Best hoverkart for hoverboard cheap wholesale from Europe warehouse

We have different types of hoverkart for hoverboard in Europe warehouse, inluding A4 basic hoverkart and A5/A6 hoverkart with suspension. Hoverboard and kart bundle are cheaper. Welcome to contact for quotation!

  • Color: Black
  • 2-5days delivery time within European Union
  • 1 year warranty

What is inside the package?

  • 1×hoverkart
  • 1×seat
  • Several assembly tools
  • Several screws
  • Several straps
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A4 Hoverkart go kart


A4 hoverkart is a basic model with neat design. Coming with most parts assembled, the kart is very easy to install. All you need to do is to fasten the seat on it with 4 screws, then attach the hoverboard with hoverkart via straps.

It fits all kinds of hoverboard, for instance, 6inch, 8inch, 8.5inch offroad and 10inch hoverboard in the market. Thus, if you have bought a hoverboard, you can purchase an extra hoverkart to add more fun to your riding experience.

It is suitable for both adult and child to ride. The handle on the hoverkart is adjustable. You can control the length to step on the foot pedal comfortably.

The go kart is easy to operate. To go forward you need to move down the handle on both side. To go backward you need to move up the handle on both side. To turn left, move the right side down and put the left side up. Do the reverse when turning right.

Here is an A4 hoverkart unboxing and testing video you can check:

A5/A6 hoverkart with suspension

A6-hoverkart A5-hoverkart-with-suspension

The difference between A5 and A6 hoverkart in our product range is: A5 hoverkart comes with double adjustable rods whereas A6 model is single. The front wheel of A5 is pneumatic and A6 is solid. Both of them have rear suspension which can accommodate difference road condition.

Compared with A4 basic hoverkart, except absorption design, A5/A6 are upgraded for adopting thicker and stronger material in seat and frame. This reflects on higher price you can find on online shop and phisical store. Moreover, they can use on all types of hoverboard too. The max weight limit of them are 120kg. You can assemble the hoverboard go kart in less than 10min.

In conclusion, hoverkart is an interesting attachment for hoverboard, more and more customers choose to buy hoverkart for hoverboard as a gift in their birthday or important festival such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you are resellers or distributors for hoverboard or hoverkart in Europe, welcome to send inquiry to us!


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