Ridable technology is growing, and anyone who wants to earn money in a short time can consider an electric skateboard wholesale business. Electric skateboards are very popular and are bound to be more prevalent in the future thanks to innovations like power-dense batteries, small electric motors, and many other factors.

You can begin on this new path by learning about how the industry is growing and the 7 best electric skateboard wholesale suppliers in Europe.

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Why Should I Buy Electric Skateboard Wholesale?

It is estimated that the global skateboard market size will reach about 2.4 billion by 2025 and will grow at a CAGR of 3.1 percent. Electric skateboards are a vital part of the industry. The demand for electric skateboards will increase thanks to the rising popularity of sports and the growing love for recreational activities.

You should consider electric skateboard wholesale business as these skateboards are better than others. In fact, they are faster than regular skateboards and offer better control to the users. Innovations like electric skateboards that use artificial intelligence will make them more popular with time.

Thus, teenagers and kids are highly attracted by these skateboards and hence form a considerable chunk of the demand drivers of the industry.

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Who is the Top Electric Skateboard Wholesale Supplier in Europe?

Company name Product Location
Elwingboards Electric skateboard, bike, electric skateboard&bike accessories UK
Mellowboards Electric skateboard, electric skateboard parts Germany
Slickrevolution Electric skateboard, electric skateboard accessories UK
E-road Electric skateboard, electric bike, electric cars for kids France
Evolveskateboards Electric skateboard, electric skateboard spare parts, electric skateobard accessories UK
Mbseurope Electric mountainboard, electric longboard, all-terrain electric skateboard, electric skateboard parts UK
Unlimitedxloaded Electric skateboard, electric skateboard parts&accessories Spain

1. Elwingboards

The company believes in designing different electric skateboards and bikes. The specialty of this company is that the products are meant to last. They can be upgraded with time so that users don’t need to replace them. What is more, the company involves the customers in the design process to ensure maximum satisfaction from the products they create.

2. Mellowboards

This company sets the new standards in quality, safety, and user experience as the products are made in Germany. The electric skateboards are silently powerful and allow the customers to enjoy frictionless freewheeling. The slim motors and battery pack can lead to 15 KM range and a speed of 40 KM/H. The battery is also swappable, which means you can extend its range or even use it as a USB power bank.

3. Slickrevolution

Purchasing electric skateboard wholesale from this UK based company is a smart idea. The company has TUV, CE, RED, and RoHS certifications. They create electric skateboards for every budget and availability. The product range is very wide, and most parts are upgradable as well.

4. E-road

It is a critical player in electric mobility in France. The company has existed for over two decades, so the quality is always there. The company is associated with many brands and distributes exclusively for them. It offers a wide range of products like electric skateboard, electric bike, electric cars, and motorbike/quad among others.

5. Evolveskateboards

The company was born in Australia and aimed to create aesthetically refined and top-quality electric skateboards that offer the best feeling ride. The USP of this company is that they offer the highest quality products and accessories at affordable prices. The company also has distributors and service centers in more than 40 nations.

6. Mbseurope

This US-based and globally spread brand is a leading manufacturer of mountainboards and related accessories. The brand is associated with the best riders and top-quality brands. The company is known for providing excellent customer support and improving its products with time.

7. Unlimitedxloaded

The company has been creating cutting-edge electric vehicles for years now. The company aims to bring innovative and essential products to expand the scope of e-vehicles. It can be a reliable option if you are seeking an innovative brand for electric skateboard wholesale needs.

Which Electric Skateboard is the Bestseller?

When you plan to find an electric skateboard wholesale supplier, you must know which electric skateboard is the bestseller. We recommend that you consider two options-Electric Skateboard with Hub Motor and Electric Skateboard with Belt Motor. Here’s why they are unique.

  • ¬†Electric Skateboard with Hub Motor


These models are highly preferred as they are cheaper, efficient and silent. Even when you run out of battery, you can push them as the motor offers some resistance. They are liked by people who want an electric skateboard for light use.

  • ¬†Electric Skateboard with Belt Motor


These electric skateboards offer more power and are an excellent choice when you are going downhill or uphill. On the one hand, they won’t wobble. Even if you are a heavy rider and provide a smoother ride than those with the hub motor. On the other hand, they do require more maintenance and are a little louder as well, but they make up for it by offering more power.


In a word, the time is right to consider an electric skateboard wholesale business as there are many providers in the market. Just choose a few, and you will be able to earn a tidy profit in a short while if you are smart about it. What are you waiting for? Start the process now! Good Luck!



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