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Searching for EEC electric car in Europe? Look no further, CityGo will be your ideal choice. You do not need to select electric mini cars on platforms like Alibaba and wait for a long time to receive them.

Instead, you can come to our Europe warehouse in France and Germany to test it by yourself, then make a wise buying decision. We can deliver to all European countries.


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CityGo EEC electric car review


The overall design is simple and stylish. The remote control can lock and unlock your car with one click. It is featured with an alarming system as well. The ultra-bright front led light, turning light, brake light, combined with back view camera will keep you safe when driving at night.

The 12” pneumatic tire has great grip. Giving you more comfort and stability.

Coming with fully enclosed design, you are protected from all weather. The CityGo electric mini car is compact and takes less parking space than a passenger car. Parking will be an easy thing with its back view camera.



Powered by 2000W motor, you can run up to 45km/h in max with 58AH lithium battery. CityGo EEC electric car is an ideal electric vehicle for traveling short distances up to 60km. The double brakes mechanism and hydraulic suspensions can make your journey easier and more comfortable.

You can charge the EEC approved electric car at any standard household socket. Charging time takes 8-10hours.



Color: gold, red, blue, white
Size: 2300*1100*1600MM
Packing size: 2350*1150*1650mm
Max speed: 45km/h
Mileage: 60km (various based on Weight and Terrain)
Motor type: Brushless DC motor
Motor Power: 2000w
Battery: 58ah
Max load: 300kg
Brake: Disc brake
Net weight: 468kg include battery
Charger time: 8-10h
Charger voltage: 110-240v
Battery type: Lead-acid battery
Tire: 125/65-R12
Interior: black
Configuration: Electric window, central lock, back view camera, radio&mp3, heater
Seat: 2seats


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