How to Import Electric Scooter from China: Ultimate Guide

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How to import electric scooter from China?

Electric scooter might be the hottest electronic product after hoverboard. Why? One one hand, many manufacturers in China turn to produce folding electric scooter after the hot trend of hoverboard. One the other hand, electric scooters sharing companies such as lime and bird are growing very fast in recent years.

In this article, we will introduce how to import electric scooter from China. You could also read our latest article: Top 11 best electric scooter manufacturers in China.

Electric scooter market is growing

We started to be an electric scooter wholesale supplier of Europe in 2015. Through 5 years of development, we still receive a lot of inquiries from traders about electric scooters each month.

The advantage of electric scooter is: (1) High profit; (2) Attractive to youngsters; (3) Practical as a short-distance transport tool; (4) Suitable as a birthday present and Chrismas gift; (5) Easy to maintain. It can be used in selling, renting, touring and so on. As it gets legally in different countries, you will see more and more people riding electric scooter in the street.


Admittedly, the competition of electric scooter is becoming intense, but it still keeps increasing. If you enter folding electric scooter into google trends, you could find clearly its rising curve in the last five years. Reaching to a peak on May of 2019 then descend, it grows more steadily now.

Where to find electric scooter supplier in China

Canton fair

Alibaba/Made in China/Globalsource

These websites are the most famous online B2B marketing place in China. Take Alibaba as an example, many Chinese electric scooter manufacturers listed their products on Alibaba. You could easily find thousands of suppliers. If you only want to order small quantities, you can also find trading company on Alibaba.

However, there are disadvantages when finding electric scooter suppliers on these platforms. 1.Time-consuming. You need to spend a lot of time and energy to select the suitable supplier from numerous candidates; 2. Aftersales risks. If the electric scooter you ordered comes with any problems, it is unrealistic to get warranty from suppliers cause you are far away from China.

Trade fair

You can also look for electric scooter suppliers in trade shows like Canton fair, China cycle, Global Sources Electronics exhibition and so on. Buyers from all over the world will attend these shows every year. Exhibitors will put their strongest and newest products on booth. You can not only ride the products by yourself but also negotiate with their sales face to face.

Go to factory

Of course, the most efficient way to select suppliers is to go to the factory directly. Most electric scooter manufacturers are located in Shenzhen and Zhejiang. By visiting the factory, you will know better about their production line and quality control process, which is vital to your business success.

Search on Google

If you do not have the time and budget to go to China, google search is another effective way to find suppliers. Just input keywords like “electric scooter manufacturers/factory in China” in Google, and browse about the first 5 pages. The websites which can rank higher on Google have good online-marketing skills, reflecting company strength to some extent.

If you want to save time, you can always find an electric scooter wholesaler in your local area like us in Europe. We Gofunsport have been an electric scooter supplier and importer in Europe for 5 years. You will enjoy fast shipping and good service if buy electric scooter in bulk from our Europe warehouse.

We can also accept OEM orders if you want to import electric scooter from China directly. All of our electric scooters are manufactured in our own factory based in Zhejiang province, China. You can check this page for more details: Best electric scooter factory in China.

Electric scooter laws


Before importing electric scooter from China, you must figure out the regulation of electric scooter in your country. Is it legal to ride it on public road in your area? Is there any other requirements? For example, the electric scooter law in France is:

  1. Max speed can not exceed 25km/h;
  2. Riders’minimum age is 12 years old;
  3. Ban from circulating on pavement;
  4. Can not carry multiple riders otherwise you will face 35€ fine;
  5. As for the equipment, front and rear light, reflector, brake, and bell is mandatory.

It is illegal to drive electric scooter on public roads, pavement and cycle lanes in the UK.

In the US, different states have specific traffic rules for this electric vehicle. You may get a lot of returns from people who do not know the local laws.

In California, electric scooter is legalized in pavement, cycle lane, and road, demanding the rider to be at least 16 years old and wearing helmets. The limitation for max speed is 25km/h.

In San Francisco and New Jersey, driving such a device on street will face a penalty from Police.

Import duty on electric scooter from China

When importing electric scooter from china, one of the crucial factors you need to think of is the import duty. Sometimes it will affect your revenue greatly if you neglect it. The custom duty rate is various for different countries. If you are a green hand and do not know how to calculate the duty, we collected some data for your reference as below:

European Union Countries: 6%

United Kingdom: It is still 6% in spite of withdrawal from Union

United state: 25%(Before it is 0%, in 2019 it has been raised)

India: 100%

Japan: 0%

Switzerland: 37CHF per 100kg gross

Australia: 5%

How to ship electric scooter from china


There are two ways to ship electric scooter from China. Airfreight and Sea shipping.


If you need the goods urgently and the quantity you ordered is small, you can adopt this method.

The advantage of shipping by air cargo is fast. By using this way, you can choose shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and so on. For instance, if you are from the European Union, it usually takes 5-10days to receive the products door to door.

You must be wondering why it takes a little longer to receive the device than general goods. That is because electric scooters contain lithium battery, which belongs to dangerous goods, china forwarder can only use special line to ship it.

What is more, the shipping cost for such items is relatively expensive. Sometimes the cost is more expensive than the scooter itself.

Sea shipping

If you want to save money, sea shipping would be an ideal choice. It can be divided into FCL and LCL.

FCL means full container load. Taking our 6inch foldable electric scooter as an example, one 20″ container can fit about 660pcs. LCL means less than container load, you can ship the electric scooter with other products together to fit one full container. But the volume you ordered should not be too small, from our experience, you need to order at least 10-20 pieces.

Good things about sea shipping are its cost is affordable. The shipping fee for one full 20″ container to the US should be no more than 1500usd.

Bad things about sea shipping are it takes a little longer. Shipping time from China to the US is at least one month, adding production time and domestic shipping time, it will take 2-3 months to finally receive your official order. Therefore, you must start looking for a supplier in advance in order to catch up with the sales season.


Hope this post has helped you about how to import electric scooter from China. For more questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to us at you have a good business in 2020!

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