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Best hoverboard manufacturer in ChinaHoverboard manufacturer

We, Go Funsportthandel GmbH, is a 3-years experienced hoverboard manufacturer in both Europe and China, with our own hoverboard factory located in Zhejiang, China.

Starting from this year, we begin to build our own brand “Smarthlon” in overseas market. Brand is a double-edged sword, we pay great attention to the quality of our products to win the trust from our clients.

If you are looking for hoverboard wholesale supplier from China, do hesitate to contact us at info@gofunsport.com at any time.

Where we are selling to?


With hoverboard factory in China, we can accept orders from all over the world.

2.Europe Union

If you are resellers from Europe, that is super convenient cause we have a Germany warehouse with stocks like hoverboard, hoverkart, electric scooter, electric skateboard, electric bike and so on. Containers of these products are importing to our warehouse every month. Fasting shipping and good after-sale service could be provided to our Europe clients.

Products we can produce in China(Stocked in Germany too)

  • Hoverboard

    Hoverboard of all types

Hoverboard is a popular toy and gift for children, we can produce different types of hoverboards including 6.5inch, 8inch Lamborghini, 8.5inch off-road hummer hoverboard, 10inch all terrain hoverboard.

  • Hoverkart

hoverkart with suspension

Hoverkart appears as an accessory for hoverboard. You can attach a hoverkart to all types of self-balancing scooter. Comparing with hoverboard, hoverkart is safer and more stable to ride. You can sit and use the handlebar to control your direction.

  • Electric scooter

Foldable electric scooter, is a good transportion tools for short distance.

Now we have two types of unique design electric scooter.

(1) 5.5inch electric scooter

black foldable electric scooter

5.5inch foldable electric scooter is a lightweight transport tool weighs only 7.7kgs. It is very easy to fold and you can lift it when coming across stairs outdoor. With top speed of 23km/h, it is your best choice for commuting.

(2) 10inch electric kick scooter

10inch black electric kick scooter

Some customers are obsessed with bigger wheel electric scooter, that is why we published the 10inch version.

With motor power of 350W and 7.8AH battery capacity, you can enjoy gliding it at ease.

(3) Citycoco Harley E scooter

Citycoco harley E scooter

Citycoco Harley E scooter has became very popular in recent years. We keep receiving positive feedback from Clients about how they enjoy this powerful vehicle.

Why choose us?

Best Quality Control

We use well-known brands for the 3 most important parts in Hoverboard. Taotao motherboard, Hanghong motor and HuiYe lithium battery. All of our boards reached the standard of UL2272 or CE/Rohs according to your country. You may not find the cheapest hoverboard from us, but you will definitely find the self-balancing scooter with good quality and reasonable price.

Professional shipping service

As a reputable segway hoverboard manufacturer, we keep importing swegway and electric kick scooter to our Germany warehouse each month, professional importing shipping service can be provided. What is more, if you are customers from EU, we can provide dropshipping service so you could undertake lower risks.

Fast and reliable after sales

As you know, warranty could be a big problem when importing segway hoverboard from China manufacturers. We always keep extra spare parts in our EU warehouse, free spare parts could be offered for any problems, repair service could be provided if needed. For customers who are not from EU, we promise to give 2% extra spare parts for each order.

If you are looking for a trust-worthy china hoverboard manufacturer, welcome to contact us for Pricelist.