Cheap 10inch segway hoverboard with bluetooth-Rayeeboard

10inch segway hoverboard,with its bigger tire,you can drift over small humbles at ease,riding it with fun to places like parks and schools and so on.

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What is inside the box?

1*user manual
1*carry bag



10inch segway,is the largest size hoverboard you could find in the market.,in our shop,all 6.5 and 10inch segway hoverboard contain bluetooth and remote,but what is the difference between this two model:

10 inch segway

Advantage over 6.5 hoverboard

Appearance for 10inch segway looks cooler and stronger.

With bigger wheels size of 10inch,the board can go up to Max speed 12km/h,which is a little faster than 6.5inch swegway.

Bigger wheel means better riding experience,you would feel more stable and comfortable on 10inch scooter.

The inflatable rubber tire added shock protection on itself,allows you to go over small bumpers easily,by riding this monster model,you can go anywhere with ease,such as grass,sidewalk,indoor,dirt paths and much more.

Following is a terrain test video for 10inch and 6.5inch hoverboard:

The 10inch swegway hoverboard is equiped with motor power for 350W*2,it can climb up steeper slope of 20°.

The weight limit is 120kgs,it can carry heavier rider than the regular hoverboard,suitable for bigger adults and little kids.

Despite the 10inch is faster and heavier than 6.5,charging time for it is the same as 2.5-3h,both comes standarded with 4.4ah samsung battery.

Disadvantage over 6.5inch hoverboard

Battery life of 10inch segway board is a little shorter than 6.5inch,about 75%-80% of the regular model.

On one hand,the model is heavier than 6.5,tire size is bigger,you might ride it over rough surface regularly.
On the other hand,the max speed for it is more than regular ones,people like to drive faster when they are familiar with it,so the battery drains faster too.

Weight for the board is heavier(13kgs),it is not very convenient for girls to carry it around when go out.For boys?Just take it as an exercise.

10inch segway price is more expensive.The overall size for 10inch is larger,motor is more powerful,so you would find the price for it is the most expensive in the market.

Other tips when riding 10inch segway

The model comes with inflatable rubber tire,you can pump the tires up by using the same tire pump for your bike.
Avoiding riding on road with nails,glass fragment or sharp-edged pebbles,it might broken the tire and cause danger to yourself.
Read manual when receiving the model,it is suggested to wear protection when riding the gadget.

Main Feature

Material:ABS+Aluminum frame
Color: Black carbon, Flame,black,Graffit,hip-hop
Motor power:350W*2
Net weight:13kgs
Lithium Battery:36V,4.4AH Lithium Battery
Charging time:3 hours
Max load:120kg
Max speed:12KM/H
Led: NO
Remote: Yes
Carry bag: Yes
Product size:60*27*26(cm)
Packing size: 77.5*34.5*35(cm)

Overall,if you are looking for a more sturdy,faster hoverboard which will give you better riding experience,it is totally worth the money to buy a 10inch segway.


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