So, you have been waiting for your hoverboard to arrive and when it does, you realize that you can’t ride it yet. Well, that’s a bummer, but the fact is you can’t use any electronic device, even a self-balancing scooter without charging it first.

Now if you are wondering how long does it take to charge a hoverboard then let us tell you the right answer here. Just keep scrolling, and you’ll know everything you need to know regarding charging your new toy.

Do hoverboards come charged?

The answer should be yes but there is exception. Most hoverboards were made in China, they had been fully charged and tested in production. It usually takes about one month for the goods to arrive at your supplier by sea. Hence, although battery may drain a little during the shipping time, it should be still left 60% at least when reach your hand.

However, some suppliers encountered poor sale so the hoverboards stay in their warehouse for years. Battery discharged and died for a long time. For these “brand new” smart balance wheel, customers will find them uncharged and even can not be turned on.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Hoverboard for the First Time?

Before you get the answer to how long does it take to charge a hoverboard for the first time, you should know one thing. The time taken by your hoverboard to charge will depend on the type of battery added to it and the brand/model you got. Most manuals say that it should take about three hours to charge it for the first time.

First Charge

Every device will come with a charging cable, and you need to plug in into a power source. Then you should put the charging point in the charging slot and see your device come alive. You must remember to ensure that it’s fully charged for the first time. After that, you might opt for quick charges if and when needed.

Hoverboard Charging Instructions

Let us see a video first:

If you do not want to watch video, you can follow detailed steps for how to charge a hoverboard as below:

  • Make sure that the self-balancing scooter is switched off by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Check that none of the pins in the charging port are damaged or bent. They should line up perfectly.
  • The next step is to line up the groove on your charging cable with a groove on the charging port.
  • Carefully insert the charging cable into the port while ensuring that the pins are inserted in the right manner.
  • In most cases, the light present on the charging adaptor will turn red to indicate that the board is charging. In some boards, there will be no light to indicate whether it’s charging so you shouldn’t panic if the red light isn’t there.
  • If you are wondering how do you know when your hoverboard is fully charged then the answer is simple. When the green light comes on, it means that the battery is now fully charged.
  • Again, these are the normal indicators. If you have bought a unique product that does not have these indicators, you shouldn’t worry. Just read the user manual to know about the key indicators.

How Long Will the Charging Process Take?

In most cases, if you buy a top brand, the process would take about two or three hours. It is advised that you don’t overcharge your hoverboard as it might deteriorate the battery lifespan. When the battery is full, a green light will appear, and then you should disconnect the charger and get ready to go. You should also remember that a large device will need to be charged more than a smaller one. After all, size does matter.

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Hoverboard battery indicator

The standard answer to this question is that it can last anytime between two to six hours. If you want to test the battery life by yourself, make sure your hoverboard is full charged,If you are planning to go a long way, we suggest that you keep an extra pack of battery in your bag(you need to learn how to change battery). It will ensure your fun never halts.

Apart from the device model and brand, some other factors determine how long the battery will last. They are mentioned right here for your perusal.

  • It will depend heavily on what surface you are riding on. For instance, smoothness, incline or steepness of the surface. Riding on flat road will last longer than on grass, gravel, carpet and sand.
  • It will depend on the weight of a rider.
  • Sometimes, the battery drains down faster in hot temperatures.
  • It also depends largely on how you handle the scooter.
  • The capacity of the battery is also a big factor, standard capacity is 4.4AH for most hoverboard(6.5inch hoverboard, Lamborghini hoverboard, hummer hoverboard and 10inch hoverboard) .
  • It will also depend on how often you start or stop the board.

In normal conditions, most models can travel about 8 -15 miles on a single charge. Remember to shut down the device when you take a break or when you are not riding to save battery.

Hoverboard charging problems

It is inevitable you will come across the charging problems for smart balance wheel, it is either your charger or battery is broken, a direct way to solve it is to buy another new charger, we also wrote a complete post about how to fix a hoverboard including the charging issue.

Are Hoverboard Explosions for Real?

Yes, there have been reports of hoverboard explosions from different parts of the world. They usually happen if you buy a cheap device that has low-quality batteries.

As you may hear many fire accidents happened at night, it is suggested not to charge hoverboard overnight without people watching. Any board that costs less than $150 might pose a risk. You are also at risk if the battery does not have any certification. So, you should learn from such incidents and never buy a cheap as dirt self-balancing scooter. After all, the money saving is not worth your life and health, is it?

How Do You Know When Your Hoverboard is Dying?

hoverboard battery dying

Flashing of a red light usually indicates that your hoverboard is dying and it’s time to charge it. You can not ride the board normally when it is in low battery level, some devices start flashing in just 60 minutes of a good ride while some last for three or four hours. So, keep this factor in mind while buying a new device for yourself or a loved one.

How to Charge Hoverboard Without Charger?

Some users have reported that they can charge the self-balancing scooter without a real charger. If you have lost or damaged your charger, you can try any of these tricks and see if they work for your model as well.

Make use of a laptop or computer charger

Yes, many users have achieved success in charging their scooters with a laptop or computer charger. You can give it a shot as well.

Move it forward and backward

Another trick is to put the scooter on a flat surface and move it forward and backward. Some hoverboards may get charged this way.

Turn it off and on

Some users have also tried turning it on and off to ensure that the battery life extends for a while.

We hope that you now have the answer to how long does it take to charge a hoverboard perfectly. It is also hoped that you will find the information in this article useful to enjoy a long and pleasant ride on your scooter. Good luck!