What are the pros and cons of electric scooters?

Electric scooter might be the best transport tool for the problem of last-mile commute. If you are keen to buy an electric kick scooter, it is essential to know its advantages and disadvantages before owning one.

Based on the experience from scooter end-users, we are going to reveal the good side and bad side of electric scooter today.

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Pros of electric scooter

1. Fashion and cool

Electric scooters are cool and fashionable to ride in cities. Compare with electric bike and e scooter, electric scooter is a new rising travel tool. Its special appearance will attract to people who had never seen it before. Some passengers might ask questions for curiosity: Where to buy it? How long can you ride it for one charge? What is the maximum speed…

2. Environmentally friendly

This green e-mobility does not emit any harmful gases as cars and taxies did. It is a lithium battery operated vehicle. All you need to do is to charge the scooter when the battery level gets low. Theoretically speaking, electric scooter lifespan is 300-500 charging circles. After that, its capacity will deduce significantly. That is to say, you can use one battery for 1-2 years at least.

After the battery gets worn out, you can buy a new battery from the original seller and ask them to teach you how to change the battery.

3. Easy to learn

Let us see a video on how easy to learn to ride an electric scooter for the first time.

In fact, you can master how to ride the vehicle in 1 minute. If you buy this as a gift for your kids, they will be happy cause it is not hard to keep balance like riding a hoverboard or one wheel self-balancing scooter. You do not need to worry them to fall off when riding.

4. Practical

electric scooter traffic jam

Convenient to commuting

Some people say they never late for work again since driving an electric scooter. E scooters can save you a lot of time whether to go to school or work. You do not need to undertake traffic congestion anymore.

Convenient to take

One of the main features of electric scooter is the foldable function. You can carry the fold-up scooter to go to the subway and buses. The size will reduce almost in half when folding down. Not taking much space, you can put it in the rear car trunk easily.

Cons of electric scooter

1. Illegal in some countries

When buying electric scooter, you need to notice the laws in your local area. For instance, electric scooter is still banned in the UK, you might get stopped by police if riding it on the street. In Germany, you need to get the ABE certification to roll it legally on the public roads. In some states in the US, you will face fine if driving the scooter on road.

Your scooter may end up useless without knowing any traffic law in your cities.

2. Not waterproof

electric scooter puddle

Are electric scooter waterproof? The answer is no. Normally, electric scooter can resist small spray but is not totally waterproof. Basically, the lithium battery locates under the scooter deck or in the vertical tube. You’d better not riding it on heavy rain or scoot through big puddles. Otherwise, it will lead to shortcut and your scooter will not function eventually.

On the other hand, it is cold and windy on rainy days, the road is very slippy. It is dangerous to ride electric scooter outside in such weather.

3. Some scooter is too heavy

The weight of some electric scooters can reach more than 15kgs. For boys, you can carry the scooter often and regard it as a way of workout. For girls, it is a little too heavy. If your home has no elevator, you’d better buy a lightweight electric scooter.

4. Stability

The wheel size of most folding electric scooter is 6inch or smaller. And these basic models are not equipped with suspension. Rolling the scooter on a flat road is manageable. But you will feel very bumpy when riding it on an uneven surface.

Is it worth buying electric scooter?

From our point of view, if you want to move quicker from A to B and avoid traffic jams, electric scooter is an ideal solution. It does not require you to break a sweat, and good to carbon footprint. Its cost is closer to bike and much cheaper than a car or motorcycle.

Tips when riding an electric scooter

  • Wearing masks. There will be a lot of vehicles belching harmful gases around you. Wearing a mask when driving is necessary in order to keep you healthy.
  • Do not turn abruptly. There is no rear mirror on such devices, taking a sudden turn could lead to skidding out of control or even traffic accident.
  • Speed not exceed 20km/h. Higher speed brings dangerous, it is better not to drive the scooter faster than 20km/h. Many countries like Germany have set the law that the max speed of electric scooters can not exceed 20km/h. This is in consideration of your safety.


Riding an electric scooter is cool but always remember to drive safely. I hope you can find the best short-distance transport tool after knowing the pros and cons of electric scooters. If you have ridden this transport tool for a while, welcome to share with us your opinions!