Hoverboard VS Electric scooter-The ultimate comparison in 8 ways

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Both hoverboard and electric scooter are hot urban transport tool nowadays. But when it comes to Hoverboard VS electric scooter, many people are curious about the difference between them.

If it is Christmas time, which one you should buy as a present for kids? If you are looking for the best transportion tools to commute, which one is better?

Today we are going to compare these two transport tool in 8 ways.

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Hoverboard, also called self-balancing scooter, was very expensive back to 2015 when it appeared in the market. However, the price went down quickly. There are varies types of self-balancing scooter including 6.5inch, 8inch, 8.5inch and 10inch. It will take you 150usd-300usd to buy a good quality hoverboard.

Electric scooter is more expensive than hoverboard. Usually, you need to spend more than 300usd to buy a basic model. And price for some brands is even more than 1000usd.

2.Easy to learn


Which device is easier to learn, Hoverboard or Electric Scooter? The answer is obviously the latter. For people who never ride a hoverboard before, they need some help to master the ride on toy for the first time. Hoverboard sensor will receive the change of human gravity, you can balance and change direction as your body moves.

On the other hand, people will feel safer when gliding an electric scooter. Why? Scooter is stable with a front handle like a segway, you can hold it and learn how to ride in a minute.

Hoverboard is more like a small hands-free segway. You will get more fun out of it, but at the same time, more dangerous.

3. Get over bumps


When coming across small obstacles, electric scooter shows its advantage over hoverboard. With handles, electric scooter is more stable than hoverboard even with the smallest wheel(5inch). If you accelerate the speed a little bit, you can get over bumps at ease.

Hoverboard is controlled by foot only like a skateboard. You have to slow down to get across obstacles, otherwise, there is a good chance you will fall off from the loved toys.

4. Speed Test

Max speed for a 6.5inch Hoverboard is about 12km/h, whereas electric scooter can reach 25km/h. Let us assume both gadgets are charged fully, hoverboard will accelerate faster than electric scooter from 0 to top speed. But in the end, the foldable electric scooter will catch up and surpass the smart balance scooter.

It is worth noting that when hoverboard exceeds max speed, it will start beeping. The step pad will push your foot back. This is a built-in safety function to warn the riders that they have reached the maximum speed and need to slow down.

5. Portability

folding electric scooter

Net weight for a 6.5inch hoverboard is about 12kgs, 10inch hoverboard could reach 14kgs. All hoverboard will come with a carry bag when you purchase it. However, most of us will not bring the bag with us when go out.

Weight of most portable electric scooter in the market is above 15kgs, a bit heavy for us to carry around. However, you can fold down the scooter to hold them in hand at ease.

Speaking of size, hoverboard is smaller and more compact than electric scooter.

Electric scooter has an advantage that when battery dies, you can still glide it like a regular scooter. What about hoverboard In the same situation? You have nothing to do but carry the 12kgs goods by hand.

6. Range

Mileage of Hoverboard and Electric scooter depend on factors such as battery capacity, rider weight, road situation, temperature and so on.

Generally speaking, for a 60kg rider, performance of the two machines will act as below:

A basic 6.5inch hoverboard can go as far as 12km for one full charge. Mileage of different types of hoverboard varies, but none of their range could exceed 15km.

A 5inch electric scooter(The basic type) can run 12-15km when charged fully. You can easily find models with more power in the market. These model can run longer range but usually with higher price.

7. Flexibility

With smaller size and balance sensor technology, you will gain more fun when playing with a hoverboad. For this kind of device, it is suitable to ride in park and private area. You can even chat with mobile phone when riding cause it is controlled only by your foot.

Electric scooter, on the other side, is required by driving with your whole body, you can not do any other things but focus on cruising.

8. Legality

Before buying such devices, it is important to know whether it is legal to ride them on the outside.

Unfortunately, hoverboard is banned on public road, sidewalk and bike lane almost all over the world. Such gadget can only ride in private area.

Electric scooter faces a similar situation, but in some countries like France and Germany, it is allowed to ride on cycle lane on a certain speed. You could also see the electric scooter sharing company-bird and lime are invading cities such as Los Angeles and Washington in the US.

It is strongly advised to wear a helmet and other protective kits when riding both machines.


All in all, in terms of Hoverboard VS Electric scooter, hoverboard is smaller with affordable price. It is more like a toy, if you are looking for a Birthday/Chrismas gift for your kids, hoverboard is better. Electric scooter is more stable with faster speed, which could be the best transport tool for commuting and short distance traveling.

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