How to ride a hoverboard for beginners?

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How to ride a hoverboard for beginners?Have you finally got the swegway hoverboard also known as self-balancing scooter or a mini segway? Are you drying to try it out but are afraid that you might fall or make a fool of yourself? If so, you have landed on the correct webpage. Here you can know all about how to ride a hoverboard step by step, without falling or injuring yourself! Keep scrolling to know the simple process.

How to ride a hoverboard for the first time?

Before you get on the swegway hoverboard, you need to ensure that it is fully charged up. Then, you must ensure that you are wearing the necessary safety gear like kneepads, helmet, wrist guards, tailbone protector and elbow protectors. Safety is essential because a good product can go up to 10 miles an hour which can be a high speed when you crash (which we hope you won’t).

The Placement

You should turn the hoverboard segway on and place it in front of your toes. If it has a beginner mode, you better switch to it now. People often wonder whether the lights should be in front or back, we think it doesn’t matter unless you are riding it in the dark and need to make yourself more visible. In such a situation, you can ensure the lights are in the front so that people can see you better. It also depends on your neighborhood and the pedestrian & vehicle traffic at that time. Using your common sense is highly recommended.

how to ride a hoverboard for beginners

Get Started

After you have placed the swegway right, you should put your dominant foot (right if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed) on the hoverboard. While doing this, you must ensure that your foot is very close to the wheel. You should also try to keep it level with the ground and ensure that there is ample space between your two feet. If you are scared of falling, you might just do that. So, battle your fears and step on the scooter just like you would on the stairs.

If your body tenses up and you wobble back and forth, don’t panic or you’ll hit the ground. Just make sure you are mentally prepared for the wobbling and try to look in front of you. If you look down, you might get nervous. So, try to relax, stand in the same position and loosen up. Do not think about moving until you calm those jitters.

Go Forward

When you have your nerves under control, you should lean in forward slightly and shift your weight so that the swegways can go in the forward direction as well. Just focus your thoughts on where you want to go, and you will do it. Remember that if you put too much of your weight while leaning forward, you might fall so avoid that mistake!


Try Turning

Once you have got the hang of moving forward, you should attempt turning on the swegway hoverboard. For that, you should twist forward the foot which is opposite the turning direction. For instance, if you want to turn right, you just need to push your left toe forward. Turning would come naturally once you are comfortable with the hoverboard as you will have better control.

If you think you have mastered the slight turns, go for the sharper ones by twisting back your other foot as well, i.e., pushing down the heel. After mastering the art of turning, you need to try backward movements as well.


The Last Steps

When you master the art of moving forward, going backward, slight turns and the sharp ones, you should try to do laps. For that, you should practice turning in one direction only until you get the hang of it. After you master that, you should try to do one lap in one direction and the second one in a different direction.

Step Off Safely

Think you are done for the day? Don’t want to ruin the exhilaration by stepping off the swegways in a wrong manner? If so, just follow one simple step. Shift your weight on the dominant foot and step off with the non-dominant foot. Do not try jumping off unless you are sure you are an expert on the scooter-riding process as you might end up injuring yourself or damaging the swegways. Stepping on and off a segway board is a tough task, and only practice will make you perfect in this regard.

Below is a video of how to ride a hoverboard:


Things to Remember-How to ride a hoverboard for beginners

If you are riding the swegway hoverboard 6.5 or other model for the first time, then these add-on tips would be handy for you.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. If you think you can’t depend on your balance, then take help of furniture, walls or even a friend to stand straight on a scooter.
  • Always practice indoors, in the halls or even your kitchen until you are sure you can take it outdoors. Never practice on stairs, no matter how cool it sounds.
  • Young people usually learn how to ride it in half an hour or an hour. But people who are slightly overweight or older might need more time.
  • As there are bumps on every road, be sure you avoid those when riding outdoors. By crashing into the bumps deliberately for fun, you risk your safety and the sturdiness of your scooter.
  • Don’t be a hero and try to pull off stunts you are not ready to master yet. Spinning is fine as long as you are not falling flat on your face after the performance ends.
  • Do not overcharge the swegway or leave it charging overnight as you might end up with damaged or exploding batteries.
  • Always buy a quality product from the manufacturer if possible and avoid cheap hoverboard segway from third-party sellers.
  • If you have tried everything and still can’t understand the process, ask for help from someone who has been riding it for years to get proper guidance
  • Practice a lot before you attempt any long journeys on your swegways. It won’t be good if you get stranded in a lonely place, would it?

After reading all above steps, did you already know how to ride a hoverboard for beginners?If you want to learn more hoverboard tricks, please read our article:20 fun ways to ride a hoverboard.

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