Hoverboard keeps beeping: How to fix it?(4 common solutions)

You might feel a little disappointed when you turn your self-balancing scooter on for the first time to find that the hoverboard keeps beeping. Or, you have ridden the smart balance wheel for a while, but somehow the hoverboard won’t stop beeping, which drives you crazy for how to stop the noise. If you are nodding your head right now, then do scroll down to know how to fix this problem by using different techniques, Good Luck!

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping?

What does it mean when your hoverboard won’t stop beeping? You might encounter following situation:

Hoverboard beeping while charging

If the green light on hoverboard blinks, it means your battery level is lower than 20%, if the red light starts beeping, this indicates your battery level is extremely low, which less than 5%, be careful not to ride under this situation, in both cases, you just need to charge your swegway in a normal way.

Hoverboard won’t turn off and keeps beeping

It means that the balance scooter has a faulty motherboard. It is a problem that you can solve by investing in a hoverboard repair kit online or finding a repair service. If you want to replace the motherboard by yourself, you should notice the type of your motherboard and ask the sellers before buying a new one, otherwise, it might not match.

Here is a tutorial video of how to replace a hoverboard motherboard:

Why does my hoverboard beep when I go fast?

The reason is each type of hoverboard has a maximum speed,for instance, top speed for classic 6.5inch hoverboard is 12km/h, whenever you ride a smart balance wheel faster than that, it will trigger the function of safety board inside it,you will feel the scooter pedal slows you down and the device will continuously beep to remind you for exceeding speed limit.

Surface not even

Sometimes smart balance wheel won’t stop beeping because the surface is not right and is tilted forward or backward by over 15 degrees. It can also be because the self-balancing scooter is sitting on an incline of more than 30 degrees. Solve this problem by shifting to a flat, smooth surface.

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4 common ways to stop hoverboard beeping noise

Solution 1- Calibration

This is the most common way to fix a hoverboard, you can do it easily by yourself. Here are the steps of how to reset your hoverboard.

  • The first step is to adjust the foot pedals to ensure that they are level with the ground and each other.
  • Then you need to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. When you do that, one more beep will be sounded, and LED lights will flash.
  • Keep pressing the power button until it turns off. Let it be in off position for a few seconds.
  • Press the power button again to turn the board on.
  • Now, the smart balance wheel might be ready for a ride.
  • If not, repeat the calibration process multiple times to fully reset and calibrate it. A maximum of 5 times is recommended.

If you have more questions for your hoverboard, you can read our article: How to fix a hoverboard by yourself.

Solution 2- Fixing the Loose Line

  • Again, the first step is to turn off the device.
  • The next step is to unscrew the little screws spread across the self-balancing scooter.
  • Open it slowly, and you will see power and hall cables.
  • Now, you need to check for two things, first whether the line is loose and second whether the wires are not clipped in.
  • If the wire(s) clipping is the issue, it can be solved by pulling them out and then pushing them back in.
  • If the line is loose, you need to disconnect it, use a pen/pencil to push the clip a bit outwards and then reconnect it.
  • In both cases, a little sound will let you know whether you did it right.
  • You must also connect the line again in both cases correctly by matching the wires colors.
  • Fix the hoverboard again, tighten the screws and power it on.

Solution 3- Dealing with Different Flashing Numbers

why does my hoverboard keeps beeping

If you have tried both solutions and still the hoverboard keeps beeping, then you need this solution. You need to note how many times the red light is flashing and then solve the problem accordingly.

  • Red Light Flashing 1 Time

This means the self-balancing scooter has a motherboard issue which can be solved by disconnecting and reconnecting all connections. If this doesn’t work, you might need to get the motherboard replaced.

  • Red Light Flashing 2 Times

It means that the self-balancing scooter has an internal circuitry issue. It can be solved by investing in a circuit board replacement kit and using it properly.

  • Red Light Flashing 3 Times

This indicates a problem in internal circuits. It can also be solved by a circuit board replacement kit and using it properly.

  • Red Light Flashing 4 Times

This is a sign of a problem in internal motor situated on the motherboard’s side of the self-balancing scooter. It can be solved by replacing the motor situated on the inside of the wheel from motherboard’s side.

  • Red Light Flashing 5 Times

It signifies that the internal motor on battery side is faulty. This problem is also solved by replacing the motor.

  • Red Light Flashing 6 Times

It means that you have a bad hoverboard battery. This problem could be solved by buying a battery replacement system.

  • Red Light Flashing 7 Times

This means that gyroscopes are not working right. This problem can be solved by replacing the gyroscopes or buying a full circuit board replacement kit.

  • Red Light Flashing 8 Times

This also means that the problem is in the gyroscope. The signs may vary from an unstable socket, poor interface alignment or pin deviation. Again, replacing the gyroscopes or buying a full circuit board replacement kit are viable solutions.

  • Red Light Flashing on Motherboard 9 Times

This happens when hoverboard is turned on when it is upside down. No solution is needed for this problem except to avoid putting it in that position.

The Final Solution

Now, if you have tried all these methods and you are still wondering how to fix beeping hoverboard, then this is your final resort. Call the supplier for a refund or replacement. In most cases, a reputed company will change or replace or fix the damaged circuit board.

It is hoped you now have the answer to hoverboard keeps beeping. Get going and fix yours today!!

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  1. Rene Parraga January 5, 2020 at 5:20 pm - Reply

    We just found another solution. Our Mistake was we carried it while it was on. At some point got full or semi vertical. The thing is…. started beeping every time was riding. Calibration and resets did not work .
    Solution: we changed the speed until we close the full cycle to go back to the original speed . This took care of the problem .

    • clark January 20, 2020 at 3:02 am - Reply

      Thank you for sharing the information.

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