If you are thinking of purchasing RC cars wholesale from wholesale distributors in Europe, then you are making a smart business move. RC cars are and have been popular for decades and are expected to remain popular in the future as well.

For those who are unaware, a remote-controlled or RC car is a car that is teleoperated by means which do not restrict its motion. These means have their origin external to the car. Examples include a radio control device, an infrared controller, and a cable between control and car. RC cars run on gas, nitro, and electric power.

Why Should I Bulk Buy RC Cars?

Reliable sources have stated that the remote-controlled toy market will expand at a higher CAGR when compared to the traditional toy market. 

The main reasons for this growth are technological advancements, the development of more attractive looking RC cars, competitive pricing, and a rise in disposable income of parents. So, if you plan to buy RC cars wholesale, your future could be very bright.

Two other factors that have contributed to the growth of demand for RC cars are the introduction of RC cars that are miniatures of bestselling real vehicles and the introduction of artificial intelligence in RC cars. The latter is still developing and has a long way to go. 

But the idea of interchangeable track sections with multiple layout configurations and the presence of a sensor on the car that can detect color patterns is appealing to most RC car enthusiasts. So, there is a lot of potential in the RC cars market or RC toy market in Europe.

Who are the Top RC Cars Wholesale Distributors in Europe?

Company Product range Location
Cmldistribution Nitro cars, electric cars, rc trucks, rc car parts, rc boats, rc drone&helicopter, rc planes UK
Wonderlandmodels RC cars, rc trucks, rc accessories, rc bikes, rc toys UK
Nitrotek RC cars, rc helicopters, rc planes, rc tanks, ride on cars, ebikes UK
Rc-diffusion HPI, T2M, HOBBYTECH, TRAXXAS, KYOSHO, rc cars 4*4, electric car for kids France
Mcmracing RC cars, rc boats, rc drone&helicopter, rc planes France
Pb-modelisme RC cars, rc airplanes, rc drones, rc boats, rc models, rc accessories France
Eksa-trade RC quadrocopter, rc cars, rc tank, ATV/Quad/Scooters Germany
D-edition RC aricraft, rc cars, rc vehicles, Lego, rc helicopters Germany
Rcobchod RC drones, rc cars, rc helicopters, rc tank, rc aircraft, rc spare parts Czech Republic
Pelikandaniel RC cars, rc motorcycles, electric skateboard, rc helicopters, rc accessories Czech Republic

There isn’t a single name that comes to mind when someone asks who are the top RC cars wholesale distributors in Europe. Instead, many names are doing well. To help answer this question, we have prepared a list of top RC cars wholesale suppliers in Europe. Here it is.


CML Distributors is a trusted name when it comes to RC cars wholesale distributors, as the company has been there since 1987. It has a 20,000 square feet warehouse that is located within the center of the UK. It also has offices in France and Germany. The locations are strategically placed to cater to a wide range of customers at once and meet the growing demands of its customers.

2. Wonderlandmodels

This company has been serving its customers for more than 47 years and is located in Scotland. 

The company has a wide range of products that will appeal to RC car experts as well as new enthusiasts. The stock catalog of this website is quite extensive, and ordering online is easy thanks to a secured purchasing interface. To know more about what the shop is up to and which events they are going to attend, you can just explore their website.

3. Nitrotek

If you want to purchase from the most trusted one among RC cars suppliers, this is the brand you can trust. 

They provide only the best margins to the trade customers and offer next working day delivery in most cases. They also have full parts back up, can dropship directly to your customers, and don’t charge any extra surcharge for credit card payments. The online ordering process is easy, and they provide product feeds in multiple languages for your marketplace or website.

4. RC-diffusion.

With more than 22 years of experience, these people know what they are doing. In addition to offering RC cars wholesale, they also offer spare parts and accessories. The company has shorter delivery times, and the shipping costs are quite low. 

They distribute all major brands like HPI, T2M, HOBBYTECH, TRAXXAS, KYOSHO, etc. Over 80,000 customers trust the company thanks to their focus on customer satisfaction and amazing after-sales service.

5. Mcmracing

This company has more than 400m² shops dedicated to RC cars, planes, boats, helicopters, etc. They also have over 20 years of experience, 4 vendors, and support in 3 languages- French, Dutch, and English. The company provides everything from a variety of RC cars to useful spare parts. The shopping advice and after-sales service are also excellent.

6. Pb-modelisme

If you want to explore a wide variety of RC cars, this website is a perfect option. The catalog of the company is good, and the details of the models they have are available on the website. The company also offers customer support to help you make the right choice for your business needs and growth.

7. Eksa-trade

The company specializes in the import and export of children’s vehicles, and RC cars are one of their key specialties. They have been there since the summer of 2006. The company offers dropshipping services and launches many pre-order campaigns from time to time. Their customer base is not just limited to Europe; they have extended it far beyond the continent.

8. D-edition

This company offers individual advice on the website to help new and existing business owners. It has 3000 m2 in 3 huge warehouses, which means that they can meet even the greater demands for RC cars and other products in a short while.

It has 20 employees, and an automated packaging line that ensures the orders are shipped in time. The company has over 270,000 articles and offers a large model range in Europe.

9. Rcobchod

This company is the right choice for you if you are seeking an RC wholesale distributor who has a large stock, offers above-average discounts, and has an automated shipping process. They dispatch the goods on the day of order, are open to dropshipping, and provide B2B feed to e-shops. The company also offers a unique assortment of products and a large number of spare parts.

10. Pelikandaniel

The company had its beginnings in 1994, and since then, it has offered not only RC cars but aircraft, ships, boats, tanks, and construction machines, among other stuff. They also offer useful accessories that make buying from them a smarter move. The variety they offer is also impressive. From miniature cars that fit the palm of your hand to supercharged machines that come with a 26-cc petrol engine, they offer it all.

Things to Remember When You Buy RC Cars Wholesale?

1. Price

Make sure you seek the maximum discount from the wholesaler as it will allow you to boost your profit margins.

2. Shipping Time

The RC cars wholesaler should be able to ship the order within a few hours from the time they have received it.

3. Warranty

It would be good if the products come with a warranty. It will ensure that the complaints of the end-customers are taken care of.

4. Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods with minimal fees should be offered. It will ensure that you decide how to pay them, not vice versa.

5. Variety

The provider of RC cars wholesale should offer a wide variety of products to help ensure that you offer a lot of options to your buyers.


All in all, it can be said that RC cars have been in vogue for a long time, and they are expected to be in demand in the upcoming years as well. So, starting a business wherein you sell the products provided by RC cars wholesale distributors is a smart move. If you do it, right, you can earn a lot of profit from the transactions.



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