Sunra Robo S 125e electric scooter wholesale supplier from Europe

Sunra Robo S is one of the fastest electric scooters in Europe! It is Sunra’s first electric scooter in the 125 cc class after Miku max and Hawk Plus electric moped. The good news is, this high-speed Xinri electric scooter is available from our Europe warehouse.

The Sunra Robo S is produced by Jiangsu xinri e vehicle co., ltd, the market leader of electric vehicles in China. Equipped with a powerful 3000 Watt motor and 2 batteries 72 volts 20 Ah, it is capable of reaching a top speed of 80 Km/h.

Color: Black, White
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Sunra Robo s review


Sunra, electric motorcycle manufacturers in China, proposes the high-speed electric scooter Robo a well-equipped vehicle coming with impressive autonomy.

Equivalent to 125 cm3, an A1 or B license with 7 hours of training will be necessary to drive this scooter on the road in Europe. In addition, you will benefit from several government subsidies if purchase this ecological mobility vehicle.

Sunraev Robo s E scooter main feature



The Sunra Robo S is equipped with a 3000 Watt brushless motor. The max speed can reach 80 km/h in no time with powerful accelerations.

It requires little maintenance since the scooter has no belt or transmission. All you need to do is to inspect components such as tires or brake pads every now and then.


Thanks to its 2 removable Lithium batteries of 72V/20Ah, the Sunra Robo S has a range up to 135 km depending on the driving mode, rider’s weight, and road conditions.

What is more, Sunra Robo’s batteries are detachable. It can be recharged and used separately. You can travel 75km autonomy with one battery while filling up the second battery, never worry about low battery level again.

The batteries can be recharged easily from a standard 220V outlet, at home, or your office.

Sunra Robo S: A high-quality modern design electric scooter

The Robo S comes with front and rear disc brakes combined with CBS braking system invented by Honda. Thanks to the front and rear hydraulic shock absorption, this device allows shorter braking distances for better safety and incredible driving comfort.


Robo S E scooter has 3 driving modes. This allows you to accommodate the speed and autonomy of your trips better. The scooter also benefits from cruise control and a reverse gear for easy parking in the city center.

Hook-and-stuff-holder Sunra-Robo-big-storge-space USB-charging

As a perfect companion for everyday journeys, this e-scooter has a hidden built-in hook for carrying your bag. It also offers a stuff holder in the front and a large storage box under the seat. You can put your helmet in the big storage space conveniently. It is equipped with a USB port to recharge your smartphone during the trip.

Sunra-electric-scooter-front-led-light Sunra-Robo-tail-light

In order to meet all safety requirements, the Sunra Robo S electric scooter has powerful LED lights at the front and rear, turn signals, and two mirrors. The low gravity, together with batteries located under your feet, will give the scooter better balance.

The Sunra Robo has a digital display that enables you to access the navigation data necessary for the trips: real-time speed, distance traveled, battery level,…

Last but not least, You can start the Xinri electric scooter without ignition key by using fingerprint. This technology guarantees the safety of the electric vehicle. Of course, if you want to share the Sunra Robo S with your friends, a key is provided.

Here is a video you can check for the operation of this interesting electric vehicle:


Packing size: 1700*6508*850 mm
Motor Power: 3000W
Battery: 2x72V 20Ah Lithium battery
Battery life: 1500 charge cycles
Range: 135km / 1 person (75kg)
Maximum Speed: 80km/h
Charging time 4-6 hours
Tires size: 110 70 12 Tubeless
Max load capacity: 180kg
Climbing angle: 12°(180kg)
Suspension: hydraulic front and rear


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