual bike but has the motor mounted with on front hub, center hub or rear hub. You have pedal assistance and can pedal it home if you run out of power.

What’s an Electric kick scooter?


Electric kick scooter, also known as foldable electric scooter, or portable electric scooter, is a lithium battery operated electric vehicle. They usually come with a folding mechanism. An advantage of it is you can ride it with human power like regular scooters. Mileage varies from 10-50km, top speed is around 25-40km/h.


Before we start with the faceoff, electric kick scooter vs electric bike, you should know the similarities between these two options.

  • Both of them run on electricity.
  • Both are alternative methods of transportation.
  • The new lithium battery technology benefits both.
  • Both of them are semi-legal motor vehicles.

Before the detailed comparison of the two tools, check this video to know more about them:

Electric bicycle vs Electric Kick Scooter: The Face-Off

Now that we know what both vehicles are and how they are similar, it’s time to compare them on various key criteria.

  • Costs

Electric bikes are usually costlier than electric scooters. So, if affordability is an issue, you should buy a scooter. Also, road and mountain electric bikes are premium (read costlier) than simple Ebikes.

  • Space and Weight

Electric bikes have moderate to high weight. A bike will usually weight around 14-28 kg. In contrast, an electric kick scooter is lighter. The space needed by electric bicycle while storing is wider than an electric scooter (unless it’s a folding design ebike).

  • Parking

As the appearing of electric scooters rental companies such as bird and lime, parking the electric scooters is more convenient than parking an electric bike. However, you should notice the traffic laws about where you can park these two transport tools in your country in case of any fines.

  • Maintenance

An electric bike has more complex configurations which means that only a trustworthy mechanic specializing in e-bikes would be able to repair it. There are no such problems with an electric scooter.

Also, folding electric scooters are easier to manage than an e-bike as they do not need much maintenance.

  • Long Distance

You can trust an e-bike to run 80-120 kilometers per charge. The same cannot be said for an electronic scooter. You need to charge the electric scooter regularly or prepare an extra battery.

  • The Law

Although we can see more and more sharing electric scooter in street now, this new electric device is still illegal to ride on road in many cities. Electric bicycle owners usually don’t face such a problem if they maintain a reasonable speed and don’t try to stand out.

  • Speed

Electric bikes and scooters are head to head when it comes to speed. You can even change the speed of either but do it at your own risk as you can be fined for that.

  • Environmental Impact

Both use electric power to run, so they help protect the environment and make the world a better place to live in.

  • Comfort

An electric bike wins hands-down when it comes to road vibrations, bumps, & comfort as electric scooters do need to be controlled at standing posture with an effort. You also risk running into a pothole with the latter.

  • Safety

An e-bike is usually safer than an e-scooter during the day because as you sit higher up and are therefore easily visible to other vehicles. In contrast, foldable electric scooter is safer at night as they have more lights as compared to e-bikes.

  • Noise

Both of them are equally silent and even the tires hitting the road don’t make much of a noise. They are awesome for cities that want to control noise pollution and commuters who hate the honking horns.

  • Convenience and Usability

E-bikes are a bit heavier to handle when you need to carry it around as compared to scooters. But e-bikes are good when it comes to providing stability than e-scooters. Electric scooter, on the other hand, has lightweight and compact size when folding up. It is convenient to lift up such gadget to places like subway, library, coffee shop and so on.

  • Which will last Longer?

E-bikes are usually more common than e-scooters so finding spare parts for the former is easier. So, it can be assumed that the more costly e-bikes would last longer than an electric kick scooter.

  • Theft

An electric bike is a clear winner when it comes to the risk of theft. They usually have built-in alarm or alarm apps that can be connected to a mobile device, sometimes even with GPS tracker. Most electric kick scooter does not have such cool security features yet.

  • Fitness-Friendly

When it comes to commuting via an electronic vehicle to support your health efforts, you should trust an ebike. An e-bike usually comes with pedal assist will certainly make you work harder, sweat a lot and get in the needed exercise as compared to an e-scooter. Some people even believe that an e-bike can even burn more calories than a conventional bike.

  • Elevators or Indoors

Electric kick scooters are easy to move around when you need to hop onto an elevator. They can also be folded and put under your desk at work. Both these features are not so amazing when it comes to an electric bike. Getting an e-bike through an elevator can be a task. Similarly, maneuvering them indoors is a challenge. More so, if indoors include a staircase.


You should read all the points on the electric kick scooter vs electric bike and then decide based on your needs. You should remember that both these alternate transport methods are gaining a lot of popularity and can save you bucks in the long run.

No matter which of them you choose, make sure it meets your needs and offers value for money. Otherwise, it might just end up as a showpiece that’s rarely taken outdoors!

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