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Top Electric Scooter Manufacturers in China

Suzhou Tomi Smart Technology Co., Ltd is committed to being one of the best electric scooter factories in China.

Tomismart has 4 branches: 1. Overseas branch company-Go Funsporthandel GmbH; 2. Suzhou shipping handling center; 3. Zhejiang manufacturing base; 4. Shenzhen international sales center.

Founded in 2015, our branch company Go Funsporthandel GmbH runs two Europe warehouse based in France and Germany. Over the years, Gofunsport has won good fame via cooperation with more than 1000 B2B clients within Europe.

Suzhou Tomi Smart Technology Co., Ltd is not the largest electric scooter supplier in China, but we will put our heart into each order you placed.

If you are searching for a trustworthy electric scooters factory direct supplier, do not hesitate to send an inquiry to us today! We are looking forward to establishing a successful business relationship with you.

6inch electric scooter wholesale in China

6inch electric scooter CNC folding system

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N4 8.5inch folding electric scooter wholesale in China

N4 8.5inch folding electric scooter

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N7-10inch-black-foldable-electric-scooter wholesale from China

N7 10inch foldable electric scooter

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M6 electric scooter Xiaomi alternative wholesale in China

M6 electric scooter-Xiaomi scooter alternative

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M6 Plus electric scooter Xiaomi scooter alternative wholesale in China

M6 Plus electric scooter Xiaomi M365 alternative

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citycoco harley electric scooter wholesale from China

Citycoco harley electric scooter supplier in China

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Why Choose us

  • 100% quality testing

We always put quality in the first place. With well-trained workers and advanced testing machines, we test all the electric scooters before shipping out from our factory.

  • 5 years experience

We have more than 5 years of experience in producing and exporting electric scooters. Especially for Europe market, we keep importing containers of electric scooter to our Europe warehouse each week and distribute to all of our clients.

  • Custom order accepted

You can place custom orders to us. With your own logo on the package and on the electric scooter itself. You can check the model we can provide below and contact us if any interests.

  • Europe warehouse

If you are electric scooter importers and buyers from Europe, it would be great if we can be partners. We stock all of our products and spare parts in our France&Germany warehouse all the time. Therefore, it will be convenient if you want to buy electric scooter wholesale locally with faster delivery time.


Yes, we can manufacture the electric scooters according to your request.

Yes, we have specific quality control personnel to do 100% test during production, you can also arrange your worker to do quality testing before shipping.


Sample orders: In 3-7 working days. Bulk orders: In 10-20 working days after receiving your deposit.

For battery is 6 months, for other parts 1 year.

Yes, we stock all of our products including electric scooter, electric bicycle, hoverboard, hoverboard go kart in our Europe warehouse, you can contact us any time for wholesale or dropshipping from our Europe warehouse.

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Folding electric scooter factory

There are 5 types of folding electric scooter we can manufacture. Namely, M6 electric scooter, M6 Plus electric scooter, 6inch electric scooter, N4 8.5inch electric scooter, N7 10inch electric scooter.

M6/M6 Plus electric scooter

Xiaomi electric scooter is no doubt is best selling electric scooter in China market. M6 and M6 Plus is a Xiaomi M365 alternative model. These two models will meet the demand for clients who want Xiaomi design at lower cost and good performance.

At first glance, you will notice no difference between M6 and M6 Plus. However, the performance of M6 Plus is better than M6. Here is a comparison table between them.

Feature M6 M6 Plus
Mileage 25km 25-30km
Battery 6.0AH 7.8AH
Motor Power 250W 350W
Max Speed 25km/h 25km/h
Tire 8.5inch inflatable 8.5inch solild honeycomb
APP Yes Yes

As the table shows, lithium battery capacity for M6 plus is 7.8AH, while M6 is 6AH. As a result, mileage for M6 plus can reach 25km-30km, which is longer than M6’s range. Motor power of M6 Plus is 350W, larger than 250W of M6.

Another important feature is the tire, both M6 and M6 Plus use 8.5inch tire. M6 wheel is inflatable, so you would feel more comfortable when riding this electric scooter. M6 Plus adopts rubber honeycomb tire. It is robust and strong. Getting rid of puncture risks. It also has a suspension effect that will guarantee your driving experience. The disc brakes of both models will secure your safety while gliding.


Just like the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, the M6 series electric scooter also comes with an APP. You can pair your scooter with the APP and monitor some useful parameters like real-time speed, remaining power, and so on.

