Where to find Xiaomi m365 wholesale supplier in Europe?

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Xiaomi m365 is one of best electric kick scooter in Europe market. A lot of electric scooter retailers and distributors are eager to be an agent for this reputable model. The thing is, how to find a suitable Xiaomi m365 wholesale supplier in Europe?

Today you will learn about some tips of choosing Xiaomi scooter suppliers in Europe, let us dive right in…


Alibaba.com might be the most famous B2B marketplace all over the world. As a buyer, you can discover thousands of manufacturers and wholesalers on it. Here are the steps when it comes to buying Xiaomi mijia scooter supplier in bulk on it:

Open the link alibaba.com on your browser, click the down arrow on the search box and you could find options of Products and Suppliers, choose either of them, type the product keywords you want to look for in the search box, let us say: Xiaomi M365.

If you choose “Products”, the result will be like this:


Click “Ready to ship” of product type on the left sidebar.


The “ready to ship” option means you can place orders directly online. And the sellers must send out goods within 15days(Lead time). Shipping cost is already calculated according to your location.


Another method is to choose “Suppliers” on the search box, then choose the country the suppliers come from.


Now you know how to find the Xiaomi electric scooter supplier in Europe on Alibaba, but how do you know what they offered is the original Xiaomi or fake? This leads to our next topic.

How to tell the difference between a real and fake Xiaomi M365

For people who want to purchase the original Xiaomi Mi M365, you do not want to spend your hard-earn money and get a clone one eventually. How to spot fake Xiaomi m365?


Sometimes you might be excited to find a so-claimed the original Xiaomi 365 is selling at a very low price online. But is it true? According to our experience in China, the profit for authentic Xiaomi scooter is very small. The retail price for the original Xiaomi 365 will be no less than 350EUR.

Design difference

Countless Chinese factory are producing Xiaomi copy 1:1, these models might look very similar to the original at first glance. But you can still find the slight difference in Design(LCD display, color difference, brake lever, welding and so on).



Easy ways to spot genuine Xiaomi m365 electric scooter

Xiaomi scooter is not an affordable device for everyone. Before making the purchasing decision, here are some helpful tips.

Serial number

Every Xiaomi M365 scooter comes with a unique serial number, the location is under the deck board. You can enter the serial number at the below link to check if the scooter is genuine.


Official Xiaomi app

Can the scooter be connected with Xiaomi home app? Only real Xiaomi scooter can connect with their official APP. This is a crucial question you can ask the sellers before buying.

Xiaomi M365 copy

As the Xiaomi scooter supply ability is limited and not all traders can get enough stock, that is why some Xiaomi electric scooter copy appears.

We can not completely deny the effort of some factory put in, their purpose is to produce a Xiaomi M365 clone with relatively lower price and good quality. And giving more choice to consumers.

As long as the sellers do not make fake promotions in descriptions such as “This is the original Xiaomi M365”. We should allow their exists.

Local B2B marketing place

Each country in Europe has its own B2B marketing place online, it is the platform to connect wholesalers and retailers. For instance, thewholesaleforums.co.uk in the UK.

Just put some keywords like “wholesale marketplace” or “B2B marketplace” on local search engine and you can find them easily. Wholesalers will invest to do advertising on these platforms, all you need to do is to enroll and search the products you need.


For electric scooters, there are some professional trade show held in Europe every year. For instance, Europe bike, Milan Eicma motorcycle show, IFA global market and many other small tradefairs.

On one hand, it is more convincing to talk business face to face.

On the other hand, you can touch and test the products by yourself. There is a good chance you can find the suitable wholesalers and suppliers who can support your business for the long run.

Check your email box

If you are established importers or resellers for electric scooters in Europe, you might receive countless promotional emails from China or other countries every day. Most of the time you can choose to ignore them, but when you have the need for an ideal supplier, those emails could be useful.


There are many ways to find a Xiaomi M365 wholesale supplier in this internet world. Xiaomi scooter copy can exist in the market as long as they do not mislead customers. Hope this article has helped you. If you have any questions, just feel free to email us at info@gofunsport.com or leave your comments below.



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