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Bulk buy face masks in Europe


Disposable civilian 3 ply face mask for citizens

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Construction dust respirator safety protective FFP2 face mask

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3 ply disposable medical face mask for medical use

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3 ply face disposable Medical surgical mask

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Nelson n95 respirator face mask

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Washable dust cotton reusable face mask

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Best anti fog safty protective face shield

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Safety disposable coveralls medical protective clothing suit 

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Why Choose us

Face mask wholesale Europe

We have face mask stocks in our Europe warehouse now. Inluding disposable face masks and KN95(FFP2).

Fast Shipping time from Europe

It will only take 3-5 days to deliver the products within European Union. All import taxes had been paid so you do not need to worry about any customs issues.

CE approved

All the face masks we provide reach EU market standard. We also supply disposable gloves and hand sanitizer from our Europe warehouse.

Manufacturer sources

We have contact with many masks manufacturers in China, when one factory’s product capacity is limted, we can always find another supplier to complete the order on time. All products are certified.

Professional forwarder

We have cooperated with experienced forwarders to export goods to Europe for many years. And these forwarders are shipping out face masks everyday from China. They will ensure the goods arrive to you safely.

Fast Shipping time from China

We can also help purchasing face masks from China. It will take 7-10 working days for shipping time.

We,Gofunsport can help buy face masks in bulk from China. We also have face mask stocks in our Europe warehouse.

The Novel coronavirus epidemic is getting controlled in China now. But it is still very severe in the European area. As a 4-years electric scooter supplier with headquarter based in China, our heart is with all of our clients and people who live in Europe. In this plight, we will do our best to help all of our clients to find suitable masks and other goods they need from China.

Before buying face masks in bulk from China

We are receiving a lot of inquiries asking for “masks” every day. But it seems many customers can not figure out what types of masks they need. Simply speaking, masks can be divided into two kinds-Respirator masks and medical masks(surgical masks). Respirator masks such as N95 can be used by citizens. While medical masks or surgical masks are mainly used in hospitals. 

Therefore, when you are looking for disposable face masks suppliers from China. One thing you should tell the sellers is what kind of masks you need. So they can recommend suitable ones accordingly. After all, the regulation of exporting medical masks is more strict than civil masks in China.

In below video you can see how busy Chinese masks factory is every day:

Places we can ship to

UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

If you are from other countries and want to buy face masks wholesale from China, you can also contact us at info@gofunsport.com.

Respirator mask types


European Union classifies protective face masks into three-level: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3. The applicable regulations are (EU) 2019/425 Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). The test standard is EN149:2001 A1:2009.

Based on filtration effectiveness, FFP1≥80%, FFP2≥95%, FFP3≥99%.

You might hear a lot about N95 masks, the name is representing its filtering efficiency. In Europe, FFP2 masks equal N95.

KN95: China standard. All KN95 masks must be GB2626-2006 approved.

N95: The US standard. It is produced based on NOISH regulation. Manufacturers including 3M and Honeywell.

Based on filtration effectiveness, FFP2=KN95=N95.

How to identify FFP2 face masks?

Many mask manufacturers in China claim they can provide FFP2 face masks. Here is an easy step to step guide to identify the real ones:

The First step:

Real FFP2 face masks should have labels marked on the surface: FFP2, CE, EN149:2001 .,etc.

The Second step:

Ask the suppliers to provide the CE certification. 

Firstly, go to https://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/nando/index.cfm?fuseaction=notifiedbody.main


All certification agencies authorized by the European Commission are publicized on this website. You can search the information and authorization scope of the agency according to the name or number.

Secondly, Making sure if the certification agency has the PPE Regulation(EU) 2016/425 authorization. The authorization scope for each certification agency is different. If the institution is authorized by PPE Regulation, the scope should be displayed as below:


Without the authorization of the PPE Regulation, the agency is not authorized to carry out CE certification for protective masks. The certifications issued by it are not in compliance with EU Law.

Masks CE certification on customs clearance

If the CE passed the above test, you will have no problem on customs clearance.

On the contrary, we are not sure either. Due to the lack of masks in Europe, many EU countries have relaxed the rules for custom checking. As far as we know, many masks with CE that is not totally qualified also arrived at destinations smoothly. 

