What does the remote do on a hoverboard? This may be one of the most frequently asked questions once you purchased a bluetooth hoverboard with remote key.Hoverboard remote, or key fob is an add-on part for Bluetooth smart balance wheel. You can use and ride your hoverboard without it, but the little gadget can definitely add more fun and convenience for controlling the scooter.

For 90% of the hoverboards in market now, remote key is a standard accessory, it is essential to know how to use it in a proper way.

Hoverboard remote key instructions

First step

The very first step to use a self-balancing scooter remote control is to belt over and press the silver power button on hoverboard.


The distance that remote works is 10 meters from the hoverboard.So make sure do not leave your smart balance wheel too far otherwise it would not feel the signal.

Hoverboard remote control Functions

Once you turned on the swegway, you can start trying the remote, there are 4 buttons on a self-balancing scooter remote as shown in below picture, let us see their functions one by one:

hoverboard remote control

Lock: Setting your hoverboard in sleep mode. Press the button and you will hear a beep then the green light will disappear. Locking does not mean the self-balancing scooter has been turned off, its function is mainly to prevent others to ride your hoverboard. Always make sure to turn off board manually after riding.

Unlock: Activating your hoverboard from locking status. The scooter will make a sound and back on once you pressed this button. Please note that it is not an open switch, the only way you can turn on a hoverboard is by pressing the power on button.

Alarm: This is a function that will help you locate the hoverboard. Let us assume you are playing with the toy outside, somehow you walked away and could not find your mini segway, as long as the balance scooter is 10 meters within you, once you click the alarm it will beep. Moreover, you can use the alarm button as a bell to remind pedestrian when riding outside. Very helpful, isn’t it?

Mode setting: As a matter of fact, little people know this practical function. If you are riding segway hoverboard for the first time, this could be very useful. There are two modes for every hoverboard, beginner mode and professional mode, by clicking the lightning symbol, you can set the mode to easy mode to practice and change to difficult when become experienced.

Remote battery

Just like a TV remote, hoverboard key is a battery-operated gadget too. There will be a light indicator on remote when using it. If the light does not appear, there is a good possibility that the battery had been drained out. To replace the battery, you need to unscrew the back of the remote.To avoid missing, you can add the remote to your key chains.

Here is quick video for how to use a smart balance wheel remote:

Hoverboard remote control not working

What if your hoverboard remote does not work? Most people do not know what to do in this situation, we have concluded some ways to help:

  1. Read the product description carefully, make sure your segway board does equip with a remote. Or ask your supplier directly.
  2. Make sure you try the remote within 10 meters.
  3. Unscrew the back of remote, change a CR2032 (3V) lithium circle battery and try again.
  4. Open the hoverboard back case and see if there is a remote sensor PCB on the gyroscope.If there is no, then the remote would not work even if you buy a new one.Hoverboard remote key sensor
  5. Open the hoverboard back case and check if the wire for remote PCB is loosing. Unplug and plug again for all the wires and try the remote again.
  6. Open a claim that remote does not work, ask your supplier to send a new one.
  7. Abandon the remote completely. After all, you can control your hoverboard manually.

Hoverboard Remote VS APP

Nowadays you can find more and more hoverboard with app appear in the market.So what is the difference between these two remote control tools?


It is convenient to either use remote or app,you can put the remote to your keychain and use it whenever riding the hoverboard. While app is a function you need to activate with your phone, it is a must-have item on daily life.

2.For children

Most hoverboard were bought for children that are 6-12 years old, but not every kid has a phone, app will not work without mobile phone. Therefore, owning a remote key might be more suitable for kids instead of app.


Obviously, app owns more function than remote. For instance,it can adjust the max speed, set steering sensitivity, monitor the current speed and total range, diagnose the troubleshooting and so on.

Once connected with your mobile, you can trace your hoverboard at a digital map clearly. What is more, you can play challenge games with your friends who are using the app too. For more details, you can read How to use Taotao Bluetooth hoverboard app.

Overall, both remote and app are good add-on value for a hoverboard. There are more functions on app but remote key might be more suitable for kids that without mobile.

Hope you have a clear thought now for how to use a hoverboard remote key. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment for a discussion.