Electric bike is a huge industry while most of them are manufactured in China. When importing electric bikes from China, there are things you need to consider cautiously such as import duty and quality control,.etc. Today we will reveal the 6 aspects that are most important.

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1.Price comparison


Price might be the most important factor when importing electric bikes from China. Sometimes you may be wondering why the price is different for products that look almost the same.

On the one hand, many factories use open mold that is circulated in the market. The E-bike they assembled is the same. On the other hand, the EXW price is high because of two reasons. First, you are dealing with a trading company inside of a factory. Price offered by middle-men is certainly higher than manufacturers. Second, product looks similar but has minor changes. Good suppliers improved electric vehicles’quality by adopting a more expensive component. Therefore, the price rose.

On the contrary, bad suppliers can give lower prices because they use inferior parts during production. Suppliers’location is another critical influence. Most Chinese electric bike manufacturers are located in Guangdong&Jiangsu&Zhejiang&Tianjin. Generally speaking, if a factory has its own patented private mold, its price is usually higher than those who adopt open mold.

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2.Quality control


Before production

Actually, quality control is a key part of the manufacturing process.

When you visit an electric bike wholesale supplier for the first time, you should pay attention to how many workers are arranged to do QC, and how many advanced test machines the plant owns. This reflects whether the company is capable of making compliant products. Moreover, if you are an experienced electric bicycle importer/buyer, you should set the terms of what component brand they must use in the contract.

During production

As stated before, some unscrupulous suppliers may change the components in order to lower the total cost. Sometimes they just use the components in stock in order to catch up with the deadline. You will not know this until receving customers’ claims. Given certain conditions, you can assign a staff(better Chinese) to supervise the whole production process.

After production

When the goods are ready, you can send your QC employees to factory to do inspection. Normally, you can make random inspection first. Assuming the fraction defective is too high, you can then do 100% check. Of course, the supplier will be responsible to rework and replace the defectives with new.

3.Local Legislation

Before importing electric bikes from China, you need to know the laws for it in your countries.

In the US, laws for electric bicycles is vary from state to state.

In Alabama, electric bicycle fell into the category of Motorcycle. Max power is limited to 150cc. You need to be over 14 years old to ride it with a motorcycle helmet. M class driver license is also required.

In Colorado, electric bikes belong to Bicycle. You can travel up to 20mph. Max power can not exceed 750w. There is no age limit. Helmet and Driver’s license is not necessary.

In Kentucky, electric bike is treated as a moped. You can not run over 30mph. The max motor power is 2.0 brake hp or 50cc. The min age for riders needs to reach 16. And you must wear helmets if under 18. A driver’s license is compulsive for dring such a vehicle.

In the UK, you must be over 14 to ride an electric bike. The maximum motor power can not be more than 250W. And you can not use the electric motor assist if top speed up to 15.5mph. You can drive an electric bike just like a regular bicycle on the cycle path if it meets the above criteria.

What is more, you do not need a license to drive an E-bike. Assuming the motor power is more than 250W, it will be classified into motorcycle category. This means you must register and insure the bike. You also need to get a driver’s license to be able to use it.

In India, you can steer a vehicle on road with motor power under 250W and max speed under 30km/h without certification. However, you still need to get approval from ARAI. License, insurance, and helmet are not compulsory.

4.Import duty on electric bike


Customs duty is an essential factor when importing e-bikes from China. Sometimes it will reduce your revenue significantly if you neglect it.

As you know, the EU had imposed anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on Chinese e-bikes. The duty rate is as high as 83.6%. However, some electric bicycle companies have received reduced rates. For instance, Yadea got a reduced duty of 37%. While Giant only needs to pay 27.5%. These companies cooperated in the dumping investigation with EU Commission so they get lower rates.

In order to avoid the high tariffs, some Chinese factories disassemble the pedals from electric bikes and export them separately as spare parts. Cause without pedals, the vehicle is not an electric bicycle but an electric scooter.

When importing electric bike from China to the US, it is considered as electric motorcycle. They share the same HS code. Trump’s trade war against China has harmed both sides. The good news is the US customs had exempted the 25% tariffs for electric motorcycle/electric bicycle from China until August 2020. Giving more time to US importers to find alternative suppliers.

The import duty on electric bike from China to India is 100% CIF value.


When searching for suppliers of electric bike, you need to ask about the compliance documents.

On the one hand, certification is a symbol of quality and safety. Electric bike is a lithium-battery operated vehicle. Off-grade battery or charger may put you in danger. It could lead to fire or explosion when riding or charging.

On the other hand, you may need certificates for customs clearance. For example, you need to provide Ce/Rohs certificate to clear customs when importing ebikes to the EU. Because the lithium battery electric bike contains, there is a good chance the customs will ask you to provide MSDS and UN38.3 testing reports as well.



It is inevitable to have some issues with electronic products. The real problem is, how to solve it properly?

In fact, most Chinese manufacturers want to establish a long-term business relationship with clients. You need to find these suppliers who can give guarantees for aftersales. When problems occur, they will be responsive to guide you through the repairing process or send the needed accessories.

In contrast, a few companies are not willing to deal with after-sales. They only expect to do a one-time order and then disappear.

A solution is you can ask the manufacturer to add some spare parts to the container when shipping. For instance, gear, motor, battery, charger, controller, brake, frame, fork, rim, stem, handlebar and so on. Ask the sellers in advance which parts need to be replaced regularly. Purchase a few of each above accessories in case of any issues.


You need to take care of a lot of things when importing electric bikes from China. It is a process to be successful in worldwide trading. Hope today’s article has given you some help. Welcome to leave comments to discuss.