Citycoco electric scooter harley 1500W 20AH wholesale from europe warehouse

Citycoco electric scooter is the most stylish vehicle to drive for commuting. We can provide wholesale/dropshipping for 1500W/20AH big wheel electric scooter from our Europe warehouse.

  • Color: Black/Red
  • 3-6 days delivery time by pallets within European Union
  • 1 year warranty
  • EEC/COC certificate

What is inside the package?

  • 1×Harley Citycoco scooter
  • 1×COC certification
  • 1×Manual
  • 1×box of battery&spare parts
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Wholesale citycoco electric scooter from Europe warehouse


As a trust-worthy citycoco supplier in Europe, we tested all citycoco electric scooter before shipping out.

We have 3 version citycoco electric scooter in European warehouse stock now, 1000W/12AH, 1000W/20AH, 1500W/20AH.

Delivery area-Wholesale City coco scooter

All European Union countries, mainly focus on UK/Germany/France/Netherlands/Sweden. Other countries include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

Citycoco Battery


Our citycoco chopper scooter is equipped with a 60V20AH removable Lithium battery. It takes about 6hours to fully charge your scooter.

To save time, you can buy an extra battery and put it at home as a backup. In this way, whenever one battery is out of power, you can use the other one.

Motor power

Motor power of our current French stock is 1500W. Some clients from Germany/France are keen for bigger power version, as far as we know, 1500W 20AH citycoco chopper T-cruiser will meet most clients’ request. Another advantage you will notice is the silence of the engine.



We have 6color fender of spare parts stocked in our Europe warehouse. Thus, you do not need to worry much about low inventory for a certain color in hot sale season, as we can always change the fender color as your need.

Moreover, we can offer citycoco fender of more than 20 colors from our China factory.

EEC COC approved

Do you need a license for a citycoco electric scooter in Europe? All of our 1500w 20ah citycoco come with EEC/COC certificate, most countries in Europe require EEC/COC certification for electric vehicle with speed more than 25km/h. With those certificates you can apply for a plate to drive citycoco fat tire electric scooter legally on public road.

Serial number

citycoco serial number

Serial number, or so-called VIN(Vehicle identification number), is compulsory for registering licensed plates. You could find serial numbers engraved on the stem of our Harley citycoco electric scooter.

Citycoco spare parts

1-year warranty is guaranteed. we always keep spare parts such as controller and battery in stock. Free spare parts can be offered if any problems occurred. As a trustworthy supplier, we will help clients to solve all after-sales issues well and on time.

Double seat


Our citycoco Harley E scooter comes with double seat, which is great for two people to ride. In addition, the maximum load reaches 200kgs, strong and durable frame overall. You can take your loved ones for a spin at any time.

Citycoco tire

The large pneumatic 18″ wheel will give you an incomparable riding experience. Great driving stability prevents you from any falling risks.

Top speed

With speed limit at the default setting, you can drive your citycoco E scooter at max speed of 25km/h. If release speed limits, there will be three-speed mode for choosing–35/40/45 km/h.

On the other hand, it is worth knowing that the range and speed for lithium battery-operated vehicles are affected by environment temperature. In winter, the performance for citycoco will be reduced greatly.

Frequently asked questions

What is citycoco electric scooter?

Citycoco chopper is composed of an electric motor on the rear wheel and a controller. The scooter consists of a lithium battery located under the footpad. These are the main components that make the vehicle work.

Where are the products? Can I see it before purchasing?

All the citycoco T-cruiser are stocked in our French warehouse. You are welcome to visit our French warehouse near Strasbourg.

What is the delivery time?

The shipping time is 3-6days within Europe depending on the distance from our warehouse.

Who will arrange the shipping?

We have cooperated with two forwarders-Woehl&Geodis. The citycoco E scooter will be shipped by pallets. You need to provide detailed delivery address including postcode so we can ask quotes from shipping company.

Of course, you can quote for the shipping company by yourself and arrange shipping at our warehouse. Our warehouse is equipped with standard loading platform.

Driving a truck and picking up the goods by yourself is also available.

Can you do dropshipping?

Yes, we provide dropshipping&wholesale. You just need to send customers’ information for each order, and we will send the citycoco to your customers directly.

Does the Citycoco come assembled?

Yes, the Harley electric scooter comes mostly assembled. It is only necessary to install the steering wheel with a screw, and the rear backrest as it is 2 seats.

Is it legal to ride it in your country?

The default max speed for our citycoco is 25km/h(You can release the speed limit to 45km/h by unplugging a white cable on controller). You can ride the scooter in most countries in such a speed.

If the released top speed is illegal in your place. All citycoco we provided come with EEC/COC certification, you can use such documents to apply for a licensed number plate. You can always ask the local traffic department for more details.

What is the citycoco battery life?

Theoretically speaking, a lithium battery can support 500-1000 charge cycles before decreasing of capacity. In order to extend the battery lifespan, you can take actions such as charge the scooter after every ride; only use the original charger; do not charge it overnight without human care, and so on.

Can I ride it on rainy days?

It is not advised to ride citycoco through puddles or in the rain. There are risks that submerge will lead to short circuit of the controller and battery. The product can endure small water splashes only.

What is the warranty?

All products have a 1-year warranty on all components and part of the Scooters, except for the battery whose warranty is 6 months. If you need to order extra spare parts, we can send you a price list.

What is the ordering process?

You can place orders by email. We will make proforma invoice including price and shipping cost for you. Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.

Main Specification

Packing size: 175×39×85
Net weight: 50kg
Gross weight: 70kg
Motor power: 1500W
Battery: 60V, 12/20 AH Lithium Battery
Max Speed: 45km/h
Range per charge: 50-60km
Max gradeability: 25°
Max load: 200kgs
Tire: 18×9.5inch
Charge time: 6 hours
Front and rear led light, turning light
Horn and rear mirror
Big pneumatic tire to enable you to ride on off-road surface
Double disc brake system
Powerful shock absorber

Above all, we can supply citycoco electric scooter Harley 1500W with 60V, 20AH from our Europe warehouse, EEC/COC approved, welcome to contact us at for any quotation.


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