Do you want to wholesale electric scooters from China?

The electric scooter market has been rocketing in the past year. As an experienced electric scooter wholesale supplier both in China and Europe, our sales volume also increased twice during this period. Today we will recap a real case of custom electric scooter orders to our factory in China.

About the client

Our client Mr.Mike is from Europe. He has been selling our M6 Plus electric scooter for more than 1 year. He mainly sells to end-users from his own website and some local retail platforms. And he is very helpful in providing constructive advice to improve the scooter quality. We appreciate that.

About M6 Plus electric scooter(Xiaomi M365 alternative)

M6 Plus folding electric scooter is our feature product and a good alternative to the Xiaomi M365.



The scooter comes 95% assembled, all you need to do is to install the handlebar. You could find the M6 Plus electric scooter, a charger, a wrench, 5 screws, and a manual in the package.

The design is similar to the Xiaomi scooter and very attractive at first glance. It has an 8.5inch honeycomb solid tire which is flat free. The M6 Plus features double braking system-front E-ABS anti-lock braking and rear disc brake. It will keep your safety with a short brake distance. Front and rear bright light will increase your visibility in dark.

Performance and portability

The 36V, 7.8Ah lithium will offer 25-30km mileage in one full charge. You can accelerate speed to 30km/h in maximum. There are 3-speed modes you can adjust.

The scooter is easy to fold and weighs only 12kg, You can carry the folded up electric scooter to anywhere you want. The folded scooter is so compact as you can store it in your car trunk.

About the order

Mike wanted to order one 20” full container(300pcs) M6 Plus electric scooter. He sent us his requirement before the mass production:

  • Speed setting

Due to the regulation of speed limits in the client’s country, we need to make some changes to the scooter speed setting. More specifically, we need to customize the APP. 

The top speed is 30km/h before, now the 3 speed level is: ECO mode-15km/h(you can use APP to adjust Speed between 0-20km/h); Drive mode-21km/h(you can use APP to adjust the speed between 0-21km/h); Sport mode-21km/h(you can use APP to adjust speed between 0-21km/h).

  • Waterproof treatment

Based on end-users’ feedback, the water-resistant ability is an important factor when using electric scooters. So Mike and we came up with a way of how to improve the waterproof level properly. Most electric scooters in the market have IP54 level for water-resistant. M6 Plus foldable electric scooter can reach IP55-IP56 by using this method.

  • CE certification

The traffic department in Mike’s country requires the CE certification to contain the Machinery Directive(2006/42/EC) term. It is mandatory if he wants to sell the electric scooter.

  • Put orange reflector on the scooter wheel
  • Use rustless screw in all scooter parts
  • Put customized manual in all packages
  • 100% testing before shipping out of the factory, especially for disc brakes, all screws, rear fender, and folding mechanism

What we do

There is a lot of discussion and confirmation back and forth before official production. 

  • We immediately contacted APP technicians and asked about the possibility of realizing the customer’s requirement. And how long it will take.
  • The CE certification we have before is EMC approved, so we started communicating with the testing organization about the procedure and time of applying CE with the MD directive.
  • Our team concluded Mike’s demands and made a pdf about it. And we had a meeting with all the people in charge to ensure no mistakes.

Start mass production

We sent some videos and pictures to Mike during manufacturing, so he can rest assured all things went smoothly.


It turned out we can change the APP according to Mike’s requirements, but it needs to wait for one more week.

All production and testing lasted 10days. At the same time, CE with the MD directory came out in 12days.


Ready to ship

All products are 100% checking and ready to ship.


As electric scooters contain lithium batteries, it belongs to dangerous goods in China. Clients need an experienced forwarder if they want to ship them out. Since Mike does not have a Chinese forwarder, we took care of everything for him. 

How can we do this? Because we have been importing containers of electric vehicles to our Europe warehouse for many years and are familiar with the shipping process. We can guarantee all goods arrive at the customer’s hand safely. 

About our company-Trusted supplier when wholesale electric scooters from China

Established in 2015, Suzhou Tomi Smart Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading electric scooter manufacturers in China. We have full capabilities to manufacture different kinds of foldable electric scooter to fulfill your requirement. 

We have our own branch company called Gofunsport in Europe. With two large warehouses located in France and Germany, you can find various products such as electric scooter, electric bike, E scooter, electric moped, electric cabin scooter, hoverboard, and so forth. 

In another word, besides manufacturing folding electric scooters by ourselves in China, we are also importing containers of other steady electric vehicles like citycoco, Sunra Miku max, Sunra Robo S, Luyuan electric scooter to the European market. So we can also service electric scooter retailers and distributors all over Europe. 

Suzhou Tomi Smart Technology Co., Ltd continues to improve the quality of our products according to clients’ demand over the years. We are a customer-oriented enterprise that will offer you the best electric scooter at a competitive price. 

Final words

This is the first time we review the process of clients’ electric scooter orders. We will add more and more real cases in the future. If you also want to wholesale electric scooters from China, do not hesitate to send us an inquiry for further discussion.