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Zhejiang luyuan electric vehicle co., ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles in China. Its product covers electric scooter, electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, electric tricycle and so on. Luyuan claims the Milano vehicle is a retro electric scooter with pedals. Whereas when you look at the scooter, you will find the design is fashionable and distinct, loved by many young people.

Color: Black, Red, Blue
3-6days delivery time within the European Union
1-year warranty

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Luyuan electric scooter review


Powerful Motor

Discover the new Luyuan electric scooter with 600W motor, an ideal choice for your daily life. The motor reached IP67 waterproof level, which means it performs great in dust proof, sand proof, and water-resistant. The powerful torque, together with liquid cooling technology, makes it one of the best electric moped in Europe.

Less maintenance

Forget about starting failures from gasoline vehicles and complex maintenance of a fuel-powered device. With this retro scooter, you can drive on all European roads. No harmful emissions or endless repairs. You can recharge your vehicle at home or in the office, etc.

Adding a Kevlar layer to the tire, the tubeless wheel is more puncture-proof than the traditional inflatable tire.

Distinct design


It comes with a fully digital speedometre that allows you to know the kilometers traveled, the battery level, speed…

Luyuan has a remote control that can lock and unlock your scooter conveniently, it offers great security on the device. It also has a USB port to charge your mobile, working as a big power bank to ease your life.

Moreover, Luyuan electric scooter is equipped with front&rear LED lights that allow you to see the road at night. Increasing your visibility to pedestrians.

Milano has a 2-speed gear with which you can enjoy a cool driving experience. It has a maximum speed of 25 km/hour with which you will have a range of 40-50 kilometers to fully enjoy your motorcycle.

Long-lasting Battery

Luyuan scooter features 48V/20Ah removable lithium battery. It enables you to drive a range up to 40-50km for one full charge. You can charge your ride on vehicle wherever you want at work, at home quickly and easily. The charging time takes only 4 hours, after which you will enjoy your electric motorcycle without any interruption. The battery lifespan can reach 900 cycles.

Double Brake system


The Milano electric motorcycle has a double brake system. More specifically, it is a front disc brake and rear ceramic drum shock. The upgraded ceramic brake design offers more brake power and makes the brake more durable. The scooter adopts EABS technology to ensure you have a shorter brake distance and keep you safe.

In addition, our Milano comes in various colors as black, red, and blue. All e scooters are stocked in our warehouse located in France and Germany.

Important note

Before riding the scooter for the first time, please carefully read through the user manual, safety warnings, maintenance guide, and battery use tips.

Countries we can ship to include the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium., etc. Delivery time is 3-5 business days. You are always welcomed to visit our warehouse.

If you are electric motorcycle retailers/wholesalers/distributors who are interested in our Luyuan electric scooter, do not hesitate to send an inquiry to Pricelist and more details will be provided.


Rated motor power: 48V440R/600W
Battery: 48V/20Ah Lithium battery
Charger: 48V-30E-2T/6PLUS
Controller: 60V-48V/9/HB2
Speed: 25km/h
Range: 40-50km
Brake(Front/Rear): Disc brake/Ceramic drum brake/EABS
Tire size: 2.75-10 Reflective tubeless tire
Product dimension: 1710*655*1130mm
Packing size: 1650*500*1000mm
Color: Black, Red, Blue


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