In the last post, we introduced How to fix a hoverboard-12 common problems and solutions. Including the issue of Hoverboard won’t turn on. But we did not discuss it in depth.

In fact, when you confront the situation that hoverboard will not turn on, the reasons may be as follows:

  • The hoverboard charger is broken
  • You charge the hoverboard in the wrong way
  • You use the wrong charger
  • Hoverboard orange light flashing-battery dead problem
  • The hoverboard wire is loosen
  • Motherboard is broken
  • Hoverboard is defective

Let us go deep into the possible reasons one by one:

Hoverboard charger is broken

When charging a hoverboard, make sure the light on charger box is red. It will turn green when the scooter is fully charged. If you find the hoverboard charger light stays green and you can not power up the hoverboard. Your charger might be defective.

In this case, see if you can find a charger replacement first, maybe from your friends. If their charger shows red then green, it is certain that your charger is faulty. In contrast, if their charger stays on green like yours. There may be some problems with the battery or motherboard.

If you determined it is the charger issue, it is better to buy a new charger directly.

You charge the hoverboard in the wrong way


The charging port has 3 pins, you need to assure the 3 hole plug is aligned with the port. In most cases, you can find a locator tab in the charging port, you should line up the charger plug slot with the locator tab and put it right in. If you find the charger light turns red, that means your hoverboard is charging correctly.

If you did not line up and put too much strength, the port pin might bent, which will lead to poor contact of the plug and hoverboard not charging. Given you find the pin is bent, you can use needle-nose pliers to make it straight.

You use the wrong charger when hoverboard won’t turn on

Keep in mind to always use the original charger that came with the hoverboard. If you use other chargers carelessly, it may result in hoverboard won’t turn on.

For instance, different hoverboard charger has various electric current, some use 1.5AH, and the other adopts 2.0AH. If you use a 1.5AH charger to charge the hoverboard with 2.0AH charger. It will lead to slow charging process. Given the battery level is too low, the hoverboard will not turn on in the early stage of the charging period.

Hoverboard orange light flashing-battery dead problem

This is a typical issue, we also called it “Hoverboard orange light fault”. Connect your self-balancing scooter with the charger. The charger light will keep on green, turn the hoverboard on and you will find an blinking orange light on the battery indicator.

You can charge it as long as you want. But when you unplug it the hoverboard will turn off automatically and you can not power it up. The reason? The lithium battery is dead.


To troubleshooting the battery issue, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the back case of the hoverboard. The opposite side of the charging port should be the one you work with. Locate where is the battery, and take a multimeter to test the voltage. If the volts are lower than 36V significantly, it proves the battery is dead.

In another word, the battery voltage is too low to charge itself. The issue is related to BMS. Battery management system plays an important role in hoverboard battery. When the amperage is too large, the BMS will activate and shut off the hoverboard automatically.

How to maintain your hoverboard battery

One possible cause for a dead battery is the sellers had stocked the hoverboard for a very long time. Or you did not play the hoverboard and forgot to charge it for months. Our suggestion is that even if you do not need to ride your hoverboard, you should not just put it away. Charge it at least once every three months. Otherwise, the battery will consume power itself and deplete in the end.

Make sure to put your hoverboard in an environment with a moderate temperature. Extreme high or low temperatures will reduce battery life significantly.

If hoverboard battery is normal, voltage should be 36-40V. In case it is higher than 40V, this is due to the BMS error. You can go to a hoverboard service center to have it repaired.

If your battery is depleted, you might wonder how to recover a dead battery. Simply speaking, bypassing the BMS to charge your battery close to 36V, then you can charge your hoverboard normally by the original charger. Here is a video about how to do it:

Of course, the easiest way to fix this problem is to buy a new battery and replace it yourself.

Charging port wire is loosen

When hoverboard won’t turn on, there is another actionable way you can try right away. 

That is to open the bottom cover and check if the charging port wire connection is well. Sometimes the cable will come off due to violent vibration, especially when you ride through big bumps. Another cable you should have a look is the battery, it is a yellow two-pin connector which is noticeable. To confirm it is tight, unplug the cable and plug it back in.


Assuming both cables have no problem, you can try to undo all the connections and replug them again. 

Hoverboard motherboard is broken

If charger, wiring, and battery are good, then it comes to the part of motherboard.

There is no easy way to test the motherboard for hoverboard won’t turn on issue. It is just an elimination process of diagnosis. Under such circumstances, we suggest to purchase a new circuit board replacement and see if the hoverboard can work.

Hoverboard is defective

The worst condition is: Hoverboard does not turn on when you just received it. Some possible causes are:

  • Unscrupulous sellers will send you defective hoverboards. The hoverboard uses inferior parts for manufacturing. You should be extremely careful about this situation.
  • The hoverboard got broken during the shipping process. Although the possibility is low, it could happen. Some forwarders did not pay attention and throw the package hardly, which may result in the hoverboard malfunction.

The solution: Contact the sellers and ask for a refund. Sellers with fame usually provide a 14days return policy. And 1-2 years warranty for their products as well. Even if you had any problems with the hoverboard afterward, you can contact them to solve the issues properly.


I hope you have a satisfying answer to the problem of hoverboard won’t turn on now. If you want to supplement or have any other questions, welcome to leave your comments below.