Speaking of electric vehicles, we will think of the fashionable and cool models that are very popular nowadays. The young consumer market has gradually become an essential target for electric vehicle companies.

Sunra is a well-known brand in the electric motorcycle industry. And Miku max electric scooter is their classic trendy electric scooter that integrates appearance, power, control experience, and range.

If you want to know the Miku max review, keep rolling.

Sunra Miku max manufacturer-Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd

When it comes to intelligent electric vehicle research and development, the leading brand in the electric vehicle industry is Sunra. Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd has been making technology research and development and quality stability the guiding principle of its production and operation for more than twenty years.

Its production capacity reaches more than 2 million various electric vehicles annually.

Miku Max review

Unique design

The “floating” C-shape design body frame is the most recognizable point of the Miku max. There is no similar model in the electric vehicle market. The structure-optimized U-shaped frame gives the vehicle a sense of suspension, but this does not affect the frame strength of the vehicle, and it can guarantee the safety of the vehicle as well.

Combination of dynamic and static

Miku max bosch motor

With the powerful Bosch high-performance electric motor, Miku max electric scooter has full power at the start of acceleration comparable to that of a car. When riding, you can feel the powerful motor output, which is in line with the riding hobby of young people.

On the other hand, Miku max is equipped with a front and rear disc brakes electronic braking system. The braking is sensitive and smooth. Compared with the general electric scooter, the braking distance is shorter and also safer.


Comfortable riding


Comfort is one of the most important performances for electric scooters. It affects the riding experience directly. First of all, the shock absorption of Miku max is excellent. The four-link shock absorber system adds score to the superb appearance and the riding comfort of the whole scooter. What is more, when riding on uneven roads, the wide tread of the tires can prevent the danger of sideslip from happening.

The seat cushion is also of excellent quality with high-quality layered foam lining. With a thickness of 50cm, the one-piece molded seat cushion is breathable, skin-friendly, and non-slip. It ensures a comfortable riding experience when you drive.



How long can you drive with Miku Max in one charge?

After a day of riding test, the range reached more than 80 km. In the commuting ride test, we rode 15km per day. There is still battery life left after riding for five days. It is a good transport tool for young friends to commute to work and short distance travel.

APP system

Miku Max is equipped with an APP function. You can start your scooter with one click on the phone and check the remaining power and other parameters. It also has a GPS real-time positioning function.


Of course, Miku max has its shortcomings. The seat cushion can only accommodate one person to sit. The items stored under the seat cushion may fall off when riding. However, as an excellent young fashion electric vehicle model, these shortcomings are understandable.

All in all, Miku max is a very cool electric moped with excellent performance.

Miku Max price

You can buy this electric moped at 1999EUR in most places in Europe. If you are interested in becoming a reseller/distributor/retailer/dealer for Sunra Miku max, you can contact us at info@gofunsport.com for the wholesale price. 

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MIKU MAX tech specs

Max Speed: 45km/h
Mileage: 60-90 km
Battery types: 60V/20 Ah removable lithium battery
Motor Power: 800W Bosch Motor
Product Dimensions: 166 x 32 x 121 cm
Climbing ability: 15°
Brakes: Front and rear disc brake
Tire: 3.0-10’Tubeless tire
Load capacity: 100kg
Cruise control
USB port

I hope this Miku max review can help you know this excellent 2-wheel mobility scooter better. Any questions, you can leave your comments below.