Top 6 Electric Scooter Company/Manufacturer/Brands in 2020

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Thanks to global warming and climate change, people are inclining towards electric scooters and seeking the best electric scooter companies. If you are among such people, then you are on the right webpage. Here we have listed the key aspects of top 6 electric scooter company, manufacturer, and brands in 2020.

It will help you to make a wiser decision that you will be proud of.


lime electric scooter sharing company

Having its humble beginnings in January 2017, Lime started as a bike sharing company. It progressed rapidly and ventured into creating electric scooters. Now it has deployed its scooters in 27 international cities and more than 100 cities in the US. It has also partnered with Uber to provide Lime scooters to the users of the Uber app.

Using a lime scooter is easy for everyone. You just need to locate a lime scooter near you by using the app. Then you need to unlock the same by using a QR code. When the ride is complete, you need to lock it again. The app will ding your credit card. You are charged about 15 cents a minute and a dollar per ride.


bird scooter

Bird is another electric scooter sharing company that allows you to pay according to the usage. You can find a Bird scooter just like Lime by using an app and scanning the QR code to unlock it.

Luckily for the people who love this brand, renting a Bird electric scooter is not just the only option you have. You can buy a Bird One electric scooter by shelling just USD 1,299. It’s available in three color options, dove white, jet black, and electric rose.

The top features of Bird One include extended battery life, 30-mile travel on one charge, and higher durability. If you buy it, you can get $100 in ride credits and the ability to track the vehicle with the app. You might also get access to anti-theft capabilities via the Bird Hunter Network.


gotrax electric scooter company

As an American company and one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooters across the world, GOTRAX™ is worth your attention.

The company had its humble beginnings in 2017, and since then it has won hearts for being more affordable than many competitors. The GXL adult electric scooter is attractive, meanwhile, Gotrax electric bikes and latest e-rideables are also appreciation worthy.

All the GOTRAX™ scooters come with a 90-day warranty period. The company’s mission is to supply a large range of electric transport, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly. It has been inching towards that mission at a fast pace. Four models we recommend to the buyers are GXL, G2, G1, and G-CADET.



Swagtron is a huge electric scooter company that makes a host of electric vehicles. From hoverboards to skateboards and from e-bikes to electric scooters, you can find them all. The company takes care of every step of creation, from design to distribution, and everything is done in the USA to ensure maximum quality.

All the scooters they provide come with an Underwriter Laboratories Certificate, which means that the vehicle passed many tests and will ensure the rider’s safety. All the scooters are reliable, high-quality, dependable, and are shipped in any part of the USA for free.

The charge time of most scooters is about 2.5 hours, and they offer the most value for money by lasting longer than expected. You must consider Swagtron Swagger because it’s very popular and trustworthy.



This company has been into manufacturing scooters for years. The first scooter was launched in 2000. Since then, the company has innovated a lot and has now become one of the top manufacturers of electric scooters in the world.

It first gained popularity with kick-scooters, but soon it gained popularity for its electric scooters. It manufactures a variety of scooters for adults and kids.

The company has also gained favor thanks to its excellent customer service and for providing scooter parts. Till date, the company has sold more than 13 million Razor scooters. We also recommend their Razor Pocket Mod along with several of the Razor scooters, naming one won’t be fair. So, we recommend you consider them all.



When looking for the best electric scooter company, you can’t miss this brand. Many people trust Xiaomi as a brand that is associated with Smartphones. But it has made a good reputation in the world of e-scooters too.

Starting as a scooter rental provider and soon became a top supplier of electric scooter for transit startups of the Silicon Valley. It might be the best electric scooter in China.

The electric scooters, like many other Xiaomi products, are very reasonably priced. The reason for this is that Xiaomi sells all its products via online stores, so it doesn’t have to pay to intermediaries. It also relies on word of mouth and social media marketing rather than advertising.

Xiaomi scooters have won hearts in many cities of the USA, and this proves the products are reliable and high quality. Xiaomi Mi electric scooters come with all tools you need to assemble them on your own. You can also upgrade them via an app or get rid of any bugs. This level of service is rarely seen with other manufacturers.

What to Look for in an Electric Scooter?

Now, if you are impressed with the brands mentioned above and have decided to try one of these, then you should proceed further. You should know about what to look for in an electric scooter. Some of the criteria that can help you make the right selection are listed over here.

  • Tire Quality

Most electric scooters have inflated air tires or solid rubberized tires. Both have their unique features, so make sure you know the difference.

  • Maximum Speed

The maximum speed for each scooter varies. Know on the road speed and speed across difficult roads before making the purchase decision.

  • Battery Strength

This means how long you can go after charging your battery to full without the need to charge it again. This feature matters cause it is essential if you want to use the scooter for daily commuting.

  • The Weight

An electric scooter can handle only specific weight. So, weigh yourself and read its weight capacity. Also, the weight of the scooter matters. If it breaks down, you might have to carry it on your own. Hence, it should not weigh more than you can carry with.

  • Motor

The motor should be heavy duty to ensure the vehicle has great climbing ability and a longer life span.

  • Braking System

You should be able to use the break easily and swiftly to avoid accidents. Most electric scooters come with dual brake system-front electronic brake and rear mechanical brake.

  • Comfort and Design

Lastly, the scooters should feel comfortable and look great according to your personality.


In essence, it can be said that there are many electric scooters companies present in the market, and each of them has their unique selling points. You should consider the ones mentioned here to get your hands-on quality products that last long and offer maximum value for money.

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