18650 Lithium Battery is the key component in hoverboard. No matter you are experienced or new hoverboard user, it is necessary to know what factors that affect hoverboard battery life time. As most of the hoverboards were bought by parents for their kids, to ensure safety, it is also important to tell your children how to maintain the toy to extend its battery lifespan.

How long does a hoverboard battery last on full charge?

Hoverboards bought from trust-worthy suppliers normally lasts about 8-15miles per full charge. If you are a regular hoverboard rider, and somehow find the hoverboard range fluctuated every time on a full charge, do not panic, it is normal cause the mileage is affected by various factors:

  • Brands of battery cell

Hoverboard samsung battery cell

It is normal that battery age and capacity reduce as you ride the hoverboard over time. Top brands like Samsung or LG battery cell usually last longer than others, good quality china battery with UN38.3 certification lasts long too. You can know the brand by looking through product description or asking supplier directly.

  • Types of hoverboard

6.5inch hoverboard VS 10inch hoverboard

There are 6.5 basic,8 Lamborghini,8.5 off road hummer,10inch hoverboard in today’s market. Some suppliers claim that 8.5 hummer hoverboard with larger wheel runs much longer than 6.5 model, it is not true.

Theoretically speaking, all hoverboard types have similar mileage due to the fact that they adopted the same battery capacity(36v,4.4ah). However,models like 8,8.5 and 10inch(larger wheel size) is suitable for multiple terrain situations, so the range for different types of hoverboard might change a little.

  • Road condition

Kids like to ride their hoverboard wherever they want, such as grass, sand, gravel, carpet and so on. Riding hoverboard on a flat road always last longer than riding it on rough terrain.

  • Weight of Rider

Heavier rider will consume the battery power faster. Always look over hoverboard weight limit when using it for the first time, exceeding weight limit might do harm to your smart balance wheel and hurt yourself.

  • Temperature

Do not ride hoverboard near inflammables and explosives. Cruising hoverboard under overheat environment is dangerous and will run out the battery power quickly.

How to extend your hoverboard battery life

How long does it take for a hoverboard to die?1-4hours if you mean per full charge.

But when referring to lifetime of a good hoverboard segway battery, its charging cycle should be more than 500times. Some people ask how many years does a hoverboard last, let us assume if you ride hoverboard 3 times in one week and used up the battery for each riding, then your hoverboard can last about 500/(3*4)≈41.6 month≈3.47 years.

Quite impressive, right? The hoverboard life span can only last long on the premise that you maintain it in the right way.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Do not change the original charger

Hoverboard charger

Do not use other charger to charge your hoverboard carelessly, which might do harm to the battery and reduce its life span. The original charger is customized specially for your self-balancing scooter and had been tested strictly before existing factory. Buy an extra charger from your supplier if needed, do not change your original charger unless you are certain it works.

  • Charging hoverboard everyday

It is suggested to charge your hoverboard every day even if you do not use it. This can let battery stay in shallow charge and discharge cycle status, which is beneficial for extending its lifetime. It is also important to know how long does a hoverboard battery take to charge.

  • Do not let battery die

Some customers complained they bought a cheap hoverboard from somewhere but can not turn it on. This is probably because of the battery. Suppliers put the hoverboard in their warehouse for 1-2 years, battery discharge itself, capacity reduced gradually and died in the end.

Charge your hoverboard as soon as you used it. Make sure to charge it before battery dies, hoverboard will beep and red light will start to blink when only 5% power left. Charging hoverboard timely could prevent the battery from discharging entirely, making your battery in full and healthy status.

  • Preventing overcharge

Never leave your hoverboard charge overnight, unplug charger in time when finishing charging. Although most battery now have overpower protective board,overcharging can still damage your battery.

  • Read manual

Read the manual comes with your hoverboard, it usually has detailed descriptions of how to maintain the charger. Best temperature to charge a swegway is 25℃. Pay attention to ventilation when charging the scooter, this will help cool the charger to extend the lifetime of your hoverboard.

  • Storage environment

Do not expose your hoverboard under extreme temperatures(too cold or too hot condition). Always remember that hoverboard battery is a collection of chemical that contains energy, extreme temperature will trigger chemical reaction which leads to dangerous results.

  • The way you ride

Reduce sudden accelerate and brake, increase the times for gliding. For instance, you can glide in advance instead of brake when encountering traffic light on street, this will better protect the battery.

Hoverboard battery replacement

Let us assume your hoverboard battery is aged, you feel that it is time to change another one. Or somehow the battery is broken and can not be used anymore, you purchased a new one from certain suppliers.

Here is a guide of how to replace battery for self-balancing scooter by yourself:

Other questions

Here we collected some battery questions that are often asked by hoverboard users, and we provided answers to them:

  • Do hoverboard need to be on to charge?

You do not need to turn off your hoverboard while charging. Just like a smartphone, you can charge your hoverboard when it is turned on.

  • Why is my hoverboard is not charging?

When hoverboard not charging, problems may come from either charger or battery, buy a new charger or a battery could be a solution. For more detailed answers, you can check our post: How to fix a hoverboard by yourself.

  • How long do I need to charge my hoverboard?

For most of the hoverboard in market, it takes 2-3hour for one full charge.


If motherboard is the brain for hoverboard, battery is the heart for it. Needless to say, it is important to keep some useful tips in mind to protect your hoverboard heart. We hope you have learned how to extend hoverboard battery life today. Share or comment if you like it!