6inch folding electric scooter

Our 6inch wheel electric kick scooter is a light weight portable transport tool. It has a two-speed mode which you can change as your will. With CNC folding system, it is easy to fold the scooter in 3 seconds. You can lift the folded 7.7kgs scooter up whenever needed. Thanks to CNC technology, the folding mechanism has high precision and is very sturdy.


A lot of customers like this electric scooter because of its cheap price and simple design.


Package size: 105*18.5*24cm
Weight: 7.7kg
Range: 15km
Battery: 24V, 5.2AH lithium battery
Motor Power: 250W
Max Speed: 23km/h
Tire: 6inch
Charging time: 3hours

N7 10inch foldable electric scooter

With rear hub motor of 350W, N7 is a powerful and sturdy electric scooter in our product range. Thanks to its 10inch inflatable wheel, you will never worry about small obstacles on the road.  You can drive it like an off-road electric scooter on the sand, grass, cobblestone, gravel., etc.

There are different options you can customize this electric mobility scooter. For instance, you can choose 7.8AH or 10.4AH of the lithium battery capacity, a larger battery will extend the mileage.

10inch electric scooter battery pack

As for the wheel, you can select to use a solid wheel or pneumatic wheel. It is hard to say which types of wheel is better.

The solid wheel will solve the puncture issue, if you choose to use this type, the honeycomb tire is suitable cause it will enhance your driving experience. On the other hand, the Pneumatic wheel will definitely bring you the most comfortable riding feeling.

Some people like folding electric scooter with seat. N7 will offer this choice to our clients too. The seat is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can add or remove it quickly whenever it is necessary.


Package size: 125.5*31*47cm
Weight: 15kg
Range: 20km
Battery: 36V, 7.8/10.4AH lithium battery
Motor Power: 350W
Max Speed: 25km/h
Tire: 10inch peumatic
Charging time: 3-5hours

N4 8.5inch electric scooter

The N4 electric scooter is a distinctive electric vehicle for adults and teenagers.

You can only rotate the scooter head to a certain angle, not 360°. This design will reduce the risks of falling off when come across big bumps on the road.

The N4 scooter features easy disassembly wheels, you can dismount the wheel easily even if you are not an expert for this electric vehicle. This is very useful when you encounter aftersales issues.


The scooter is CE/Rohs approved, we are applying for the German ABE certification at the moment.

It is worth to mention that both N7 and N4 has a slide start function. This function has taken into full consideration the safety factor. You need to glide the scooter to a certain speed so as to let the electric motor work.


Package size: 105*15*50cm
Weight: 12kg
Range: 20km
Battery: 36V, 6.0AH lithium battery
Motor Power: 300W
Max Speed: 31km/h
Tire: 8.5 inch
Charging time: 4hours

Citycoco harley electric scooter factory


Except folding electric scooter , we can also produce citycoco harley electric scooter. This vehicle is a cool design big wheel electric scooter in recent years.

All of our citycoco electric scooter passed EEC/COC certification, which means you can apply a licensed number plate for the electric vehicle and drive it legally on public road.

We offer various model options for you to choose. 1500w/1000w of motor power, 12AH/20AH of battery capacity. Multiple colors is available. Other optional function includes double battery, Bluetooth speaker and so on.


Package size: 190*40*85cm
Weight: 55kg
Range: 35-60km
Battery: 60V, 12AH/20AH lithium battery
Motor Power: 1500W/1000W
Max Speed: 45km/h
Tire: 18*9.5inch
Charging time: 6-8 hours

Electric scooter market

We hold a strong belief that electric scooter will become more and more popular in the future.


Google trends figure told us the number of people searching for Electric scooter has risen dramatically in the past 12 months.

Since the Cvoid19 epidemic, people realize that they should stay in open space for more time. When going out, people are inclined to ride an electric scooter or electric bicycle on their own inside of the crowded bus and subway.

In order to return to work, the UK government encourages people to keep a distance from buses and choose more environmental transport tools. Britain has allowed electric scooter rental on road since June 2020.

In some cities like Berlin, Paris, and Milan, more cycle lanes are developed to advocate green commute. Since July, Chambery Government in France starts to give 500EUR to citizens who purchase electric bikes. Italy has a similar allowance policy for cities population that is more than 50 thousand.

The sales volume of electric bike and electric scooter on Aliexpress increased rapidly amid the coronavirus crisis. In May, the sales of electric scooter in Italy increased 9 times, in the UK increased 8 times, in France 380%.

All in all, if you are looking for electric scooter factory in China, feel free to contact us for a quotation today!