An important tip is to send the CE certificate and product pictures to your broker to evaluate. They will tell you if you can import these masks.

Where to buy face masks in bulk-face mask supplier in China?

Alibaba: Alibaba is always an ideal platform to find your supplier. Right now Alibaba has strengthened the medical product entry conditions. All online face mask suppliers need to demonstrate clearly what standard their medical masks(surgical masks) meet. Such as YY0469-2011, YY/T0969-2013, and GB19083-2010.

For masks that are not for medical use, sellers can not promote it as “Medical” usage or reach medical standards.

Face mask Manufacturers: As far as we know, all well-known face mask manufacturers like Da sheng are busy with government orders from all over the world. It is hard to get in touch with the people who work in it. And the MOQ request is high, 1million pieces at least.

Middlemen and trading company: You can also deal with Middlemen or trade companies. Some of them can get quiet quality face masks in the market. Just remember to ask them to provide all the files like testing reports and CE in the negotiation process.

Which companies in China can export masks to Europe?

Chinese government has put a lot of effort to improve the quality of face masks exporting to foreign countries. You can see the change of regulation during this period:

News on April 1th-Medical face masks

On April 1st, China government issued new rules for enterprises exporting new coronavirus commodities when declaring the customs. The medical commodity including new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilators, and infrared thermometers. Companies must provide written or electronic statements to commit the products to possess Medical device production license. They also need to provide filling or registration certificate of Chinese medical device products, and product testing report. 

In Fact, there is a company list for those who have obtained the medical device products registration certificate. It is on the website of China State Drug Administration. Obviously, purchasing prices from the listed enterprises is high.

Contact us for the registration list

News on April 10th

According to the newest rules published by the General Administration of Customs on April 10th. All export medical commodity needs to implement export commodity inspection. The purpose is to impove the quality of exporting medical materials.

News on April 26th-Non-medical masks

Based on the new regulation of April 26th, all non-medical masks for exporting must reach Chinese quality standard or Foreign quality standard.

Ministry of commerce had confirmed a face mask manufactuer list which obtained foreign quality standard or registration. Customs will check and release the products from enterprises on the list. For masks that are not produced from the list, enterprises should provide necessory documents for customs declaration.

Non-medical mask export companies must submit an electronic or written joint declaration of the exporter and importer, confirming that the product complies with China quality standards or foreign quality standards. The importer accepts the quality standards of the purchased products and promises not to use them for medical purposes.

Some customers are wondering if trading companies or middlemen can export disposable medical masks. The answer is yes if they can get all the certification from the original manufacturers.

What is the safest way to ship face masks from China?

What shipping way you should use when importing face masks, Express or air freight? Let us compare them in different aspects(Express delivery including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and so on).

Waiting time for flight: Almost the same. All face masks parcels need to wait for flight both for Express and air freight. It is about 3-5days.

Flight time: Almost the same. Once the departure of the airplane. The goods can arrive at the airport of the destination very quickly. About 3-4days.

Convenience: Express wins. Express delivery can send goods to your home directly. And air freight only delivers to your nearest airport. Both shipping methods need clear customs by yourself.

Risks: Airfreight wins. The risk of sending masks by Express is a little higher than Airfreight. You probably have heard news such as Germany blocked masks of Italy and Switzerland, France holds up masks from UK., etc. These things happened when sending face masks by Express. Apart from this, your valued masks might be stolen by airport staff or courier on the way. After all, masks are the most needed commodity in Europe right now.

The ideal way

In our opinion, the safest shipping way is to adopt Airfreight in a proper manner. Shipping face masks directly to your nearest airport. Then you can ask your broker to deal with customs clearance. You can drive a small trunk to pick up the goods by yourself after that. 

FYI, we are adopting both methods to ship face masks to our clients. It is going very well so far.


Is it difficult to buy face masks in China at the moment? Absolutely no, when many countries are suffering a serious shortage of face masks, numerous Chinese manufacturers are producing hundreds of thousands of masks per day. If you want to buy face masks in bulk from China, feel free to contact us for a quotation at info@gofunsport.com today!