Citycoco 1500W HL 3.0 60V 25AH e scooter in France/Germany warehouse

Citycoco HL 3.0 comes with a 1500 watt motor, and it is European road approval(EEC and COC).

The Citycoco harley electric scooter is durable, economical, and offers an incomparable driving experience. It combines features of high flexibility, easy handling, and low operating costs. Making it an environmentally friendly and powerful transport tool.

  • Color: Matt black, glossy blue, glossy burgundy, glossy green, matt green, matt white, matt burgundy
  • Stable stock in our France&Germany warehouse
  • 3-6 days delivery time by pallets within European Union
  • 1 year warranty
  • EEC/COC certificate
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Citycoco 1500w HL 3.0 electric scooter-Enjoy more fun in city traffic

Whether you are going shopping or to work, you can cruise elegantly through the city with the 1500W scooter. As the demand for two-wheel electric mobility increases, the Gofunsport citycoco HL 3.0 with 45km/h has enough speed and power to keep up in city traffic. If you are keen for more powerful electric vehicle, check our our citycoco 3000w HL 6.0 model.


Compared with other electric mopeds, this citycoco electric scooter has an advantage in weight-only 73kg without battery. You will be impressed with its lightweight, robust design and wide fat tire. Customized colors are optional.

You can drive the fat tire scooter for three days without charging

The Citycoco 1500w HL 3.0 can travel around 40-60km. If you ride 15km per day on average, it only needs to be recharged every three days. The removable battery weighs only a couple of kilos. You can install and remove the battery at ease. However, we do not suggest charging the big wheel scooter overnight as it is not safe.

The Gofunsport citycoco 1500W HL 3.0 is also protected against theft with an alarm system and handlebar lock. 

Enjoy riding the pollution-free fat tire electric scooter today!

Detachable battery


The 60V 45AH lithium battery can support you to run a range of 50km. The battery is removable so you can take it off from the scooter and charge it conveniently. There is no need to charge the scooter everyday due to its long range. You can charge it at home or office with any 230 volt outlet.

Obviously, you can charge the battery with it remain in the fat tire scooter. The battery is lockable so you do not need to worry about theft when not around.

Multiple color fender

There are seven colors of the fender for you to choose from. The color includes matt black, glossy blue, glossy burgundy, glossy green, matt green, matt white, matt burgundy.

Throttle grip

The full rubber throttle grip ensures a good grip in any weather. You can find speed switch, brake, ignition key with remote alarm control on it. By turning the throttle grip, you can precisely control the speed of the citycoco HL 3.0 electric scooter. The red 3-speed switch helps to change the speed mode easily. With the remote control, you can turn on or off the alarm system and immobilizer.

Big wheel and Seat

Extra-wide tires enable you to feel equally well on flat and dirt roads.

The fat tire scooter has a reinforced, shock-absorbed front fork; two spring shock absorbers are in the back. The wide wheel has a diameter of 18 inches.

Other features include front and rear disc brake, maintenance-free 1500w motor.

The large comfortable seat allows a pleasant driving experience in any position. You can always have a good and secure grip on the Citycoco 1500w HL 3.0 electric scooter with the extra durable material. You can find the controller and lockable battery under the seat.

It also comes with a display that indicates the speed, power consumption, range.


Number of seats: 1
Mileage on a single charge: 50km(Performance depending on rider weight, terrain, weather conditions and temperature)
Weight: 80kg
Maximum load: 165kg
Maximum speed: 45km/h
Engine power: 1500 watts
Wheel diameter: 18 inch
Charging time: 8 hours
Battery capacity: 25AH
Shock absorber: Front and rear

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