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As the thriving of electric-scooter-sharing companies like bird and lime all over the world, operating an electric scooter rental business has become a good opportunity to invest.

If you are eager to earn money and are keen on foldable electric scooter for commuting, establishing an electric scooter company is undoubtedly a good way to begin in 2019.

Today we will reveal the blueprint of how to start an electric scooter rental business step by step.

Let us dive right in:

1. Research the regulation in your area

Firstly, you need to do some research about the laws of electric scooters in where you live. Comparing with bicycle and motorcycle, regulation for electric scooter is still a grey area in many countries.

For example, electric scooter is illegal on public road and pavement in UK. In France, it is compulsive to set your max speed under 25km/h when driving it on cycle lane. In New York, riding an electric scooter(PLEV) will face a fine of $500.

Therefore, before starting to look for initial capital, it is better to inquire about the laws of this kind of tool from your local transportation authority.

2. Write an electric scooter rental business plan


No matter what business you want to do, it is essential to have a general plan. You can revise the plan along the way of building your assets. Just Sit down and write things like how much capital you want to invest in? Where is a good location for renting the electric kick scooters? How to maintain the devices, etc.

A good thing of having a business plan is whenever you are confusing, you can take out the plan and have a look. It will clear your mind and greatly save time and improve efficiency.

3. Raise initial capital

Assuming you need to buy 10pcs electric scooters, the cost of a good quality electric scooter nowadays is ranging from 200usd-600usd(Depending on the range and motor power you want). Second-hand electric scooter is worth to consider with a limited budget.

Moreover, you need to rent a physical location to display the gadgets, plus marketing fees, maintenance cost, employee salaries, helmets, and protective kits cost and so on.

It would be great if you have enough money to start this business. If not, you can make a loan from bank or ask your friends and family members for investment.

4. Secure a good location


Brick and mortar place is needed for electric scooter rental business. When choosing the location, it is necessary to balance the relation between traffic and cost. The cost would be higher with more people traffic.

An ideal scooter rental location should be near islands or beach, with a lot of tourists come and go every day. Tourists would need transport tools like electric scooter to go to different scenic spots. You can rent the scooter on hourly or daily basis.

5. Find a good supplier to purchase your electric scooters


Since the rental tool needs to be used for quite a long time, the model must be combust and durable. Thus, it is important to find a good supplier with quality electric scooters.

If you want to import electric scooter from China, you can go to websites like or to choose a suitable supplier. Pay attention to the supplier’s transaction record and experience. Also, make sure the goods you ordered come with all the certification needed in your country. Order one sample to test quality before official order.

A risk of purchasing products from China is some manufacturers do not take responsibility for after sales.

Purchasing electric scooters from local trust-worthy suppliers is another choice. For instance, if you want to establish a scooter rental business in France, you can look for a supplier in Europe. It is quick and convenient to grab a sample for testing. And the supplier would take in charge of after sales as well.

6. Tourists route design


Design different tourists route for renters, make sure there is landmarks, parks, place of interests and other beautiful sightseeing along the way. Testing the itinerary yourself in advance to see how much battery it will consume. There also should be restaurants for meal and break in the middle.

7. Advertising and marketing

Once you set up all the things, it is time to expand your fame in scooter rental market. There are many ways to achieve it.

  • You can make an eye-catching poster and put it in front of your store, potential customers who come by will see the poster directly. Your rental shop location is a natural space for advertising. Putting all of electric scooters outside to attract more people to come for renting.
  • Creating fliers and a website for scooter rental, displaying fliers at restaurants, bookstore, hotels, and other places nearby to promote your business.
  • Cooperating with local hotel, retail store or tourist venue will bring more customers to your shop.
  • Attending local exhibitions is another good idea to promote your brand. Sometimes visitors will buy your products directly.
  • Online marketing such as Google ads, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and email marketing are wonderful supplement to increase traffic.

8. Care about Maintenance


Maintenance is extremely important. Why?

Inevitably, all electronic devices will have some problems after using for a while. Troubles like battery dead, scooter would not start because of violent collision, charger not working, wheel blocking and so on will happen. If you have some knowledge about automotive,  you can solve all the troubleshooting by yourself.

Assuming you can not fix the problems by yourself, you can ask the supplier for help. Normally a local supplier will provide at least 1-year warranty. Another choice is to hire a mechanic to handle the maintenance, which is time-saving but will spend some money.

9. Monitor system and sustainable charging

An effective monitor system is necessary to maximize your profit. Customer who rent the electric scooter hourly on daily should have an easy monitor way for clocking. You can achieve this by recording the speedometer on the scooter itself or write a note for each scooter renting out.

Meanwhile, it is crucial to have a sustainable charging infrastructure. Mileage of electric scooters varies depending on rider’s weight and road condition. Keep charging scooters every time it is used. And buy extra batteries as backups if needed.


Do you know how to start an electric scooter rental business now? Involving into electric scooter rental business is not that hard as long as you and have a clear blueprint. This 9 steps instruction will keep you on the right track.

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