When it comes to choosing a ride on cars for kids, the parents want to explore all the options. It is why the demand for ride on cars is increasing with time. If you’re going to make the most of this demand and grow your business, you should consider ride on cars wholesale suppliers.

These suppliers will provide you with many options like Push-cars, Sports Cars, Trucks & SUVs, Motorcycles, ATVs, & Go-Karts, and even 6V Vehicles for Little Ones. You can stock them all and impress the parents.

To help a retailer of ride on toy further, we have prepared a list of 9 best battery operated ride on cars wholesale suppliers in Europe. Have a look.

Ride on cars Market


Google trends figure shows that Ride on cars has a stable market, there is a peak of search intent during Black Friday each year. A possible reason is that parents love to buy kids ride on toys as a gift in this period.

The curve went up intensely this year. That is probably because of the Covid19, parents prefer to keep their kids at home. So they will buy more toys like ride on cars for their children to play with.

Who is the Top Ride on Cars Wholesale Suppliers in Europe?

Company Product range Location
Ricco Electric ride on cars, Manual ride on cars, RC toys, Go karts UK
Rideonwarehouse Licensed ride on cars, 2 seater ride on car, Motorbikes&Quad, Electric off roaders UK
Kidselectriccars Kids electric cars, Kids electric bikes, Kids electric jeeps, Kids electric quads, Kids electric tractors, kids toy accessories UK
Kidzzz-n-quadzzz Licensed ride on cars, electric quads for kids and adults, electric motorcycles for kids France
Kiddi-quad Balance bike, 2 seater ride on car, electric motorcycles for kids, Buggy, Quads, pony cycle France
Miweba Hoverboard, electric cars for kids, E-scooter, E-bikes, Sport&leisure, Garden, Spare parts Germany
Beneoshop Electric ride on car, Electric ride on motorcycle, Quads, Pedal cars, Luggage cars, spare parts Czech
Cars4kids Licensed ride on cars, children's quads, children's jeeps, batteries and parts Netherlands
Accuautoshop Battery operated ride on cars, Battery jeeps, Battery motors, Rc helicopter Netherlands

1. Ricco

This company is a leading supplier of manual and electric ride on toy. The collection of this company is impressive, and they offer both wholesale and dropshipping service with attractive trade discounts. You must consider them while seeking a reliable ride on cars wholesaler.

2. Rideonwarehouse

This company offers a wide variety of electric cars, licensed kids ride on cars with remote control, and pedal-powered cars for kids. The company uses the latest technology to streamline the warehousing and deliveries. The savings from technology are passed on so you will get more savings when you order. This company also has its own stock, so orders are processed quickly.

3. Kidselectriccars

With humble beginnings in 2009, this company offers a wide range of kids ride-on cars, quad-bikes, motor-bikes, electric scooters, jeeps, and pedal cars. The company also offers an extensive range of replacement rechargeable 6v, 12v, 24v, and 48v batteries and other accessories. The company also provides many discounts on r.r.p. for high street retailers.

4. Kidzzz-n-quadzzz

This company offers electric vehicles for kids, teenagers, and adults. Ample stock, same-day shipping, and excellent customer reasons are some of its highlights. Trust them when you need a reliable ride on cars wholesale supplier.

5. Kiddi-quad

Since initiating operations in 2013, this company has been doing well. It creates electric cars that are developed under the license of Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and others. The company has a huge stock and hence can offer quick deliveries. They also accept payments in installments.

6. Miweba

You can trust this company as a ride on cars wholesale supplier if you have bulk buy order needs. This company sends 25,000 to 40,000 consignments every month. Zero percent funding, purchase on the invoice, and next day deliveries are the assets that the company has.

7. Beneoshop

If you need a ride on cars wholesale supplier who offers the best prices in the market, you can trust this company. It also offers a prompt response to customer queries and express delivery. 14-days refund and prepaid return also make this supplier a trusted choice.

8. Cars4kids

This company also stocks up on kids’ cars from renowned brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, and BMW, among others. They always have more than 50 models in stock, and the delivery time is usually less than two days. They also offer car accessories like batteries, parts, etc.

9. Accuautoshop

From its beginning in 2006, this company has grown a lot. It offers kids ride on cars that are suitable for kids from 1-12 years. Having its own warehouse helps this company to meet bulk needs and offer competitive pricing. They also offer a 24-month warranty, which is really wonderful for winning end-customers’ trust.

Where to Find Ride on Cars Manufacturers in China

  • Made-in-china

If you want to look for a ride on cars wholesale supplier in China, you can trust this company. It’s a leading B2B e-commerce platform in China that provides high-quality Chinese products. It also has a lot of information on various suppliers so you can pick any you like. This portal aims to connect quality Chinese suppliers with global buyers.

  • Alibaba

Since 1999, Alibaba has been helping connect buyers and sellers across the globe. It is a renowned platform for global wholesale trade that serves millions of customers. The portal has its reach in 195 nations and has 100K messages per day. You can trust one or more ride on cars wholesale suppliers here.

  • Globalsources

This B2B portal has been there for 49 years. It supports wholesale buyers by offering online and offline support. The company has reach to over 1.5 million international buyers, which includes 94 among the top 100 retailers in the world. This platform is ideal for you if you want to source kids ride on toy from overseas supply markets.

  • Tonysourcing

It is an innovative Chinese company meant to help toy merchandisers to import toys from China. If you trust this website, you can pick from over 5,000 China toy suppliers that have over 100,000,000 items. The benefits of using this portal include saving of up to 60% in costs and excellent support.

Why Ride on Cars are High in Demand?

If you are wondering why you should contact a ride on cars wholesale supplier as a retailer, then you must read on. Here we will tell you why ride on cars are high in demand presently and why they are likely to be in demand in the future as well.

  • Develops the Motor Skills of a Child

The first reason why parents prefer ride on toy for their kids is that it helps develop the motor skills of their kids from an early age. When the kids understand the basics of driving at a young age, they have a minimal problem in learning to drive on the roads after they turn into adults.

  • It Gets Kids Outdoors

Parents also prefer ride on cars as it gets kids outdoors and takes them away from screen addiction. Common examples of screen addiction include addiction to TVs, mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

  • It Makes Kids Independent

When kids have their own vehicles, they become more independent, and their self-confidence levels rise. It’s a good thing for parents who want to raise independent and mentally strong kids.


All in all, it can be said that there are many options when you are searching for ride on cars wholesale suppliers. You should consider all the options mentioned above and make a wise decision.



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