Hoverboard with big tires-10 inch

10inch hoverboard with big tires,or so called all terrain hoverboard,is the most stable hoverboard in our warehouse,about 14kgs which is heavier than other types of hoverboard.With 10inch inflatable rubber big tires,riding it across bumps would be a easy thing,you can use bike pump to inflate the tire when it is needed.

The 10inch hoverboard reached IP54 standard for waterproof,that means you can ride it through mud,lawn and puddles,but we suggest to better not submerge it in water or riding under big rain,cause the battery and mother board is inside,they will shortcut to broken the board if you do that.

You can ride as fast as 12km/h for 10inch segway,it also comes with bluetooth speaker,remote and carry bags,although it is a bit heavy,you can carry it like a breeze,most people feel supported when riding this model,so if you want to go out for some off-road fun,we do recommend to go for a 10″wheel hoverboard.

Here is a video for terrain testing between 10inch big wheel and 6.5inch hoverboard,it clearly showed 10inch has better performace for riding on grass than 6.5inch,and it is a bit faster too when riding on flat road:

For colors,we have carbon,black,flame,graffiti and hip-hop for 10inch,all of the big wheel hoverboard comes with bluetooth,remote and carry bags,we also have some colors like graffiti,hip-hop with app for sale,you can use your phone to connect with the big wheel hoverboard to monitor its speed,range and so on.

If you are looking for a hoverboard with big tires that can go off road,choose us today!

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