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We, Gofunsport have been a trusted electric scooter wholesale supplier with Europe warehouse for 4 years.

The networks of our electric scooter dealers and distributors including countries such as Germany, France, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, and so on.

Today you can know more about us:

(1)What types of electric scooters we can supply as a wholesaler from Germany/French warehouse.
(2)What advantage we have as an electric scooter manufacturer in China.

Let us dive in:

Our product introduction-Electric scooter bulk buy in Europe

6inch aluminum folding electric scooter for adults


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6inch electric kick scooter is a comfortable and portable urban city transport tool for your life. It is a new pantented design mini electric scooter which you can not find in Alibaba or any other platforms. Unlike gas scooters, all of the scooter we mentioned here are powered by electric, which does no harm to the environment.

Lightweight with only 7.7kg. Easy to carry out. 6inch E wheels scooter is our cheapest model(affordable prices) with excellent quality.

CNC folding parts


If you dig into the product details, you will find the 6inch scooter uses CNC technology in the folding parts, which is more robust and strong than other types of folding mechanism in the market. Easy to fold, you can fold up the two-wheel scooter in 3 seconds and carry it around. If you have plans to go on an excursion, you can store the foldable electric scooter in the car trunk. And enjoy gliding it to your destination.

Charging time

6inch electric kick scooter charging port

It takes 2-3hours to fully charge your scooter. The portable electric kick scooter can run 12km-15km for one full charge. It has two-speed level, 18/25 km/h, you can click the power button two times to switch the mode. For users who ride a folding electric scooter for the first time, beginning mode is a better choice for practicing.


6inch electric scooter display

To monitor the real-time speed and battery level. The speedometer showcases which speed mode you are currently at. At the same time, it also indicates the scooter is alive and reminds you when the battery level is low and needs to be charged.

Double Brake


6inch lightweight electric scooter comes with two brake system. One is the front electronic brake, the other is the back mechanical brake. It plays an important part for double protection. When the electronic brake is out of work, you can step on the rear fender to slow down the scooter anytime.

What is more, there is a reflector on rear wheel to guarantee safety. People will see you from far away.

10inch stand up electric scooter wholesale in Europe

10inch electric scooter for commuting

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As an electric scooter wholesaler, we always keep expanding our product variety. The 10inch foldable electric scooter was designed for more powerful vehicle lovers.

10inch electric kick scooter motor
It is the best electric scooter for commuting. With 350 watts powerful motor, you can ride this electric motorized scooter to avoid rush hours. Do not need to worry about looking for parking lot anymore. More efficient than bicycles, the scooter comes with 7.8AH battery capacity, max range can reach 28km. Top speed is about 25km/h, it also has two-speed gears which you can switch anytime.

Moreover, we considered carefully for your riding experience. On one hand, you need to kick off to let motor power go in, it is designed to prevent unexpected accelerating accident. On the other hand, the big 10inch wheel size will guarantee you to ride smoother on rough road.

10inch electric scooter battery pack

The removable lithium batteries pack is put inside the deck. This makes the whole scooter design looks more compact and strong. It is easy to take out the battery in case of any problems.

10inch electric scooter Display
Front display showcases gear mode, speed sign, and battery level.

10inch folding electric kick scooter

Unique designed folding part, the thin handle will let you hold your scooter easier. The net weight for 10inch electric scooter is 15kg.

10inch electric scooter disc brake

Double brake system, front disc brake, and rear manual brake will keep you safe.

Foldable electric scooter with seat for adults

black 10inch electric scooter with seat
There are two versions for our 10inch 350W watt electric scooter, one is standing up electric scooter, the other is scooter with seat. We developed this type in the consideration of people who want to sit while gliding. You can drive this scooter like an electric bicycle to work or school. Of course, you can remove the adjustable seat easily by hand as your need.

Best selling electric scooter in Europe-Gotrax GXL

Gotrax electric scooter

If you are familiar with folding electric scooter market, there is a good chance that you have heard the brand “Gotrax”. The rising brand is the hottest short commute electric scooter now just like Xiaomi scooter in the US. People love it because of its beautiful design and good quality.

We are honored to be the sole agent for Gotrax Gxl electric scooter in the whole Europe. It is no doubt that this scooter will be one of the best sellers in 2020!

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about this charming product, check below video:

N4 folding electric scooter wholesale from Europe


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As our newest model in 2019, N4 folding electric scooter possess the best balance between quality and cost.

The electric kick scooter features 300-watt brushless motor power, an outstanding performance among electric scooters with similar cost in the market. In addition, we have 2 version with different max speed for N4. One is speed limited version with max speed of 20km/h, the other is the type with top speed of 31km/h. The reason?

As far as we know, some countries in Europe such as France and Germany had set strict traffic law for this kind of small scooter, your driving speed can not exceed 20km/h on the public road. However, there are countries where the law for electric scooter is still a blure area. And end-users love faster speed.

Another advantage of N4 is its limited head angle, which means instead of turning 360°, you can only turn the head to certain angle. This function ensures your safety when getting across big bumpers.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter alternative-M6

Xiaomi M365 clone

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Our new M6 electric scooter is the best alternative for Xiaomi m365. With brushless motor power of 250W, the lithium battery capacity can reach 36 voltage, 6.0AH. You can use your phone to download an app to connect the scooter. By doing this, you can check the speed, battery power, mileage, and adjust speed gear through your phone at any time.

The most competitive advantage of the M6 cruiser is its cost, it will no doubt increase your market share if you become a reseller of it.

M6 Plus folding electric scooter wholesale in Europe


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M6 Plus electric scooter is the second generation of M6. As the M6 electric scooter is so popular in the European market, we hold strong believe that the M6 Plus will be hotsale as well.

