Cheap off road swegway with bluetooth-Rayeeboard

Off road swegway hoverboard,with its big tire,you can ride this hoverboard to everwhere you want,it is easy to ride across humbles and not fall off,give you very stable riding experience.

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What is inside the box?

1*user manual
1*carry bag



Off road swegway, also called all terrain swegway hoverboard,is the most compact model in hoverboard market.

off road swegway

Main Feature for Off road swegway

8.5inch wheel

People used to think that larger wheel means better riding experience,but 8.5″ all terrain hoverboard might be an exception,its terrain testing performance is same good as 10inch swegway.You can ride it on different terrains,such as pavement,sidewalk,dirt path,grass,sandy beaches,even snow road.

Here is a video showing the good terrain performance of 8.5inch hoverboard:

Solid tire

Another advantage about it is you do not need to worry about broken of tires,the 8.5inch tire is solid and can not be pumped up,the inflatable tire of 10inch might be broken when encounter sharp things,then you need to change the tire,this is not going to happen on hummer hoverboard,it is so strong that can fit worse road surface.

Riding on snow road

It is a win-win situation for both suppliers and customers,you can enjoy riding off-road hummer hoverboard on snow road at ease,which means adults and kids can buy hoverboard in winter without any hesitation;good news for suppliers too,there will be less seasonal sales fluctuation.

Samsung battery

All of hummer swegway come with Samsung battery cell pack.No doubt about it,Samsung battery is the safest battery for hoverboard,you can rest assure to buy a Samsung hoverboard either online or go to physical store,if the battery is not Samsung,at least they need to reach certain certified standard,for US market,it is UL2272,for EU market,it is CE/Rohs.

IP54 certification

Due to the terrain feature for off-road swegway,some people may wonder if it is waterproof,the answer is:it is water resist in some extent,the IP54 standard means the lithium battery product is protected from water spray from any direction.Literally speaking,you can ride the swegway across a shallow puddle of water,but it is better to not ride in rainy days.

Material:ABS+Aluminum frame
Tire Size:8.5inch
Motor power:400W*2
Net weight:14.5kgs
Lithium Battery:36V,4.4AH Lithium Battery
Charging time:2.5-3 hours
Battery life:5-6hours
Max load:100kg
Max speed:10KM/H
Carry bag:Yes
Packing size:67*30*29(cm)

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