As the booming of scooter-sharing business, electric scooter has become a popular transport tool for short-distance travel nowadays. You can see many people riding folding electric kick scooter in cities every day.

Our electric scooters product range

We stock various folding e scooters in our French warehouse. Namely, 10inch N7 folding electric scooters; N4 portable electric kick scooter; Gotrax GXL electric kick scooter; M6 electric scooters(Xiaomi M365 alternative); M6 Plus folding adult scooter; 6inch basic electric kick scooter.

N7  is a unique electric vehicle with excellent performance and strong frame. Patented design with 10inch inflatable tire. It is worth mentioning that we have an exclusive distributor for N7 in Denmark. The sales volume for this electric mobility is more than 700pcs per month. Here is a brief video about it:

M6 electric kick scooter is an ideal alternative for Xiaomi M365. As you can see the overall design is similar to the Xiaomi model, but with lower cost and good quality. We are selling this model all across the European Union including the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and so on.

M6 Plus scooter is our newest released model. An upgrade from M6. With more powerful motor and bigger battery capacity, we believe it will be a popular product in Europe market.

N4 portable e scooter is our new model which was released in 2019. It is also hotsale in many countries. Customers like its durable design with extremely comfortable driving experience.

The 6inch electric kick scooter is an entry-level model in our product range. Adopting CNC technology for the folding part, it is welcomed in the market with spectacular features at reasonable costs.

What is more, we are a distributor for Gotrax GXL electric kick scooters in the Europe market.

What we can offer to our resellers:

  1. Uniqueness model to be competitive in Europe electric mobility market;
  2. Stable inventory from our French warehouse;
  3. 1 year guarantee for aftersales;
  4. Fast shipping and excellent service.

If you have more questions about our electric scooters, welcome to contact us at info@gofunsport.com.

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