Both M6 Plus and M6 stand up electric scooter are good Xiaomi M365 alternative.

The difference between the two is that M6 Plus possesses a bigger 7.8AH lithium battery capacity. The overall performance of the Plus enhanced. The tire of M6 is pneumatic while it is solid for M6 Plus. On one hand, the riding experience of M6 performs more comfortable. On the other hand, M6 Plus wheel has a good grip, can prevent puncture and explosion, requiring less maintenance.

Minifat electric bike wholesale in Europe


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As the Covid epedemic coming, more and more people choose to go out by electric bicycle and electric scooter. Except electric scooter, we are an electric bikes wholesaler as well.

The minifat electric bicycle can easily go up to 60km thanks to the 10AH battery. Equipped with 250W Bafang motor, this 20″ Kenda fat tire electric bicycle can bring you incomparable riding experience. Net weight is 28kg, you can fold the mini E bike and stash it into your car trunk. The E bike also comes with a removable battery, you are able to take it off to charge when the battery is low. It only needs 4-6 hours to charge fully.

The ultra-bright front led can illuminate your way in the dark. Double disc brake(front/rear) will ensure your safety on the road.

Citycoco harley fat wheel electric scooter wholesale

Citycoco harley E scooter

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Citycoco E scooter is a heavy-duty electric vehicle that appears in recent years. People love it due to its durable and cool design.

The vehicle comes with 1000W/1500W powerful motor, the maximum range could reach 30-60km. Top speed can go up to 30-50km/h. You can ride this chopper scooter to go to work safely and quickly. The removable battery needs about 6hours to full charge. Max load is 200kg, you can even take your beloved ones for a ride with this two-seat device.

This motorcycle-like electric vehicle also comes with a USB charge on the throttle. So it is like a power bank and you can charge your phone at any time.

We keep two types of Citycoco Harley e scooter in our stock, 1500W, 60V 20AH version and 1000W, 60V 12AH version. Multiple colors are available such as black, red, UK-flag, hip-hop, white, orange, and so on.

Sunra Miku Max E scooter wholesale in Europe


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Sunra enjoys a good reputation in terms of E wheels vehicles all over the world. It has 4 manufacturing bases in China and the Annual gross production value exceeds 150 billion.

Coming with various color options, Miku Max e scooter is a unique design Electric Moped scooter in the market. The design is a U-shape, which is not only attractive but also practical. On one hand, you will definitely draw attention while riding this electric moped in the city. On the other hand, you can stuff some bulky cargo in the void, it is very useful.

Thanks to the 800Watt Bosch motor power, the Miku max can climb a slope with 21 degrees in Maximum. You can accelerate the Maximum speed to 45km/h in a very short time. The battery is 60V,20ah, and you only need 4 hours to charge it completely. The riding feeling is great with its double shock absorber and large tire. The beautiful speedometer enables you to monitor the max speed and battery level in a breeze.

We have black, white, green, orange color in stock. Two versions are optional-25km/h and 45km/h. If you are e scooter distributors/retailers/wholesalers who are interested in Miku Max, welcome to send an email to info@gofunsport.com for a quotation. Product details and wholesale pricelist will be provided.

Luyuan electric moped wholesale in Europe


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If you are e scooter distributor in Europe, you may familiar with brands like Niu, Supersoco, Sunra. Actually, just like Niu, Supersoco and Sunra, Luyuan electric moped is also listed as one of the best ten electric vehicle brands in China. It is welcomed in the Chinese market especially among youngsters. In 2021, we decided to bring this vehicle to the European market.

Three-wheel and four-wheel electric scooter wholesale in Europe


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Other new products in 2021 are three-wheel electric cabin scooter and four-wheel EEC electric car. These electric mobilities will facilitate the way of seniors when going out. All scooters come with EEC certification so you can drive legally on the road.

What advantage we have as an electric scooter wholesale supplier?

Germany warehouse/French warehouse

For all the products we mentioned above, we have stable stock in our Germany/French warehouse. Mature distributor and reseller networks were developed all over the EU. You might need to wait for months when purchasing electric scooters from Alibaba. By cooperating with us, you will get fast shipping of 2-5days and reasonable price within the European Union.

You can enjoy wholesale and dropshipping services from our Europe warehouse. For E scooter retailers who do dropshipping business, our warehouse can offer convenience to them.

Where we can ship to?

The UK: Due to the Brexit, the UK is not belonging to European Union anymore. It affects electric scooter shipping between these two areas. You do not need to pay any taxes and fees before the Brexit, now everything is working like importing from one country to another country.

If you are an electric scooter importer from the UK, you need to undertake the taxes and customs handling fee.

So what we suggest clients from the UK do is to import quantities. Instead of dropshipping from European Union countries, importing pallets of electric scooter at one time would save you a lot of fees.

Other European Union countries: We can ship to all European Union countries. Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech, Ireland, Poland, Hungry, Italy, Spain, Portugal., etc.

We have kept importing containers of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles to our warehouse for many years. Our professional importing ability will avoid custom risks for our partners.

Most importantly, we provide 1 years warranty for all distributors/resellers. Spare parts for electric scooter are stocked in the warehouse and can be sent freely if any problems occurred.

Our full product range including Electric scooters, electric bicycles, 1000/1500 Watt electric scooters citycoco, 800Watt electric Moped Miku Max, hoverboard, hoverkart., etc. The shipping method is DHL&GLS if send by parcels, Geodis&Woehl if send by pallets.

China manufacturer

We produce all electric scooters from our own China factory located in Zhejiang Province. For clients who are not from Europe, you can contact us to place orders from China directly. With demanded certification and rich shipping experience to export to different countries, we have the confidence to bring you the best electric scooter in China!

To sum up, if you are looking for an electric scooter wholesale supplier in Europe, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be your best partner!