If you want to import electric motorcycle from China, knowing the best companies with strength is crucial. After all, the top brands have proven themselves in the China market, importing electric motorcycle from them can give you some faith in the product quality.

In this post, you will get to know the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in China.

Top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in China



Founded in 1999, Xinri Sunra is one of the earliest companies in the industry to combine urban mobility with APPs and promote the intelligence of electric motorcycles. Xinri Sunra has been the supplier of the electric moped to major events such as the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo, and the Xi’an World Park. In 2017, Xinri was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the first Chinese electric motorcycle brand to be listed on the A-share.

With mature manufacturing and R&D experience, Sunra’s product level is ahead of most of its competitors in China. Compared with AIMA and Yadea, Sunra’s product line is more balanced, with models covering E bikes for short-distance travel, electric mopeds for commuting, and electric motorcycles that emphasize power and performance.

The Miku Max with distinctive appearance is published by Sunra in 2018.

The 60V/20AH lithium battery electric motorcycle is equipped with an 800W motor from Bosch. It is comparable to a 1000W electric motorcycle in terms of top speed, climbing capacity, and maximum torque, which are the three parameters that can reflect the performance of the motor.

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Luyuan-electric-bicycle-Top 10 Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers In China

Founded in 1997, Luyuan is a veteran manufacturer in China’s electric scooters industry. In 2018, Luyuan became one of the first companies to meet the new national standard for production in China.

Students travel, white-collar commuting, and family transportation are the three main scenarios for Luyuan electric bikes. So its models are more focused on the appearance of small and stylish, emphasizing saving and comfort. 

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Tianjin, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang are the three major electric bicycles and electric motorcycles manufacturing bases in China. AIMA, the leading two-wheeled electric vehicles company in China, was born in Tianjin in 1999. The company has 4 major production bases and more than 2000 dealers nationwide.

As an industry giant, AIMA has a large number of products, mainly focusing on electric bicycles and mopeds. 



Yadea, from Jiangsu province, is known as China’s leading two wheeler electric scooter company. Its global sales exceeded 4 million units, accounting for about 11.7% of total global electric vehicle sales in 2018. In 2016, Yadea was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, becoming the first listed company in the industry.

In recent years, Yadea has cut its electric bicycles product line, focusing mainly on high-grade electric motorbikes and actively expanding overseas markets. Yadea has been selling to 77 countries and regions, including the United States and Germany.

Jiangsu Province has a good industrial base and rich experience in motorcycle manufacturing, which gives Yadea a natural advantage for developing high-grade electric motorcycles. High power, outstanding performance, and a preference for sporting style are the characteristics of Yadea electric motorcycles. 


Tailg-electric-bike-Top 10 Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers In China

According to the data of China Light Industry Information Network, the electric vehicle sales of Tailg were 1.8 million units in 2017, just after the two giants Yadea and Emma. Tailg has always focused on the mid-range electric scooter market, targeting the demand for short-distance travel and commuting, which has gained a good reputation among consumers.

Tailg’s regulation of controller precision, improvement of motor efficiency, and protection of battery life make its electric bikes have a longer range.


Niu-electric-scooter-Top 10 Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers In China

In 2015, Niu, with its design and performance as a selling point, causing a shock to the relatively solidified two-wheeled electric vehicle industry. Unlike traditional electric motorcycle manufacturers in China, Niu positioned its products as high-end intelligent e mobility at the beginning of the business. High value, long-range, and large power are the words of praise for the brand from Niu’s young fans.

In fact, Niu is still the premium electric scooters manufacturer with the most rapid development momentum in recent years. The current main M+ series, the classic N series, and the lightweight UM series are the three major product lines that drive Niu’s sales.



Established in 2003, Lima is one of the first companies in the industry to be qualified to manufacture electric motorcycles, and now has 3C certification for all types of electric motorbikes manufacturing.

Lima has always put its efforts into the high-end sport electric motorcycle. Excellent performance has always been the selling point of Lima electric motor.



Founded in 2004, XDao is a latecomer to the electric vehicle industry. Its annual sales only exceeding 900,000 units in 2010. Thanks to the broadening of the product line and the breakthrough in technology such as motor dual power system, the sales began to grow rapidly since 2016. In 2017, annual sales reached 1.2 million units, the first three-quarters of 2018 sales of XDao increased by 64% over the previous year.



When it comes to Jinyuan electric bikes, most people will find them unfamiliar. But when talking about Wuyang Honda behind them, I am sure most people in China knew them. Founded in 1992, Wuyang Honda is a Sino-Japanese joint venture and one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in China. Wuyang Honda launched the Jinyuan brand in 2014, officially entering the two-wheeler electric vehicle industry.

Power and performance are the biggest advantages of Jinyuan E bikes. However, the high-end position and price result in far fewer audiences and sales than those of manufacturers such as AIMA and Luyuan, which mainly focus on the mid-range electric motorcycle market. And because of the high cost of products, Jinyuan tends to offer only two to three new models per year.

Although the frame, motor, and brake systems borrowed from the motorcycle product line are large in size, the workmanship is more reliable and the errors are smaller. This has attracted a group of users who value quality for the Jinyuan brand.

Super Soco


Established in 2015, its first product TS was officially launched in 2016. With the main focus on sporty electric motorcycle, emphasis on cool and fun, Super Soco has a lot in common with Niu. However, compared with Niu, its models are more expensive and positioned in a smaller niche. So its name is mostly spread among sports electric motorcycle enthusiasts and little known to the public.


Now you have known the top electric motorcycle manufacturers in China. In fact, if you come to China, you can see thousands of people riding electric scooters produced by these companies on the street. Hope this article will be helpful in making your buying decision.