How fast do hoverboards go?(Top speed of all types)

How fast do hoverboards go? This might be the most want-to-know question when you receive a new hoverboard. Some people especially teenager care about the top speed number before purchasing, keep reading through and you will find the answer is not as simple as it seems like.

Top speed of a hoverboard

If you hear a swegway seller says their segway hoverboard can run 20mph, it is definitely exaggerating. Theoretically speaking, for a 60kg rider, different types of hoverboard(here we divided the self-balancing scooter by wheel size) have top speed as below:


6.5inch basic hoverboard:6.5-7.5mph.This is the most common type of hoverboard you could find in the market, you can know from the name that it possesses the smallest wheel size:6.5inch.

8inch lamborghini hoverboard


8inch hoverboard(Lamborghini hoverboard):7.5mph.If you are wondering how fast can a Lamborghini hoverboard go, you have got the answer.

8.5inch Off road Hummer hoverboard

8.5inch hoverboard(Off road hummer hoverboard):10-12mph.Of all types of hoverboard in the world, this might be the coolest design.

Carbon 10inch hoverboard with bluetooth

10inch hoverboard:7.5-8.0mph.Hoverboard with the biggest wheel size, suitable to ride on various terrain such as sand, grass, gravel, sidewalk and so on.

For those of you who want to feel how fast do hoverboards go, here is a fun video of race hoverboard VS electric scooter:

How fast can a hoverboard go?

Remember to wear protective kits like helmet and pads when trying to run at maximum speed. As we all know, the more you tilt the hoverboard foot pad, the faster the gadget will go. When riding exceeding its top speed, your self-balancing scooter will start beeping. The whole device will push your foot back for safety.

On the other hand, the speed of hoverboard is affected by multiple factors.Motor power,battery capacity,brand,weight of rider,terrain situation,etc.

  • Weight of rider

Weight plays an important role for hoverboard speed, the heavier is the rider, the slower will the scooter goes. Keep in mind of the weight limit for hoverboard before riding it.

  • Terrain

Riding on different terrain could result in various speed. For instance, riding on grass would definitely drain the battery out faster than riding it on a flat road. The more friction force the road has, the slower will the hoverboard be. Moreover,it will be hard to maintain balance at top speed on a rough surface.

Top 5 Fastest hoverboard in 2018

What is the fastest hoverboard in the world? Here we listed 5 well-known brands with their fastest model in the market. You can enjoy cruising on these hoverboards at high speed with excellent quality.

  • Epikgo sport

Epikgo sport

EPIKGO sport is one of the unique all-terrain hoverboard in the market, comes with scary top speed of 12mph. Designed with sturdy ABS body and 8.5inch wheel, this scooter can ride through pavement, grass and dirt confidently.

  • Swagtron T3

Swagtron T3

It is again one of the fastest and lightweight hoverboard in the world. Powered by 300W*2 motor, you can go up to 8mph for one single charge. The model possesses multilayer battery performance, which features a smoother and more stable ride on toy.

  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Razor hovertrax 2

If you are wondering how fast does a razor hoverboard go, then you have come to the right place. Razor is the first brand that passes UL2272 certification in US, ensuring it meets the highest electrical safety standard. Max speed for Razor Hovertrax 2.0 can reach 9mph for a 60 minutes continuous cruising.

  • Skque X1

Skque X1

A good combination of speed and design. You can go up to top speed of 8mph with this model. Big tire of 10inch wheels with built-in Bluetooth speaker will enable you to ride wherever you want while enjoy music.

  • Halo Rover


It is another reputable off-road brand in the US. With a max speed of 10mph, you can cruise this device at ease. Moreover, Halo Rover hoverboard has 3 training mode, beginner, Normal and Advanced. This will better guide you through the process of riding hoverboard like a pro.

How far does a hoverboard go?

How far can a hoverboard go on one charge? Actually, we have talked about this from the perspective of hoverboard battery life before. Let us assume you have charged your hoverboard fully, the range of the hoverboard will be affected by various factors:

  • Weight of rider: Similarly to other electric mobility, rider weight has a great impact on hoverboard range.
  • Terrain condition and incline: Riding on flat and less steep surfaces will let you enjoy longer playing time.
  • Battery capacity: Most hoverboard have the same battery capacity of 36V,4.4AH, if your hoverboard mileage performs much less than sellers described, then the problem may come from the battery.
  • Temperature: Hot environment will drain your hoverboard battery out faster.
  • The way you drive: Try to avoid sudden start and brake, ride at stable speed as much as possible.

On average, riders(weight 60kgs) can drive a hoverboard from 8miles-15miles on one charge.

Hoverboard with app-Model that can monitor top speed

Want to monitor your hoverboard top speed accurately? Hoverboard equipped with app function will meet your request.

Asking the sellers for how to use hoverboard app and where to download it before purchasing. By connecting hoverboard with app on mobile phone, you can not only find the actual max speed but also know the real-time speed and total range.

Hoverkart-Safer ways to ride a hoverboard

Hoverkart is an accessory that can attach to all types of hoverboard. You can sit on hoverkart seat and use its steering handle to control the direction and speed. Comparing to standing, sitting stability will allow you to gain more speed out of your hoverboard with safety.

We hope that you have known the answer of How fast do hoverboards go, let us start riding today!

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