Xiaomi m365 alternative-M6 electric scooter in Europe warehouse wholesale

M6 electric scooter is the perfect winner for Xiaomi scooter alternative in terms of price and quality. We have stable stock for it in our Europe warehouse.

  • Color: Matt black
  • 2-5days delivery time within European Union
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE/ROHS certificate

What is inside the package?

  • 1×M6 folding electric scooter
  • 1×Manual
  • 1×Charger
  • 1×Wrench
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If you are looking for a xiaomi m365 alternative which combine good quality and reasonable cost , you have landed on the right page. Our new model-M6 electric scooter is your ideal choice. FYI, we have released a new upgrade version-M6 Plus.

The whole design is similar with Xiaomi m365 style. The handlebar design looks fashionable and smoothly. It comes with a built-in LCD screen which showcase the battery level and speed, the bell and headlight will make you safe on the road. The tail light will alert the pedestrians at the night.

Xiaomi M365 clone

The scooter is equipped with an app. You can connect it with your phone and control the electric scooter easily. The APP function is practical, you can not only monitor the real speed, battery level, and range, but also control the cruising mode and adjust the speed gear.


Compare with some basic model of only 6inch wheel, the 8.5inch inflatable tire on M6 shows advantage when meet with small bumps and obstacles on the road.

Xiaomi m365 alternative front wheel

Thanks to its 250W motor power, the scooter can reach max speed of 25km/h(The first speed level is 15km/h, and second speed level is 25km/h). You can travel 20km for one full charge, which is enough for short commute. Due to its strong torque, M6 can climb up to 20 degree.

Xiaomi scooter copy fender

The whole scooter weights only 12kg, and the folding machanism is very practical. You can fold it in half and carry it for a short distance. There is a buckle on the rear fender that can fasten the fold up scooter. And If you scoot it to a supermarket and found the battery is out of power, you can call a Uber and put the folded toy into the trunk of car.

Xiaomi clone folding

All in all, we all know that the original Xiaomi mijia M365 is great but a fairly pricey model. Some of us can not afford it. If you are keen for a Xiaomi m365 alternative electric scooter in Europe with competitive cost and comparative quality, do not hesitate to contact us today for a quotation!


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